How to strengthen a relationship in 7 Actionable steps

steps on how to strengthen  a relationship
Image by JUAN FERNANDO YECKLE from Pixabay

The best way to strengthen a relationship is to fill the gaps between you and your partner by doing most  of  the things together .

This post is about 7 actionable steps that you can follow to make your relationship stronger .

So without any further lets start with the first step which is

1.Reduce social networks usage

Social networks have huge effect in our life. Whether it a good  effect or bad effect it depend on how we are using them. For example If you look long distance relationship social networks are best apps we can use to maintain communication .

However if you are  in normal relationship where you live with your partner social networks can reduce the quality  time  that you suppose to spend together, because by the time you have to sit together and talk about the experience of the day you will be busy asking your friends about their day instead of asking your partner .

Too much usage of social networks in relationship can also lead into another problem which  is the feeling of being neglected .If you are having good time with friends on social networks regular you might end up feeling that your partner is boring .That is what will make lose interest from him and start to neglect him.

2.Find similar hobbies

strong relationship tips for couples

Instead of spending your time on social networks ,why not find one hobby that you can do together on the regular basis .It can be running ,exercising  even at home or do yogah .They are so many things you can do together that  will bring you closer instead of doing the this that push you apart.

Once you found hobby that you will do together create weekly goal about it .Sit down with your partner and choose the right time for both of you .After you know the right time talk about what you want to archive in this week  and how are going to archive it.At the end of the week do review on your goal see if you did achieved what want  or  not.

If you did achieved it then congratulation to you, if you din’t ,don’t give up for the first time on your hobby .Instead of giving up and blaming one another just think about what else you can do to achieve more and learn from your mistakes .

3.Consider to buy some gifts

Gift are the great way of showing love in relationship. The problem is which one  you should buy for your partner .They are so many gifts ideas in the internet ,Some of them might be good choice for your partner  and others might not be .Buying something for someone who does not interested in it is  like a waste of money because he might using it for while and sell it when you not near by.

On the other side if you managed to find right gift for your partner  he can keep it for long time. He might place it on his room or at his desk so that when he see it he will remember you .So if you want to have strong relationship with your partner you should do enough research before pulling the trigger .

Before you go to the Internet and To  search for best gift for men, I suggest you to start by searching your partner first. Study him and see what he likes the most .The best way to do that is through communication .if you have been in relationship for years you probably know what he likes and what he don’t like.

One tip

On your research don’t look only for love related items, do also  look tools that he needs to improve his productivity or make his work easy .Look for something that he will use it mostly .For example if he is photographer you may consider buying lens for his camera if he is journalist you may consider buying him the  special pan or note book.

4.Provide value to his life

The majority of women are really good in making life easy for their  partner.They prepare food at home they ,clean the house they ,wash clothes ,they wash dishes and more other home based activities .

So men should do the same  thing on home activities that  requires more physical power. If they are less to no activities he can do .at least he must try to assist you in one of the home based activities .Remember  relationship is not always about love and money you still have goals that you want to achieve in your life.

So try your best support him the more helpful you are on his life  them stronger your relationship will be.

5.Do more things together

COUPLE TV together

To strengthen your  relationship you need to close  the gapes between you and him. The best way to fill those gapes is to be  together in most of your time. But you can’t be together and do nothing .If you can be ,then your relationship will be boring after sometimes .Below basic things you can do together

  • Watch TV together
  • Avoid eating out so that you can eat together at home
  • Go to shop together on weekends 
  • Consider some vocation
  • Sleep together on the bed not on the couch
  • Cook together
  • Paint the wall together
  • Wash your cars together
  • Visit one another if you are Long distance  relationship
  • And more other things

The list of  those activities can too long but what important is to keep in mind that you must do most those activities together not every thing.So don’t try to follow your partner when he is going to his work and surprise him.

6.Show some appreciation 

After providing value to each other you must appreciate each other for value you providing one another.The “word thank” you is too small but it means a lot to someone who have provided help.However ,after some long time of being in relationship we end up feeling like our partners they must assist and because of that we don’t appreciate their effort .

That is dangerous in relationship because if someone help you he needs to know how happy you are for his help .If  he can’t see appreciation then he might feel like whatever he has done for you was unnecessary .The ways of showing appreciation are different. other people does not say thank but they do it via actions .

So if  haven’t head your partner say thank you to you then don’t be discouraged It can be possible that he have  his own ways of showing appreciation to people.

7.Meet your promises

Meeting your promises  is the great way of  building trust in relationship.The more trust you  have in your relationship the stronger your relationship will be and visor versa .

The problem is that some times we don’t meet our premises  and because of that we lose trust from people we make the promise with,So  how can we ensure that we meet our promises?

  • Don’t  promise to do something that is above your limits
  • Give proper reason for not meeting your promises
  • Write down your promise somewhere so that you forget about it easily
  • Give your self extra time when you make your promises if you will meet your promise in 3 days tell your partner that you meet that promise in 5 days.
  • Make decision by yourself and avoid influence from others such as your friends
  • Don’t promise if you can’t keep it

So by following this tips and be honest with yo self you won’t have problems of failing to meet our promise.

The summary of how to strengthen a relationship

To make your relationship stronger you need to create create quality you will spend with your partner. To find that time you need to eliminate distractions that may push you apart such as social networks and friends .Do most of things together not every thing and not every time.