What is true love in a relationship?{5 dictionaries struggled to define it}


Does it even exist?

The exact definition of true love in a relationship hasn’t been know yet. Those who are trying to define it they define it according to Joy OR happiness in relationship, Respecting another , don’t hurt each other interntional,no abused involved and more .

Those are typical words that people use to define the true love but the exact definition like the ones from dictionary has not ben know yet.

So does that mean you will never understand true love in relationship?

Absolute No,you can still tell if the Person you are in relationship with love you for REALLY or Not ?.You can tell that by looking at the signs of true love.

The definition of true love is some how hard to tell someone but the signs of true love it easy tell .That is why if you go to google or another search engine and type in

“what is true love in a relationship?”

what is true love in a love relationship
results from google for true love

instead of getting the exact definition from online dictionary such cambridge.org or Marian web you are getting a lot results about Signs of true love in relationship. if you scroll down the page you will see that almost the all top results will give the signs instead of the exact definition. That simple because it is easy to write more about the signs of true love than writing more about the definition of true love itself.

We will talk more about the signs of true love in relationship from man and women later in this post. For now lets look at the definition of “True Love” Only in top 5 online dictionary.

Definition of true love From Top 5 online dictionary

Dictionary websiteDefinition true love
1)collinsdictionary.coma person who loves or is loved truly; (one’s) sweetheart
2)merriam-webster.comone truly beloved or loving SWEETHEART
3)dictionary.cambridge.orgperfect romantic love between people
4)google dictionary No definitions found for this word. Try searching the web.
5)www.wiktionary.orgThe form of romantic affection that is considered pure and wholly positive, not just based on feelings of lust and sex.

Some believe that true love doesn’t exist.
definition of true love Table

Those are five definitions of true love from top 5 dictionaries .if you take closer look to them you can see that first 3 definition are similar. Google dictionary can’t define this word at the moment the last one wiktionary suggest someone people believe that they is no such a thing that is called true love.

So if big dictionaries are struggling like this to define this word then I hope you can see how hard it is to define it.

if they is no valid definition of true love that we can trust at the moment then the easy way of understanding true love in a relationship is to looking it signs .

But before we look at the signs of true love in relationship.

Is there any different in signs of true love between man and women?

diffent true love man and women

Absolute yes, The way that man express love is different from the way that women do. So the signs of true love will be different as well. The personality type also contribute to that different. The way that shy man express love is efferent from the way that extrovert do and vice versa to shy women. Below are some signs of true love from a man.

10 Simple signs of true love from man

  1. He is doing a lot of things for you for free
  2. He sacrifice his feelings to make you feel happy
  3. He try his best to keep his promise to you
  4. He is jealous about you when you are with other man
  5. He is not afraid to hold your hand in public when you are walking
  6. He introducing you to his friends and family
  7. He love you for who you are not what you have
  8. He keeps communicating with you for just in-case you are in long distance relationship
  9. He does not hide too many things from you
  10. He is not afraid to post you on his social media profile or use your picture as his wall paper

Signs of true love from a women

As mentioned early the signs of true love from women are different from signs of true from a man.The different between the two is not that big ,in fact most of the mentioned above do apply to women as well.

The huge different between the two is visible if the women is shy ,Then on that case it can little trick to tell if she love you for really .So if you are a man and you want to know the signs of true love from a shy women then I suggest you to read this post about signs of true love from ashy man and women .

On that post you will 11 signs of true love and some few examples as well.That post is not suggested to man only but women as well can read it as well so that they can know more about signs of true love from man


The actually definition of true love in relationships is hard to tell someone. You have seen that even the biggest dictionaries can’t define it.So if you really want to understand the true love you should focus more in reading about the signs of true love.

The more you understand the signs of true love the more you will understand the true love it self .

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