What really causes anxiety ?

Is the food we eat?

Is it the drink we consumed?

Is it the our health conditions or what?

Let’s found out

The cause of anxiety has not been found yet .

I have been doing similar research just like you i did not find the exact things that causes anxiety .

instead I found external and internal factors that can  lead you feel anxious.

So if you are feeling anxiety now

I can say if you can know those factors and symptoms as well the things you can deal with you will have a better understanding of anxiety.

Before we look those factors it is important for you know what anxiety and what are the types of anxiety .if you don’t want to know all of that you use table of content above to jump straight to the factors that causes anxiety .

So what is anxiety?

Dictionary defines anxiety as the feeling of fear about what might happen. That mean you are concerned or worried about the end result of the situation you are in or the final result of what you are doing now.

That will make more sense when we looking some of the types of anxiety below.

Types of anxiety

Below is the list of major types of anxiety disorder from HHs.gov

From hhs.gov

If you take closer look to all of them you will noticed that they all involved in one thing which is the fear of your thoughts .The fear of something that has already happen or that is about to happen .For example you have head horrifying news such as for car accident or you will fail in your school work or project.

Maybe you are about to have baby and now you are thinking about all the needs of the baby .This includes the baby food ,clothes and other external factors such what people will say ,what about my personal projects and more .

So those are all types of anxiety now lets look at the symptoms and external factors that cause you to feel anxiousness .

17 symptoms or sings of anxiety disorders

anxiety sings and symptoms
Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash
  1. Too much fear
  2. Panic attack
  3. Feeling tense
  4. Nervous
  5. having sleep problems
  6. Sweating on your hands and feets
  7. Hearty pulsation
  8. dehydration in the mouth
  9. Breathing problems
  10. Exaggerating problems
  11. Headaches
  12. Feeling tired to quickly
  13. Want to pant often
  14. shivering
  15. Easily gets surprised
  16. can’t focus on what you are doing
  17. being Mental confused

Those are all the signs or symptoms of anxiety .Now people are different so that mean you might have one or more of the above symptoms .It also also important to know that other illness can also make you see the above symptoms on your body .

To ensure that you have anxiety or other illness you need to see your doctor to do things like physical exam to check which type of anxiety you have.Your doctor can also ask you some questions about your history as to get more details about the type of anxiety you have .

That is important because once you know which type of anxiety you have it will be much easiy to take actions and do other things that will help you overcome it.We will look some of those things in this artilce below .

For now lets look at the factors that can causes anxiety to you

Factor that causing anxiety

The factors that causing anxiety are different .They are internal factors and external factors .internal factors are more like genetic factors .According to Medical news today anxiety disorder can be inhered from family members .

From health news Today

External factors causes anxiety

  • Stress of work
  • School work
  • Personal problems
  • Relationship problems
  • health issues

Stress of work

This can affect you if you have a lot of work to do under short period of time .it can be a project for your company or your own personal project .The stress of work does not always come from actually work it can come as the confusion between workers .This happen when you failing to work together as team or if you have poor support from supervisors .

School work stress

This is specific for students or any other leaner .if you are student you have to write test and exams every year .Every time when that time comes you have do a lots of reading to prepare your self .Once you failed to prepared your self enough you have more stress in the time of exams since you won’t be sure whether you will pass or not .

Personal problems

Personal problems have huge impact on the anxiety .This is because they make you think about them all the time .Some of he personal problems are obesity , being abused in your home or outside your home , poverty or you can’t gets all your needs and more.A ll of those personal problems stay in your mind and create too much stress for you which lead to anxiety .

Relationship problems

They is no doubt that every relationship come across with problem at some point .Some of those problems include lack of respect and trust .Which leads to thing like break up or divorce .Those are not the only problems for relationship .

They are still more others such being abused by your partner or your partner used drugs more excessively .It very easy for this problems to stuck on your mind because it is not easy to share them with people.

health issues

Mental issues such trauma , panic disorder together with stress have impact on the anxiety .Other issues that trigger anxiety are related to brain chemicals .Psychologist sand neurologist believe that once they have been disturbance on hormones in the brain you will experience anxiety .

So now you know symptoms and factors that causes anxiety .lets look at the food and drinks . Does they have any effect on anxiety ?

The quick answer to that question is yes . The food we eat and drinks we consumed they do have impact on the anxiety .

So what food causes anxiety ?

They is not much food that causes anxiety .The most thing that cause anxiety are drinks we are consuming .Few of those are coffee, alcohol ,energy drink ,soda drink and more .You can read here later about those drinks .

I am not doctor by any means but when it comes to food .It important to know most of the food eat in these days is not 100% health .That because of the uses of chemicals such fertilisers during planting .

If you didn’t know fertilisers are chemicals that are used to grow crops and other plants fast .farmers use them to speed up the grown of crops so that we can have food throughout the year .

you can also ready more here to know more why farmers use fertilisers for now lets look at what you can do treat anxiety .

What to do to treat anxiety

The basic things you can do is to exercising , check therapist ,use mindfulness and mediation .You can also do yoga and more other things .The problem with those things is that they might be too far from you for now .

So what you can do now?

The fist you can do now is to do a checklist from beyondblue. They conducted an 5 quiz questions which are about to check your level of anxiety .Go now and take those quiz after you have finish them .

from beyondblue

You will be given your score with more recommendations of the things to do based on your score .

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