8 Stunning Ways To make Long Distance Relationship work

Long distance relationship can be too hard for you to handle if you don’t know how to maintain high level of love and trust between you and your partner when you are not together .Studies show that 40% of marriage couple divorce once they went in to long distance relationship .For high school learners when they go to college or university after metric the percentage of beak up is 98%.That a huge percentage but why is this percentage is too high?

This entire article s is about the things you can do maintain high level of love and trust in Long distance relationship so that your relationship can work and lust as it was supposed to be .

Things you can do make long distance relationship work

  1. use technology to stay connected
  2. Minimise your communication
  3. Stay honest
  4. Create End date for long distance relationship
  5. Be supportive to one another
  6. Don’t take things too seriously
  7. Visit one another
  8. Send each other

1.Use technology to stay connected

Technology is the first thing you need to consider if you want to make your long distance relationship work. With more options available of apps and social media we can easily chat with our love ones any where we are across the globe.

Face book and whats-app are the most popular social network for chatting via text massages, Voice Call and video Call. However as much as all these social network so popular and easy to use they are things that you need to think about before you use any of them for the survival of your  relationship purpose .


Massage and what you talk about with your partner it really matters even if you are together. Before you enter in to the long distance relationship you probably have stay with your partner for while .That mean you now know the things that your partner likes and hate. During your conversation try to avoid to talk about the things that your partners does not like and instead talk about the things that both of you like to do mostly when you are together.

The good example to this is soccer , if you love soccer too much and your partner does not like it , then you need to avoid tell him/her about it as it can make your conversation  boring .You can also tell your partner how he/she is important to your life .

The other thing you can do make your conversation interesting is to let your feelings out. Instead of thinking about the things you can talk about with your partner just let your feelings our and tell your partner the truth about how do you feel since he is not close to you .

Method of communication

They are 3 method you can use to communicate with your partner when he is far away from you .You can communicate via text massages , voice call and video call .please note that Not all of these method are good for every one so you need to find out which one is good for your partner .

For example if you know that your partner is to shy for the camera then you must try to do video call with him.


No matter what are you talking about with your partner and which method of communication you are using to stay connected you must not forget to say I love you at the end of your conversation.

2.Minimise your communication

Image by Semevent from Pixabay

in a long distance relationship it can be easy to thing and think about your partner .That  can make you want to call your partner all the time which might not be good for him .Since he might be busy by the time you call him .When he does not answer your phone you might think wrong things about him which can create a stress for you .The easy way to avoid that is to chose a time where both of you will be free .It can be twice or more in a week , however it must not be  every day since you know that everything start to sucks when it too much.

3.Stay honest

When your partner is way from you for long time it can be easy to think about falling in love with someone else who is near to you. This is more especial if you are going to college or university where they are all kind of people which other might be look better than your partner. This is where honest and trust is needed, if you truly love your partner try by all means to stay honest with him and don’t do things that will break his hearty.

4.Create End date for long distance relationship

Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

It easy to wait for something that you know when it gonna happen compare to wait for something that you don’t when it will happen. That mean if you don’t know when are you gonna meet your partner again, the hope between the two of you will be lost .That is other reasons why so Many long distance relationship fail. Telling your partner when are going to come back home or meet him again will increase the hope in his hearty and stay honest to you.

5.Be supportive to one another

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

We all need help at some point in our lives and the most help we get come from the people around us.That is good however if you have been helped by your partner you feel that feeling which is undefined .in a long distance relationship it can be hard to be there for your partner all the time but try all your best to help him that will remind him that you are still there for him even although you are not together for a while.

6.Don’t take things too seriously

It is normal to find some friends on every new place you live in for while regardless if you are in relationship or not. So when your partner find  a new friends which might be different in gender from him  don’t think that he is cheating for you . That will show your partner that you don’t trust him and they is no relationship which can be successful without trust.

7.Visit one another

Image by Mircea Iancu from Pixabay

This depend on the distance between the two of you .If you are close to each other try to visit one another on the regular basis. If you are far way from each other choose a day or holiday to meet somewhere else on the half way. Once you have choose the day than you must choose a place that will be convenient for both of you. When choosing the place to meet it important to know the personality of your partner. For example is your partner is shy you must not to choose to meet in public places where the are too many people .

8.Send each other gift

Image by Yvette Fang from Pixabay

Most people when they hear the word gift they think of valentine card and flowers. In reality gift for your partner can be anything from small to big depending on your hearty and pocket .The birth day cake can  also be  a good gift to your partner on his birth day. Even a pet can be a good gift. The point is you don’t have to spend that much on gift to make your partner feel happy and you don’t have to wait for specific day to do so.

9.Watch similar show on TV at the same time

Image by Gracini Studios from Pixabay

Before you get separated by distance to your partner you probably have watch TV together.The good news to that is you can still watch it even if you not together .It does not have to be TV it can be radio or any song that both of you like the most .If you can , make a list of dedicated songs to your partner and send them to radio station to be played for your partner as well as every one who is the same situation as you.After you have you have send the list of songs to the radio , you need to tell your partner that you have make a list of special songs for him. give him the time and the date when the songs will be played .This is the best thing you can do to show love to your partner in a long distance relationship .

in conclusion

They are so many things you can do maintain love and trust to your partner even if you not together .The ones I have selected above are the ones that i think are easy but more effective .I can be happy to here your thoughts which one is better for you and which you are using.

Please leave it below in the comment box , it will help me and others who are in long distance relationship like you . Thank you soo much for that .


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