The Detailed Guide on how to make long distance relationship Work

how to make long distance relationship works guide

Long distance relationship can be really hard for you  if you don’t know the interesting things to do with your partner when he/she is away from you .

In fact 40% of relationships fail because of this reason .That a huge percentage .You check it here by yourself later if you want to know more .For now let’s look at what you can do avoid this fate .

So how to make long distance relationship work ?

To make a long distance relationship you need to do one thing and that one thing is to maintain good communication with your partner when he/she is away from you .

Now good communication is not about calling or texting one another every day .It is neither about to be too creative or being romantic all the time.

This entire article is all about the good communication you need to make long distance relationship work .

But to be sure that you really need only communication to make your LDR work .Let’s look at one at one difference between a normal relationship and long distance relationship .

One major different between LDR and SDR

In a short distance relationship you can see each other face to face and communicate easily .Even if you come across problems in your relationship it can be easy to solve them because you can see each other emotions .

In Long distance relationship it does not work like that .You can’t see each other face to face  so that means it won’t be easy to solve other problems you come across.However if you can have good communication with your partner when he/she is away from you .

LDR will be seamless to you ,because you will be able to solve your relationship  problems and still be able to have fun even if you are not together physically.

I hope that makes sense to you .

If it does then  let’s stop wasting time and go straight to the things you need to do to have good communication with your partner .

10 things to do have good communication in LDR

  1. Have a positive mind set
  2. Communication via cell phone 
  3. Choose The right time to talk
  4. Find interesting Things to talk about
  5. Interesting things to do
  6. Meet up somewhere 
  7. Keep high level of trust
  8. Take full advantage of long distance relationship
  9. Don’t forget why you started it
  10. Take care of disagreements

They all seem to be obvious and basic but in general that is all you need to make your long distance relationship work .We will look each one deeper below .Let start by positive mindset .

1.Have a positive mind set

They will be no point for you to read this article or any other article about LDR if you your mind is full of negative thoughts about it.i am talking about thoughts like LDR sucks ,I hate LDR ,I don’t want LDR anymore and more others .all of this thought has to nothing do with helping you to maintain love with your partner when is away from you .instead  they do the opposite .

Remember we are human so as humans we tend to do the things that we like to do right ?.That means If you truly hate LDR,then they is no one who can force you to love it .

The decision to love it or hate it is really up on your mind .It is advisable to know more the advantages and disadvantages of LDR before you make any decision .

We will look at those later in this article  and do some comparison between LDR and SDR.For now I will assume that you love to be  in a relationship with  your partner even when he/she is away from you.

That being said, let’s look at the second thing you need to do to make long distance relationship work .Which is communication via cell phone .

2.Communication via cell phone

As mentioned  early in the intro, communication for LDR is not only about calling and texting one  another all the time .but it also about other factors which are listed below .

Factors affecting communication in LDR

  1. apps you are using to communicate 
  2. Time to chat( schedule )
  3. Things to talk about

2.1Apps you are using to communicate

They is not much to say about apps since we all use Facebook and whatsapp to chat with our  friends as well as others who are away from us .They is no doubt that these 2 apps can also do the same when we want to communicate with our partners .

Of Course they are more others apps which can do the same thing such as telegram ,Skype and more.The problem with those is that are they are not popular as a result it might be hard for you to use them .if you can stick with the basics that will be more than enough for you to have good communication with your partner .

2.2Things to note about apps in LDR

Apps are based on personality type .That means if you are in a relationship with an introvert .You can’t just do a video call with him/her because most introverts are too shy for the camera .

The second thing to note is that phone calls are much more effective than text messages .This is because it is easy to come up with topics when you are talking voice to voice .You don’t really think too much about what to say as if you are typing a message .

Phone call has another advantage over text message .Which is it is hard to ignore a phone call compared to ignoring the text message.

Phone call is always good if you call your partner at the right time .

