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kitchen window fans are great for pulling in cool and fresh air from the surrounding while removing the warm air in your kitchen.That is the  main thing that separate them from other regular fans or ceiling fans .Kitchen window fan won’t work only on your kitchen but they can do the same thing into any other room.That is great for just incase if you change your mind in the future.

Window fan have more advantages over the other regular cooling fan , we will talk about them along the this article . So now jump straight in the list and see the cool features that makes this window fans to ideal for kitchen .


This is a single window fan that can works well for small windows that that has frame for one or two glasses .If your your frame have two spaces for  glasses  then the you can fill one of those glasses with this fan and leave the other frame for naturally light.The diameter of the blades is 8 ” in size and the over all container is 12 by 12 inch in size . 

The blades are revisable meaning they can exhaust  or inhale air from the outside depending on what you want it to do .The two red Arrows in the diagram  indicate that .This window fan is controlled by pulley chain which I am sue you can see it in  the diagram at the bottom right corner .This fan has air flow capacity of 300 CFM.You can take this as the speed of the blades of this window fan if you are not familiar with the unites .

Below are few pros and cons of this fan 



Summary report from other users

Six percent of the users have reported this fan to have short life span , they said it stop working in just few months and on that six percent others are complaining about the poor material  it made up of .The Others who are satisfied by this window fan they said it get the job done and the installation process is pretty easy .Some did appreciated it performance in terms of noise , they said it make less noise as the manufactured promised . 

The over all rating


2.Genesis Twin kitchen Window Fan

The name and picture say it , This is a dual kitchen window fan .It has two heads with 2 motors which are made up copper material .Copper is known as long lusting material since it is resistance to corrosion or it does not get rust easily like other material.It is also resistance in to high temperature .So those two features  of the motors will ensure that this window fan won’t fail to work because of the change in weather conditions .

That mean even if it can be too hot or too cold in your kitchen this fan will still be able to give you the temperature you need in your kitchen .The blades  of this fan are 9 inches each .They work the same way as the first kitchen window fan in our list .They rotate in one direction to inhale  the cool air from the surrounding and they can rotate in other direction to exhaust warm air from your kitchen .

The major different from the two is in the pros and cons which are listed below .



Summary report from other users

The most unsatisfied users for this fan have said this fan has noise more especial when the it at high speed  level. Few others mentioned that the  some of the components inside were misaligned inside the fan at first but they did get the help the by contacting manufactures  at no cost .

Those who  are satisfied said this fan is great for circulating  air in the room for both during day and the night .Many of them did appreciate the feature  of being able able to inhale and exhaust air with one fan .They is less complained about the life span for this fan ,instead others users mentioned that they have  been using it  for years now.

The over all rating


3.Air King 9166F 20 kitchen Window Fan

This is single head fan like the first one you saw  in our list .The diameter of the blades are  20 inches ,So if you have one big window in your kitchen then this fan will I deal for you . The one cool feature  for this window fan is the adjustable width .Adjustable width help with ensuring that fan fix exactly to the size of the window without any help other equipment or tools .So if your window is in the range of 27 inches to 38 inches horizontal then you can choose any measurement on this fan to fit in to it . 

The other great feature that makes this window fan to be so popular is the permanent split capacitor.Capacitor is the device for storing electric energy .The thing that makes the capacitor of this fan to be great is high efficiency and high and high pull out torque.when the device have higher efficiency it mean most of the energy it consumed to operate it will go to do the work .When the device have low efficiency  it mean most of the energy it consume to operate will go waste.So if that the case you will end up paying a lots of money for wasted energy .  

When the device have high pull out torque it mean when you are applying some changes to speed , the speed will change smooth without losing the sudden losing the steps . That is important for the fan because if they any lose of steps in fan while you change the speed you will hear a lot of noise which can be annoying .

Those are not only advantages of this fan below are others in pros and cons of it.




Summary report from other users

Most unsatisfied user are complaining  about noise and vibration at high level speed  settings as expected .They are few others  as well who are find to be heavy to lift up during installation .This  fan weighs 8.16 pounds so by looking at this weight you can tell by your self if you will be able to lift it or not .

