Everything we do in life have the outcome ,outcome depend on the effort we put in and the effort depend on the Confidant we have . So if you have No confidant on what you are doing your outcomes in life will not be good.

The good news is

It possible to take control of your confidant so that you can have the good outcome or results on whatever you are doing.So how you can increase yourself system and confidant?. To increase your confidant you need to take look of the your life, look the way you live, the things that makes you happy and the ones which make you sad.The ones which makes you sad are ones which are responsible to reduce you confidant.

Below is the list of some of the things that you can do to increase you self system and of them is the one you are doing now which reading, By reading you will find a lots useful information and tips to improve your life style not only on this website but from other sites and books. So take a look at the following tips.

8 things to do increase yourself system and confident

  • Trust Your self
  • Stop seeking Approval
  • Accept Rejection
  • Raise Your opinion
  • Never Give up
  • Take control of your limiting beliefs
  • Develop New Good Daily habit
  • Meditation

Trust your self

Trust your self is the first thing to do to increase your self system and confident ,If you don’t trust your self who will trust you?.They are few reasons why you don’t trust your self one of them is that you don’t have enough knowledge and experience for what you are doing .you can increase your knowledge by doing a research , reading books and articles, have something to reference on.

You may also need to build relationship with people who have high experience on what you doing. When you have relationship with those people ask them how did they made it, what are the challenges they faced and how did they overcome them. Collect all the challenges they have faced and compare them with the ones you face now. You will find that some how they link and the solutions to them might be the same.

That will increase your trust on what you are doing and by increasing the trust your confidant will increase.

Stop Seeking Approval

Seeking approval from others is the one of the worse thing that people do which lower their self system and most time people want to be approve for the work they are doing and the way they look. They usual go to facebook to post their photos and expect hundreds of likes from their friends.Sometimes they do get likes but what if no one likes their photos, The first thing that will come to their mind Is that they don’t look good which is not the truth. They are more reason why their friends didn’t like their photos this include internet connection problems and jealous.

Internet connection problems- The friends did not like the photos because they did not see it due to shortage of data or maybe they have been not online for while on facebook.

jealous -The friends did not like photo because they are jealous about the work they are doing ,the way they look , their body shape and cloths they are wearing .

if you are one of those people you need keep in mind that you look good by the way you were created and you don’t need expensive things for that.

Raise Your opinion

Raising an opinion in front of people can be real problem for you if you shy, This is more especial when it comes to projects where every one must participate.if you find your self working on the project or working with group of people you must know the rules of the group, One of them is No negative comment on other peoples opinion and all the opinions/ view are important to the problem needed to be solved by the project.

Knowing all the rules will give you freedom to say every thing you can say that will help to solve the problem.This rules are given by the project manager to the group leader so you don’t have to spend your time searching for them , The good group leader will announce them on the first meting so that every one will be aware of what he said.

Failure to accept rejection

Every where you go you will find your self being surrounded by different people, Some will want you to success others will want to pull you down. The easy way to pull you down Is to throw negative comment to you and criticise you. They know that when you get a lots of negative comment on what you are doing you will feel that you are doing wrong thing and it will not be successful.

You must be aware of those people especial if you are the person who likes to seek approval from others the negative comments will hurt you a have high self system You need to accept negative comments and continue with your journey to success no matter what people says about you.

Never Give Up

This is the motivation you need to develop in your life to increase your self system and confidence.Most people who give up early are people who want things to happen in the first try,That is big problem because failure is always around in the first try and nobody is an expect for the first try.Giving up early will make your self feel as failure or loser and that can stay inside your mind for longer than you can think.

To have good self system you need to keep on trying until you get what you want .They are more quotes for this motivation which can makes more sense to you. You can find those quotes by subscribing to pinterest for free,after subscribing Pinterest will send you daily motivation to help you start your day with high confident .

Take control of your limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are blind beliefs that stop you to achieve your goals in life.

These Beliefs you lean them from your past experience and from the people around you, For example When you believe that education is the only key to your success you won’t look for other opportunities that you might like beside the one for education and even when they come you won’t take them seriously because of your limiting belief, other example if your partner cheat on you in the relationship , it will be hard for you to trust the second person who come to you love.

As you grow up these beliefs becomes stronger in your life ,once they are strong enough they will control you and on that time you won’t be able to do the things you like.That will have huge effect on your self system and confident for the rest on your life.To prevent your self from reaching that point you need to know axacle what you want to achieve in your life.once you know what you want keep working on it and don’t allow previous experience to pull you down.

Develop an new daily habit

Daily habit are the activities that you do every day In your life ,either at work or in your home.This include the way you talk ,the way you see your self and the way you behave .These activities have big effect on your life , for example if you see your self as loser you will feel like a loser and that will reduce your self system and confidence.You can dispatch this activities by follow the following 3 easy steps

Step 1
List all the activities that you do daily
Step 2
Take your list and look for unnecessary activities that you do which reduce your confident to do other important activities.
Step 3
Look for another way to do that activity which will increase your confidant, if you don’t find alternative then you may delete that activity from your daily activities.


Meditation is the powerful tool when it comes to self improvement not only for self system and confidence but also for stress management ,anxiety and depression .If you want to know the power of meditation and how you can use it to increase improve your life read these steps HERE to get started .

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