2.3Choose The right time to talk

They is nothing disappointing like getting voicemail when you call someone .More especially if it’s your partner .It feels like he/she is too busy and he doesn’t have time to attend to you as his Lover.

Most people will recommend you to have a schedule for calling your partner to avoid this fate .That might be good for you but  it is not practical .I mean you don’t know the exact time when are you gonna miss your partner .

For example let’s say  you are bored during the day and you feel like you want to talk with your partner on the phone ,on that time you will have to wait until tonight or tomorrow .That boundary can really sucks .

The other problem for communication schedules is that schedules are meant for running projects .So if you are gonna run your relationship as if you are running a project that might not be good .

To understand that more ,let’s pretend that one of you missed the time talk on the schedule .How is that going to feel to  you or to your partner : ( ?.

The bottom line.

They is no perfect time to call your partner and it won’t be far if I can tell you to call your partner at this time and on that time  .You can call your partner your partner at any time you want to.

One Tip

If you want to talk for hours and hours with your partner on the phone try to call him/her when he/she is not at work.

So now you know the right time to call your partner and you know the apps to use .The question now is what are you going to talk about?.

4.Find interesting Things to talk about

The things you talk about are so important in a long distance relationship .That is  because failing to have interesting things to talk about can make your conversation feel very boring .

So what are those things to talk about ?

To prevent yourself from being stressed about the things to talk about just remember your normal relationship .before you starting to be  in LDR you probably have talked a lot about with your partner .You also did have funny moments when you are together .

That means you already know interesting things to talk about with your partner .

However I do  understand that some of you might not be sure about what to talk about or maybe they need more ideas  .So below are Ideas of the things you can talk about with your partner when you are in a long distance relationship .

Ideas for things to talk about in LDR

  • Talk about things you are current doing 
  • Talk about the experience of your partner on the new place
  • If it is a man ,has he managed to cook for himself ?
  • What  is the best meal he has cooked so far ?
  • Talk about your kid progress if you have them
  • Talk about the plans you have about your relationship 
  • When are going to see each other again 
  • Talk about experience of your day 
  • Ask him/her how was your day 
  • Talk about things you use to do together before you start long distance relationship 
  • Talk about the new hobbies you have started 
  • Talk about your last vocation
  • If have never go to vocation create a plan for your first vocation 
  • What will be right place for you and why you choose that place
  • And more other things you have in your mind

Those are basic things to talk about but they are more effective than you might think .Most people will want to be romantic every time when they talk with their partner on the phone .That does not always work .if you want to romentic all the time you will running out of things to talk about .

Again those  things are too basic but they are capable of keeping the conversation going on with your partner .Of which is that what you want right ?.Also remember that each of the above questions you ask to your partner, the answer you will get will Open another question to ask .

For example let’s say you asked your partner that which meal he have cook so far ,let’s say he say it meet .if it the meet the other question that will come up is how did he cook it ,when did he learn to cook the meat ,how was it test and more .You will see the more answers you get the more questions you have and the more funny your conversation will be.

5.Interesting things to do

If the answer is yes then I am sure you will know that talking won’t  be enough to make your long distance relationship work .So that being said let’s look at the interesting things to do with your partner when he is away from you .

Interesting things to do in LDR

  • Do similar things together 
  • Send simple gift to each other 
  • Take online quiz and share your answers 

Do similar things together 

Try to find similar things you can do together at the same time with your partner .Watching similar show on TV and listening to similar music are the good and easy things you can do together at the same time .To make it more romantic create a list of songs and send them to a radio to be played for you and your partner as well as anyone who is LDR.

If that is hard for you, create your own playlist of love songs on Spotify .Share that list with your partner .That will be much more easy and romantic .

Send simple gift to each other 

You don’t have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on gifts to show love to your partner .Even small simple things like flowers ,nice messages ,gift cards and vouchers can be really good and accepted to your partner.

Take online quiz and share answers 

Online quiz are another great way to engage with your partner online .If you go to Google and  type in Love online Quiz you find a lot of Quiz you can take with your partner .

