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MARRIAGE it ‘s Gift from  GOD and dream for everyone. They is Nothing  feels like  living with your  partner and kids Doing things together, helping each other toward success, creating bright future for your childrens ,Traveling , Playing soccer or games in your home etc.

At this stage you might know that  when some is Good they are some problems which want to make it bad thing. Since marriage is Good it also come across with problems in the future which want to destroy it . When This problem a rise most people think about divorcing before they even take time to look at what course those problem and how they can solve them.

It is unusual for people to seek enough information about solving their marriage problem  and even when they do , they give up early.For the fact that you read this post I must say that you strong and you truly love your partner and kids .Below  I have seven things you can Do to save your marriage.

  • incompatibility 
  • Spend More Time Together
  • LOVE letters and night DATE
  • Keep Yourself In Good Shape Physically And Mentally
  • Chat with your partner
  • physical  life changing
  • Seek another chance


Incompatibility is when you can’t live together  with your partner without troubles. This is usual happen because of the lack of respect , For example  when both of you don’t  listen each other when someone is talking the other one is talking no one want be wrong between the two of you .when this time arise you need to respect and listen to your  partner even it is him/her who is wrong but you must act like it you. When it is your partner who is wrong in future he will see his mistake and he will thank you for that.

Spend More Time Together

The job and buseness we are running today are the most things that reduce the time we spend with our partners .When it come to marriage you need to be a good time manager since spending less time with your partner make him feels unimportant  to you. The best way to create time for partner is to find new activities you can do together your partner . It can be anything such playing soccer at home or games, watching movies , Travel  I mean anything as long as both of you will happy if perfect.

LOVE letters and night DATE

When the relationship is new couples use love letters and night dates to be express the love. However as the time goes on they start to see this things as waste of time and money.If your relationship started with love letters and night dates you must continue to do those things because if you stop your partner will think that you are no longer interested in him/her.

Keep Yourself In Good Shape Physically And Mentally

During the initial stage of the relationship both couples do many things to impress their parteners such wearing nice  and exercising  to build body shape.Once the couples get in to marriage they take each other for granted and stop doing  all things. This usual happen when couple have been in the relationship for the long period of time and it can destroy the marriage because if you stop look after yourself you will not look Good and when you are not look good your partner will lose interest to you.

Chat with your partner

Look for the right time that  you can use to talk with your partner  about the things that create problems in  your marriage . It can be at night when you are alone or outside home during weekend or holidays .  however It must be not be time where your partner is coming from work because during that time he is tired and want to relax so when you bring problems during that time he might fight with you.

physical  life changing

The job we are doing , people  around us and the Place we live in have huge impact  to the marriage. Other couples choose to  change one of this things to save their marriage so if can find  one or two things you  can change in your life that can be another great step you ever take to save your marriage.

Seek another chance

We are people we do make mistake in our lives that make our partners angry and don’t even want to talk with us. If you are in that situation you need to find a proper way to apologise to your partner with words and actions.They use to say action sound louder than words so when you apologising to your partner and you found out that he/she does not accept your apology you must try to find a way show him/her how do you feel about what you have done.

In conclusion

They are many things you can do to show love to your partner so that you can save your marriage. However you must not force your self to do complicated things for just to impress your partner. Your True partner will continue to love you because of the way you are not for what you Have .

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