7 Basic Things You Will Need To quit SMOKE

When you are reading this post you probable have made decision To quit smoke, So for this decision to be successful you need have good plan , high level of motivation and great support group.

In this post I have decided to share with you how you can organise all these things you need to quit smoke In just few steps as follow.

Seven Steps To quit smoke

  • Choose the right time
  • Create the support group
  • Be active
  • See The expect
  • Never give up
  • Eliminate Temptation
  • Celebrate your success

Choosing the right time.

The first thing you need to do to quit smoke is to choose the right time. The right time to fight with tobacco addiction is the time where you stress free .This is the time where you won’t go to work because most the stress that we experience come from the job we are doing. Most the people who smoke , they smoke for just to free them self from the constant stress of the work during the day.

So does that mean take a leave from your job?

Absolute No, Stress does not only come the job we doing but it also come the people we live with them this include both our family and friends. Stress can also come from the bad things that are happening in our lives which are impossible to predict them.So if you want to choose the right time to quit smoke you need to be good stress manager first so that you will not keep on repeating the
same mistake on your journey to quit smoke.

Create the support group

Quit smoke will not be easy as most people said , things will be much difficult for you especial for the first time you will even want to quit ,because of the pain of tobacco effect such as headache and that is where you need the people who will support you.The tobacco effect will make you feel like you will die if you don’t smoke .

You know what , that is all the lie no one was bone as smoker you will live your life without smoking, it just that you need a little bit of patient, After few days or weeks all the pain you that you feel it will be gone. The people you choose to support you it must be the people who will ensure that you don’t get your hands on smoke no matter what. The best people who can do that is your family because they will be with you all the time day and night.

You can also join or create a group with your friends or others who want to stop smoke like you . When you are in the group discuss about the most of time you smoke with, Once find the time that most group members use to smoke , you must decide what are the things you can do together to replace smoking time . Some of the things you can choose from are as follow

  • Go for gym
  • Play soccer
  • Play games (PC or X box or PS)
  • Take a walk
  • Study together if it possible
  • Play cards

The more you do this things together as team you find your self having more funny than anyone else .On that time smoking will be boring thing to do and you thank each for the hard work and commute that you have create.

Be Active

You can not quit smoking by just sleeping on your bed chatting with your friends on whatsapp or facebook. You need to keep your body moving other wise you will just keep on thinking about smoking, smoking ,smoking again and again. If you working or you have good friends to spend your time with them then it better for you , but if you some one who is shy and does not have a lot of friends than you are in problem.

So what to do if your are shy or unemployed

The are many things you can alone both inside your home and outside .You can clean your house , clean the yard , studying or go to gym.The other thing you can do outside your home is to participate in volunteer community project such as cleaning the environment by collecting old bottles and plastic for reuse .By doing that more often your brain will start to forget about smoking.

See The expect

In life we are all different ,they will be always someone who know better than you that is the advantage for every human being. So why it is the advantage for you?, The answer is when you are just starting up your journey to quit smoke they are some of the things that you don’t know about quit smoking which can cause to fail sooner.

People such therapist have all the knowledge for these personal problems we come across in life.They have helped many people who like you so why don’t you use those people. Therapist are other best people who can support you like
your family but with better knowledge,experience and skill .

Never Give Up

Just like any other addiction quit smoke won’t be easy you will need to be strong and have high self motivation.They is lot of motivation in the internet if you can’t motivate your self. The best place to find it is youtube and pineterest . They also many stores for people who have successful quit smoke who ware like you so if you can find those stories you can get more motivation .one of the things you need to bare in mind is that what ever you are doing you are doing it for the health of your body.

Eliminate Temptation

For the first time you want to quit smoke your brain will keep on forcing to smoke again, so you need be able to identify all things that makes you want to smoke. This include the ash on your room and the pieces of smoke in your car once you find all of of those things just throw them away because once you see them you will have problem. Avoid to be around with people who are smoking either in your home or outside .

Celebrate your success

The journey to stop smoking might be boring for others so you need to find something that will make your journey be funny. One of the things you do to make it funny is to celebrate your success .The first few steps you pass celebrate them by buying anything you like, That will give you more motivation to do and pass the next steps.


Quit smoke might hard but that does not mean it is impossible to do.They are many things you can do that can help you to quit smoke they might not be all in the list above, but the ones I have chosen are the ones that anyone can do regardless of their background.



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