One Thing to keep in mind about quizz is that they are runned  by apps and software  which have no feelings.That mean you must not be discouraged if you fail them or get answers that indicate you are too far from your partner .

Take quiz for fun, not for making personal decisions about your relationship .

6.Meet up somewhere 

As much as they are many things you can do with your partner on the phone. They is nothing really that can replace the joy you will have when you see each other face to face.

It is important to meet up with your partner on a regular basis .Not every month but maybe 3 or more per year if he/she is too far from your home .Meeting with your partner after a long time helps to rejuvenate the love.

It is always good  to see someone after you have not seen him/her for a while .That means when you see each after a long time you will be much more happy compared to couples who see each every day .

That is one of the advantages of long distance relationship .When you will meet with your partner after a long time it is important that you choose the right place for both of you.

The right place for you and your partner is the one that suits your needs and personality type .For example it won’t be nicer if you chose to meet at the party while you know that your partner is too shy in front of many people.

7.Keep high level of trust

The survival of long distance relationship is dependent upon trust .If you trust one another enough your long distance relationship will last for long .Now trust depends on the age of your relationship, the older your relationship the more trust you will have.

If your relationship is only a few months old or it is less than 2 years .You have do all the things that will help you  to maintain a high level of trust with your partner .

The most effective thing you can maintain trust in is to have constant communication with your partner and meet up somewhere if it possible. We have already looked at the meet up section above and communication via cell phone.

8.Take full advantage of long distance relationship 

Long distance relationship has been criticized a lot ,but that does not mean it is bad at all .LDR still has its own advantages or benefits over short distance relationship .In order for you to be happy about it you have to make full use of those advantages .

The first advantage we have already touch above which is love rejuvenation .The second one is the opportunity to travel the world .This is good for you if you have never been in vocation with your partner.

The first time you see visit your partner or meet up with him/her that might more like your first vocation .The third advantage is the independent life .If you live together with your partner you probably do a lot of things for each .As the result you might not bother to learn to do things for yourself.

The short absence of your partner in your life will teach how to do things for yourself and it will test you how strong you are.

Those are not all the advantages of long distance relationships. You can read more about them here if you’re serious about learning how to make long distance relationship work.

9.Don’t forget why you started it

why long distance relationship

They can be many things that can make you feel like Long distance relationship is unworthy .That is why you must not forget the reason why you have stated it .Most couples who started a long distance relationship they started it for the good reasons .The most common ones are studying and working .

If you think enough about these two reasons you will see that both of them will have a good long term effect on your family or on your relationship.

To make it more clear, look at your partner if he is going to work, he will work and get money .That money he will use it to support you and his family.

10.Take care of disagreements

Last but not least , remember than LDR it still a relationship .That mean you can still come across with some problems in your relationship which are not explained in this guide .You need to be confident about your relationship and keep in mind that every thin has it own down sides in this world . Further more You Can read this post here which is about how to solve argument like mature couples .

Long distance relationship vs short distance relationship

Long distance relationshipShort distance relationship
You can’t see each other every dayYou can see each other daily
More personal spaceLess personal space
Low trust to each other More trust to each other
No morning kissMorning possible if you are live together
Less disagreementsMore agreements
Respect is the same The respect is the same
More listening to one anotherLess listening to one another
it hard to support one anotherit easy easy to support one another
High chances of cheatingLow chances of cheating
More chances to learn to do things for your selfLess chances to learn to do things for your self
Forgiveness is the sameForgiveness is the same
Growing apartGrowing together

Those are some of the different between long distance relationship and short distance relationship .Some might not make sense for you , but the good news is you are free to ask me explain further for you or wait for fully comparisons article.You can also subscribe to be notified when it published .


Long distance relationship it still love relationship for couples .The only big different is the distance separating them .The purpose of this was reduce that distance by improving communication with your partner .

If you followed all the steps and things you have read as well as other articles .i believe that you will have better understanding on how to make long distance relationship work.

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