What are the 5 most important things in a relationship?{2020}

Love relationship requires a lot of things to work .Some are important and of them are not that important .Some of them are for men specific and others are for women specific.This post is about all those important things in  relationship .To make things easy for you i have divided this post in two 3 subsections.

  1. important things in relationship for both man and women
  2. Important things in relationship to women
  3. Important things  in relationship to men

You can jump straight to the exact section that interests you if you don’t have time or  read the  entire post if you don’t mind.It is not a long post and reading it all  will make understand more about what is important in relationship and what not important .

If you will read the entire post then lets starts with the first section which is

Five most import things in relationship

  • Enough trust
  • Good communication
  • High level of respect
  • Acceptance and forgiveness
  • Some sacrifices

1.Enough Trust

Trust is probably the most important in any relationship .Without it couples won’t be able to experience the joy They deserve for being in relationship . The reason for that is lack of trust is associated with too much jealous. You won’t be happy if you see your partner with other  girls/women  if you don’ trust him enough .The same things goes for gifts.

Enough trust in relationship does not only help with jealous or cheating but it also help each individually personal.They are lots of things we keep to our selves . Some of them harm us emotional and spiritually but because we don’t have people  who we trust enough to share them those things we keep on hiding them for ourselves .

However if you are in relationship you are not suppose to be the same as someone who is single .You have someone you talk with every day at night and every time when you wake up  in the morning .So it important for you to have trust in your relationship so that you can share things with your partner and not keep all of them by your self which can cause stress for you.

2.Good communication

Image by 5688709 from Pixabay

Good communication is not only about talking and listening but it also about understating and sharing things that you might not share with your friends. Those are personal things that  requires you to trust your partner enough in other to share them with him.

The other way of understating good communication is to look as critical reading which is the more active way of reading .When you are reading reading critical you reading with a goal of understating what the text is about.

So The same effort you apply when you  read critical is the same effort you need to apply when you talking with your partner.

But how?

When we talk with people , it very common for us to say we understand them or we agree with them even if we not agree with them at all.We do that because we wants to avoid too may disagreements and conflicts. In relationship that can marked as sign of toxic communication and  toxic communication is path to  divorce or break up.

3.High level of respect

Respect is not really a huge problem  in relationship if we have to honest. Most people do respect their partners all times until conflict or disagreements arrived .That is when voices are raised up and hash words are coming up from couples .

They is a lot to say about disrespect in relationship but i won’t say it on this post because i don’t have to since i have other post for signs of disrespect in relationship which explain more about disrespect in relationship .Below are the 11 signs of disrespect in relationship from that post.

  1. He is cheating on you 
  2. He  is shouting you 
  3. He does not apologize for his mistakes 
  4. He does not love himself 
  5. He does not appreciate your value 
  6. He likes to compare you with others 
  7. He does not take you seriously 
  8. He is hiding a lots of things for you 
  9. He have not introduce you yet 
  10. He call you by your name 
  11. He does not create a time for you 

You can read  more about them later in the link provided above .Those signs apply to both men and women.The reason   for making that post to be about men was to make it easy for you to read by avoiding to many him/her though out the post. Just like i did on this first section and in other posts on the site.

4.Acceptance and forgiveness

Those two things works together .You need to accept before you forgive .Most people thinks that cheating is the only thing that need forgiveness in in relationship. However in really life they are so many minor disappointments that can cause problems in relationship.

Some of them are listed here in this post which is about some men prefare to sleep on the couch instead of sleeping on the bed with their partners.

It is important  to know that your partner might disappoint you in relationship .Knowing That reduces high expectations  which cause many people to jump from this relationship to that relationship every once in a while.The reason for that is they want perfect relationship so by one mistake boom it over.

So if you want have strong relationship you really need to start practicing those two things .The more you forgive your partner mistakes the more problems you will overcome in your relationship and that will strengthen your relationship as the time goes on.

5.Some sacrifices

Like any other things in life relationship also requires some sacrifices .The most common ones are time; money and energy .

Time >>Use the time you suppose to spend with your friends or on your work to create quality time with your partner. Avoid to say i am too busy all the times.

Money>>No you can not buy love but you  can buy the things to show love such as gifts .Yo can also  use  your money to  do the things that show love to your partner such as taking him out  every once in a while.

Energy >>Use your energy to do things for your partner without expecting something in retain .

So those are 5 most important things in relationship for both men and women.Now let us be us be specific and look at what women really need in relationship.

3.Most important things to women in relationship

things women need in relationship

They want to feel special

Women like beauty and they are really good in taking care of them selves. They do their best to look beautiful. That really work because you rare see women with dirt clothes or with terrible hair style. Those are the signs that show that women like to special , So if you in relationship you should acknowledge that that beauty .

Don’t hesitate to tell her that she is beautiful and you love her ,that won’t hurt you in anywhere .Beside their beat they has to be different between your partner and your friends. So you have to treat her special.

They wants to be supported

In most families men earn more money than women for many reasons which i won’t touch them right now. So if is that the case in your relationship then you need to support her financial and even physical and emotional.

it does not always to in the point where she have to ask you for your support .You are living with her every you talk with her almost everyday so you can’t say you can’t see if she is in a bad situation that need your support or help.

They want to appreciated

Women do a lots of work at home from cooking to cleaning ,So they is no doubt that they deserve to be appreciated for making life very easy for their husband .Thank her even for small things such as cooking.

Give her the feed back in the-food she has cooked not just once or every day but every time you feel different taste from it .Remember cooking food is one example they is a lot things she doing for you so you need to start show appreciation if you want to have strong relationship with her .

Those are 3 most important things in relationship to women , now lets look at the most things that men wants in relationship.

3.Most important thing to men in a relationship

3most things important things in relationship to men
Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

They wants to be superheroes

Most men are too gentle ,You will see that when you enter in a bus or tax with all the sit filled with passengers .If they is gentle man on that bus or tax he will stand up for you without even asking him or even if he doesn’t know you.

When they drive and see a lady they give her lift .They do all those things for women so that they can feel like they have really helped them or they are saver of of your day. They are many similar things they can do and probably one those things is the one that cause you to fall in love with them man you are in love with today.

They like action more than words

Men are different from women. They don’t get amazed by words like i love you / i miss you like most women do. Men prefare few actions than too many words .For example telling your husband that you love him 10 times is less effective than buying one special gifts for him.

I am not saying that men love gits but what i am saying is that men love something that they can see now with their eyes. So if you want to have a healthy relationship with your husband you have to consider finding things you can do for him to make him happy.

They are too jealous

Men are too jealous about their partners.They won’t be 100 % happy to see them with other guys that they don’ know.Even if they know them they always have that feeling of fear of being cheated on.

Jealous it self is not a problem instead it is one of signs true love in relationship .So if your husband doesn’t care if he see you with other man than it will either he is trusting you too much or he does not love you too much.


Those are the most important things in relationship to men and women .Do you have anything you feel it way more important than the ones above ?

Feel free to share with us in the comment section .



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