The Myths And Realities Of Anger management

We all get angry at some point in our lives .The main reason for that is our expectany .When we do our work we try our best to archive what we need.The problem is failure it is always around looking for the opportunity to make us fail so that we will give up and become angry.

Expectations does not go all to work we doing but is also goes to the people we live and work with them .When your friend or family member done something wrong to you , you become angry because you was expecting that person to it on the way you like.

Before we look at the things you can do to manage anger , it is important for you to understand that no one is perfect and things will not always goes by the way you expecting to go.

What is anger ?

Anger is are strong feelings of low esteem  

How to Manage anger ?

The following is the list of the things you can do manage your anger

  1. Listening to music
  2. Talk to someone
  3. Forgive and admit
  4. Avoid people who makes you angry
  5. Create or join group
  6. Play Funny games
  7. Think before you do

Listening to music

The first simple thing you can do mange anger is to listen to music .I know that when we are angry we want to be alone with No annoying sound so that we can easily think about the problem that makes us angry.That does not solve the problem in fact it make worse. When you are in quiet space alone you keep on thing about the solution to the problem that makes angry and that crate a lot of stress for you .

The more stress you are the more anger you will be .When you angry teach you self to listen music that you like .listening music that you like does not mean you run away from your problems but it mean that you are just give yourself a better time to think about what makes you angry.

Talk to someone

Reading text information and watching videos in the internet will help to find more advise in anger management but that can’t not replace the power of family member or friends,The people you live with them who can empathize more than anyone internet .Finding someone you can trust to share your personal issues can be the best ever solution to manage anger and other personal problem .

Forgive and admit

Admission is the biggest problem for other people, more special the Man when they have done something wrong it is hard for them to admit that they were wrong.However that is a problem when it comes to anger management since in other time you don’t only need to admit to the second person but you also need to admit to yourself .

If you can’t admit to yourself it impossible for you to forgive yourself on whatever wrong you have done.That will remain inside your heart and mind for long time whenever you think about it you will be angry again.It is vital to admit whether you are man or women , admitting will give you spiritual freedom .

Avoid people who makes you angry

We all live with our family members or friends for while .some of this people can want to pull you down because of your success or the way you look .They can show up them self by putting you in to troubles again and again until you are angry.once you are angry you will respond to them inappropriate manner which can put yourself in to other troubles. If you live with such people you need to reduce the time you spend with those people for the good.

Create or join group

To be in the group of people who want to manage anger like you will make you see that your anger is less compare to other group of members. They are lots group you can join on facebook and other social media .The best group to join is the one which will protect your privacy ,not making a joke or share your personal problems to everyone on the social media.The point is before you join any group take your time to read all the terms and conditions for that group.

Play Funny games

Most people will disagree with playing games because of the amount of the anger they have and some of them believe that games are for kids which is not true.They are lots of games in the internet which can suit your age and interest. Playing games is more like listening to music when it comes to anger management.The different is games take more of attention than music which can be advantage for people who want to lower their anger. All the games require both your hands and brain to enjoy.

Music might not be a good solution to others who are afraid to sing and dance while they play music . Even If they are alone they still afraid to dance . They are many games to chose from on playstore in your android phone ,micro soft store for pc and other websites.The one website I personal use to download pc games is gametrex.

Think before you do

Many people are good when it comes to anger management it just that they need little more advice and tips like the ones above. The few others are worse ,when they are angry they raise up their voice ,shouting others , smash up their cell phone or laptop and creating a threat to others.if you are one of those people it is important for you understand that “what goes around it will come back around” . you can create a threat or violate others today because of your anger , Tomorrow they will be someone who will threatening you and I am sure you won’t like that.

What can happen in life if you fail to manage anger?

Failing to manage your anger can have huge negative impact on self , relationships your job and in your business. Below Is the list of the things that might happen .

  1. Lose of friends
  2. Losing your job
  3. Losing clients in your business
  4. Wasting money

Losing friends – NO one will want to be a friend with someone who violet them when he/she is angry.
Losing your job – If You can’t not manage your anger in your job you will have a problem to listen to others during the team work and that put in the place of being fired by your boss.
Losing clients – people who become angry faster are most likely to be angry with their customers .That can happen because customers can have many questions about the product or service you are providing.if you get angry quicker you will end up fighting with customers which can affect your business negative

Wasting money

Anger can makes you do a lot crazy things in your home or at work which can cost you a lots money .For example if you throw your cell phone to the wall ,that phone might not work again and you will need money fix it. If you continue to do that over and over gain they will be more things you will have to fix or buy, that mean more money to spend on the things that are avoidable.

How to speak with angry person?

Speaking with angry person it a risk , you can hurt yourself by that person if you do it incorrectly. We all meet with angry people at some point who need our support and help. Below is the list of the tips you can use when you speak with angry person.

Five tips to speak with angry person

• Empathize
• React verbally
• Be a great judge
• Lower your voice
• Don’t be alone

The first thing to do to speak with angry person is to understand his or her feelings .To understand the feelings you need to know what upset that person, if you was not their when the anger start ask that person questions or the people who saw everything.
React Verballay
The “Actions sound louder than words “ you can’t advice someone who is seriously hart while you are laughing . That will meaning you are don’t care about that person feelings , you just pretending to be care .That is the other reason why it is important to empathize before anything.
Lower your voice
The tone you use to speak says a lot to anyone including angry person . It is advisable to speak with a lower tone to someone who is angry, more especial if you will ask questions and provide comfort .
Be a great judge
When some is angry , he /she is angry because of the confusion or disagreement that he/she had with someone so when you are chat with that person you will need give him/her some advice to help. To give the advice you

must know what makes the confusion after that you have to know who was wrong . Don’t be afraid to tell your friend that he /she is wrong if you have to.
Don’t be alone
Avoid be go alone to speak with angry person as it easier to chase you away when you are alone. You can be two or three but not more than that because that might make individual feel embarrassed .

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