5 horrible reasons why relationship fail too early?

why relationship fail

According to ritvikmath 62% of couple break up in first 3 months of their relationship and that is high parentage. The question is why this percentage is too high?.

The are many things that can cause relationship to fail too early .In this article i have decided to share with you 5 of those things as well five tips on how you can use avoid them in your relationship so that it can lust longer .

5 things things that make relationship fail too early

  1. Cheating
  2. Trust issues
  3. Lack of communication
  4. Lack of respect
  5. Substance abuse


Cheating is the most common reason why most relationship fail too early .Once you found out that your partner is in love with some one else chances are you will never want to be in love with him and trust him again .They are several reasons why your partner may cheat on you one of them is feeling of neglected .

When the relationship is new couples do a lot of things to express love but as the time goes on they tend to forget to do some of those things. Which can make one feel neglected and not being loved as before .On that stage it easy for the one who feels neglected to fall in love with some one who will love her and do all the things that couples do with her.

2.Trust issues

Trust play a major rule in any relationship .If you don’t trust your partner you always think wrong things for him .For example if you see him with other girls you might think that he is in love with them. That can create anger in your hearty and makes you want to break up or punish your partner maybe by doing the same thing to him. Which can create fight in you relationship and result in ending the relationship.

3.Lack of communication

Every relationship was built via communication. So once the communication become bad or pour the relationship will experience some problems. The most common reason for reduction in communication is studying or finding a job that is far away from your partner and not calling or sending massages to your partner .

if you do that you make your partner feel neglected to you and your partner might think that you have found some you love in your new place of work or studying .Even if your partner may not cheat on you for that but she will not be happy about what you are doing and that can create more problems in your relationship which can lead things like to divorce.

4.Lack of respect

Lack of respect in relationship can lead to anger and hatred .The most decisions we made when we are angry are not good .One of the signs of disrespect in relationship is the lack of listening skill. If you ever reach the point where you and your partner are talking on the same time when you are arguing about something that mean both of you are don’t respect one other.

Talking on the same time can make both of you raise voices and end up shouting each other. On that point it easy for one of you to just shut up and leave because of too much anger.

Respect is not a problem in a new relationship but as the time goes on many couples lose it and end up having many issues in their relationship.

5.Substance abuse

Substance abuse is number one reason why the percentage of divorce is too high in other countries .You see if you drink too much alcohol and come back home drunk, fighting with your wife and kids .your wife and kids will not feel safe on that home .So what will be the point of staying with some one who is dangerous to them?.Chances are they will leave you and if they don’t they will stay because of they have no where to go or they are afraid of you because you force them to stay.

Substance abuse does not only destroying relationship but it also can affect your health status and your future. The money that you spend on alcohol and maybe on drugs every day or week if you can take it and invest it or maybe start your own business with it that can create better future for you and your family .

Now you know some of the things that cause relationships fail too early.

The question you might have is how you can avoid those things in your relationship so that it will lust longer? .It is very easy to avoid these issues in your relationship compared to the work needed to repair the damage they can cause in your relationship .Below the image is list of the things you can do to avoid the above issues in your relationship so that it can lust longer .

Avoid your relationship to fail to early
Image by Walter Knerr from Pixabay

5 Things you can do to make your relationship last longer

  1. Give your partner a proper attention
  2. Build trust in your relationship
  3. Stay connected with your partner
  4. Respect your partner all the time
  5. Substance abuse

1.Give your partner a proper attention

Giving your partner a proper and enough attention will prevent her from feeling neglected to you. Hence it will be pointless for her to find another to love her .You can look that as the scenario of buying a new cell phone , You only see the need of buying new cell phone when the one you are using does not meet all the needs to you bought it for.

The same scenario apply to relationship when you fall in love with some you chose to in love with that person because they is something interest you about him /her .when that thing is gone it can be hard for you continue to love that person .Whatever she found interesting to you if you start to neglect her it will be hard for her to continue to love you as it was she was use to before.

To give your partner a proper and enough attention does not mean look after your partner all the time like a child but it simple mean keep on doing the things you used to do by the time your relationship was new. It only you and your partner who know what you are doing to express love to each other. Whatever you used to do with your partner when your relationship was still new don’t stop to do it instead add on to it or change it in to something new that both of you will enjoy .

2.Build trust in your relationship

Building and maintaining trust in a relationship is important for it to be successful .We choose to trust our partners based on how much do we know about them and how long we have been in relationship with them .You may not trust your partner with all your hearty when your relationship is still new and that’s okay but as the time goes you need to build it so that you will not have problems when you see your partner with other girls .You can read the 10 things you need to do build trust in your relationship here.

3.Stay connected to your partner

Stay connected to your partner is the easiest thing to do in this list. That is because of too much technology in our days .Using social media like whatspp ,face book and Skype we can chat with our partner via massages , Voice call and even video call all most anywhere we are across the globe .Frequent communication between you and your partner can reduce the feelings of being neglected hence the chances of cheating will be less .

They use to say anything need a brake so even the relationship do need brake but not the one for break up with your partner. That mean you may not call your partner every day when he/she is not with you .You know that every starts to sucks when it too much .you can skip few days if you like before calling your partner for the second time . However the days you skip must not exceed 7 days or week.

you may also like read to the negative and positive effect of social media on relationship here

4.Respect your partner all the time

Every one need to be respected including our partners they do need our respect regardless of the amount time we in relationship with them. You can show respect to your partner by minding the way you talk with him and the way you do things for him. Every relationship come across with arguments and disagreements at some point so when yours reach that point use talk less and listen more Rule. It will help you a lot with your partner to calm down and look exactly what is the problem you are trying to solve in your relationship.

Some people want to be always the one who are right and they never want to be wrong so if it happen that your partner is one of those people then allow him to be right during the argument .We all made mistake in our lives and realise later . So if your partner was wrong during argument and you told him that he is wrong but did not want to listen to you. If it happened that he was really wrong he will see his mistake in the future and come back to you admit that he was wrong and guess what?

From that moment he will never take you for granted when ever you tell him something. That may not work on every relationship but it better than raising voices and shout one another when you are arguing about something.

5.Substance abuse

Alcohol and drugs can be the most challenging things to leave for the person who use them in the relationship .It can also be a problem for the one who is trying to help him to get out of alcohol. Just because it hard it does not mean it impossible for you or your partner to stop drinking alcohol .if it happened that it is you who is having alcohol problems in your relationship then you need to make decision on what it is important to you between alcohol and your family .

After you have made your decision you need to take actions immediately .You can read these steps here on what you can do after you have made your decision even although they are steps for quitting smoke but they can give you some ideas for what you need do if you want to quit alcohol .

What it is your partner who have alcohol problems ?

But if it is your partner who is having alcohol problems in your relationship then you to start by looking at the reason why he is drinking that much .Most people who drink every day they drink it because of too much stress they have about their personal problems .They think that alcohol will help them to forget about their problems and become happy and it does help them to forget about Their problems but on the other side it create other problems as well .once you found out what stress your partner to the point up to he is drinking that much them try to talk with him about , give him some advice and hope .

If you can’t do that try to find someone who can help him like expects or professional they know their work and they have helped many people who were having similar problems so they will also be happy to help your partner as well.


The most relationship that fails too early They fail because of lack of communication .Every relationship have it own problems that can be solved by chatting .So if you can’t talk well with your partner sometimes you might even choose to dump your partner because of the things that you are not sure about them.

Talking more with your partner can help both of you to know more about each other even if your relationship is still new. once you know more about each other the trust between you will increase hence your relationship will be strong and lust much longer.

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