Abusive behaviour can complete close the relationship .This is due to the fact that they is no one who like to be abused .We all like to live in place where we will feel safe and comfortable.In most case women are more victims of abuse in the relationship than men .The main reason for that is that  most women have less physical power than men .So some men take advantage of that.It can be very difficult to see that your partner will abuse you in your relationship after while .

How did you end up in abusive relationship?

The most common reason for many women to end up in the abusive relationship is to fall in love too quickly with men. Most women/ girls don’t give them self enough time to think before they make decision  of falling in love with someone .As the result they end up falling in love with strangers .if it happen that you are one of those women/girls then you must know that you are not alone .They are many women outside who get abused every day but they don’t take actions for that .Some don’t even know that they are being abused by their partners .

How do you see that you are in the abusive relationship?

you can see that you are in the abusive relationship when your partners start to do the things that hurt you emotional and physical .below is the list of the things that can show you that your partner is abusing you in your relationship .

5 Signs of abusive relationship

  1. Hurt you
  2. Shouting you
  3. Your partner threatens you
  4. He put too much eyes on you
  5. Always blame you

1.Hurt you

This is the obvious sign of an abusive relationship and it what that
makes most women to stay with husband even if they don’t like to.
Once your partners start to raise his hand you, that clear indicate
that he is abusing you physical.

2.Shouting  you

Every relationship has arguments at some point .if it happen that
Every time when you are arguing with your partner he is always
shouting you all the time and give you instructions with the force
.That is the another sign that your partner is abusing you in your
relationship .Even if he is shouting your child or pet all the time that
still the same thing.

3.Your partner threatens you

Most men who abuse women they threaten them so that the women
will be afraid to report them to the police or leave the them alone.
This is the most common reason why most women continue to stay
in the abusive relationship even if they don’t want .Their partner
abuse them and ask them to be quit under wise they gonna hurt
them more .

4.He put too much eyes on you

They is nothing wrong for men to be care for his wife .But when it
too much it become irritating .For example when your partner is
coming to check you on your work at regular basis .When you come
back home he will want to check your phone calls and massages .If
you have buy something he will ask for slip. This is the abuse because
you can’t be happy in your relationship if your partner can continue
to do all this things to you every day .You might end feel that your
partner does not trust which can be true.

5.Always blame you

Other man when they find them self in trouble they don’t want to
admit that they are the one who are responsible for their problems
.They always push the blame to ward others including their wife’s
.Which is regarded as the abuse .When something wrong has happen, the abusive man the can say this happen because you said I must do that .

How to get out of abusive relationship

So now you know the signs of abusive relationship that mean you
can easily tell if your partner is abusing you or not. The thing that
might be problem now is the way out from abusive relationship.

To get out from the abusive relationship you need Two things. Those Things are the people who will support you and the place you will go to if your partner does not stop abusing you .

The people who will support you

The first people you need to talk to in this case is the family of your
husband .Talk with them about everything that your partner is doing
to you at your home as well as how do you feel about it .Ask his parents to
talk with tell him to change his abusive behaviour toward you .

It can be good if you start with the family of your partner before you
going to your parents. This is because when you start telling your parents
that your husband is abusing you. Your parents will want you to come
back to their home fast maybe without even giving your partner as second
chance to change his abusive behaviour towards you .

The place to go to

The first place you can go to if your partner does not stop abuse you
is your home. when you are in your home you will feel more safe
than other apartment such flat or in your friends .when you are in
your friends house your partner can still come there to abuse you
even your friend on that time can be at risk.

But I still love my partner

Leaving your partner alone in this situation does not mean you don’t love
him anymore. it simply mean you care about you, your kids As well
as him .If you continue to stay with him while he is abusing you the
police will find out somehow and arrest him for years in jail .Once he
is jail he can’t do anything there for his future .While if you leave him
alone in your home he will start to see how tough life is it without you
.That can make him to change his abusive behaviour and start to be
serious to you.

Staying with someone who is abusing you can create a lot of stress and
depression for you and your child. When you are work , your work
flow will slow because you will be always thinking about what is gonna happen tonight at home .Your child will not be happy like others at school when they saw your partners beat you.


This is the most challenging situation for women .The solution to  it is to give your partner a space by leaving him alone .It may not be forever if your partner love you seriously he will come change his behaviour for you and come back to you ask for forgiveness .



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