How to tell if a shay guy likes you or not ?

how to tell if a shy guy likes you

Shy guys are a bit different when it comes to expressing love .They don’t expressing it as extrovert do  or in the same way as other normal people do. The way the express it is that they using little signs which we are gonna talk about in This post. But before we talk about those signs lets  start by looking at

Why it hard  for shy guy to tell you if he likes You ?

1)The number one reason  for that is the fear , The fear of how are gonna behave when you head those words from him,isn’t that gonna be the end of your relationship ?.

2)The other reason for that is that he don’t know how he can tell you .We as guys know that is not gonna be that easy to make a girl fall in love with us .So when we want to say the word we first think about how can we you understand that we really likes you .In most cases many f us end on stage of over thinking .It not easy to say that is good or bad but that stage is where most shay guys  stop at .

So if you have shy guy that likes you but he haven’t tell you yet , you have two options .

Option number one

Say the word first

Option number two

Wait for him to tell you that he likes you .

In either way of this two options you really needs be sure that guy likes you for really because you don’t wanna mess up things with  him. To see if he likes for really you test him by asking him relationship question or by looking the following signs  from him.

8 signs to tell if a shy guy likes you or not

1.He offer you help multiple times

This is the one common thing that almost every gentle man do .They like to provide help to ladies .For example if a gentle man drive a car and he see a lady  walking he will give her a  lift. That is the heart of gentle man .When that happens once or twice year then you can’t say that  , that guy likes you .However if that happens multiple times for certain  time then that can be signs that  man is planning  something about you .

2.He talk with you about his relationship

Relationship  do come across with problems sometimes and usually those problem come from one part and then from the other part  on other time.When some one tell you his relationship problems it does not he wants to give up on his relationship and start new relationship with you.

It Also mean he looking for help  or he just want to distress .You know that once you talk with someone about something that borders you inside it does not border you as much as it was before you talk with someone .

However as just mentioned above the reasons are different so it also possible for other guys  to tell you  their relationship problems  because they want to give on them and start a new one with you .If that the case talking about relationship problems will be a tool to pave away to  start a new relationship with you .

3.He just like to be with you

Everywhere you go he wants to follow you , every plane you made with him he just wants to part of it.He just likes to spend time his time with you .A friend can do the same thing like this but not in all times .Sometimes they will refuse to go with you or to be the part of your plan .A shy guy who likes you will decide even to cancel his important meetings or activities just to be with you .That is how you can differentiate between a friend and someone who likes you .

4.He treat you like a lady

When boys and girls have strong friendship boys start to treat those girls in the way that treat  other boys .That start from talking into more other activities that they  do when they are together .A simple example to that is the ignorant of ladies first rule.

A shy guys who likes you will apply that rule to many things you do when you are with  him. For example he can open car door for you , when you enter to the store with small door he will allow you to enter first .Basically they are a lots of things cases where girls first rule applies and chances are you already seen some of them before you even thoughts about reading this post .

5.He buy a lots of things for you

how to tell if a some one like s you

This is not the appropriate way to tell if a shy guy like you or not .I mean we have friends and co-workers all of those people can buy gifts for us anytime right ?.So is that gonna mean they wants to be  in relationship with us ?

Of course Not

They can buy gifts for us to help celebrate certain moments in our lives .However if you can add up the gifts and the signs we have talk about you can come up with a better conclusion  of whether a shy guy likes or you or not .

The day in which he buy gifts for you will for you will also matter as well as the type gift he bought for your you /or example valentine day and birth day  those are two different day so the gifts won’t be the same and they will have different meaning .

6.He is less shy when he is with you

introvert are too  shy they don’t even have much topics to talk about .So if  shy guy   is not afraid  to talk  with you and he have more things to talk about with you .He feel free when his with you like when he is with his friends .That is the indication that you are his good match .

7.He wants to know more about you

That is what people do  to the people they love and care about them.They want to know more about them so that can see if they are their best fit or not .The way they do that is by asking personal questions  or they just tell you their personal problems to  see if you can you can empathize with them or not .

So when a shy guy likes you he  can do the same thing to you , but since he is shy he can also talk with your one of friends about about you and  if you have good friends  they will tell everything he have asked the about you .

8.Your eyes Don’t  meet with his eyes directly

This is the most common sign of love and you might already noticed it before you even think about reading this post .The eye contact become a problem every time when we are hiding something to someone .

Even when we were young hiding things to our parents we used not to look them in the eyes directly .So if a shy guy can’t look in the eyes directly then , that mean he is hiding something for you .When he see you that you are looking his eyes , he think that you are see what he is hiding which might be saying the word .

In conclusion

So those are the 8 things that can tell if a shy guy likes you or not .Now of couse some of them might be the sign of true friendship .So my best tip to you that add up these signs as many as you can before making your conclusion .Once you have made conclusion  it will be up to  you whether you make the  first move or you just wait him .



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