Those who are satisfied they appreciate the  long life span of it and they say it does job even although the blade are not reversible but still, it ability  exhaust only do a great job for reducing heat in the room.Their recommendation  is to have two windows open so that when the one window exhaust the warm air the other will allow the fresh air to come inside the room .

The over all rating


4.Comfort Zone CZ310R kitchen Window Fan

This is the double head fan with 9 inch diameter blades on each head .The blades are reversible  so you can exhaust and inhale air from the the surrounding  to your room when using this fan .It is white in colour and it that only colour option available at the moment .The width is adjustable from 27 inch up to 37 inches .The one  feature that makes this fan to be great than others is the  remote control feature .So you can change the setting without  touching it physical .That is great for just incase if your window is in a higher position that you and it hard for you to reach it.

Below are other pros and cons for this fan 



They are less unique cons for this  fan and most the users are satisfied with it .They are two main reasons for that one of them being the remote control feature and the other it is the price .This is the cheapest window fan in our list  and more so with two heads . The most users who are not satisfied  about this they say the at first one of the heads was  not working or it stop working in just few days .The problem with that it has do with the selection of motors .

Beside that they more users who are satisfied  about this fan  than those who are not .Infact this fan has highest  rating than the other  window fan in this list so far .At the time of writing this article they already more than 3000 ratings at amazon .On that 3k 60%  of them gave this fan 5 star rating  you can check more rating by your self in the orange  button  below .

The over all rating


5.Bionaire kitchen Window Fan

This is the bionaire dual head window fan with 8.5 inch diameter  blades .If you have been reading about best kitchen window fan you probably have come with this one .This is the best window  fan you can get at market you can even tell by it high quality plastic material that it made up of .The different is noticeable from other fan we have just listed in our list .If you don’t see the different then  just click the it self to see  more images at amazon for it before you continue reading this article .

This window fan has almost every thing you  need for the window fan  and surprisingly it price is almost similar to other  fan in this list.The remote controller  is included , the blades are reversible and you can change the speed  via remote or by the physical buttons on the fan it self for just incase you loose the remote .

Below are pros and few cons  for this fan 




It is really hard to pick up cons and complains for this fan since it has all the feature you might expect from the window fan.This window fan does not come with all the feature only but it also comes  a warrant of 3 years and it note Hidden on the papers like in other product .So no matter what me or others are saying about this fan if you like all it features you try it for up to 3 years if you get any problem you will be free to reach out to the manufactures for refund or replacement .

Below are it ratings

The over all ratings


6.Lasko 16" kitchen window fan

This is one head fan from Lasko company .It similar to air king which we have talked about on number 3 in our list .The major different is in the quality material and the size .This fan is 16 inch in size and the one from air king is 20 inch .So if you have small window and you want one head window fan then this fan will be good alterative to the air king .

In terms of material , by looking at the picture you can see that this one is made with strong plastic material .If we dive deep in to it  and make the comparison for the types of material that air king and Lasko fans are made of then you might end up being confused because of the  too physics behind them.

Pros and cons

The major pros and cons for this kitchen window fan are similar to Air king fan .Even the the complains  that people have about the two are almost similar  That why I said you must take this fan as good alternative to window fan for air king .

Below is the rating of it.

The over all ratings


7.Holmes Bionaire BWF0522M window fan

This is another great window fan from bionaire .It so small in size as you can see in the image it width is measured to be equal to the one for human .The blades in those  3 heads are 6 inches each .Because of it small size you can easy assume that it works with batteries  and if so your assumption is wrong .Even it small it still requires to be plugged on the power source to work .

Below are it pros and cons



Wrap up

So those are the best kitchen window fans you can get at amazon or at your  local store if they are available .If you have been reading up to that point you probable know now that most people are complaining about short life span and noise when it comes into windows fans.

So does that mean once you odder one , you will get the same issues?

The answer is no , for almost any product listed in the online stores you will always find one star rating  .So my point is don’t relay too much on the negative reviews  if you want to odder something online .instead if you like it look for positive review if they are more people who are happy about it then feel free to try it and retain it back if it did not meet your expectations .

Most of the physical product like window fans they have more than 1 year warrant so on that period of time you  should know whether  the fan you bought  it does the job or not .


Please know that the star ratings may change anytime ,So I highly  recommend you to check current star ratings by self after reading this article.

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