How to START Meditation if you are complete beginner?

HowTo manage stress

Meditation is one of the powerful tool when it comes to stress management. Most people don’t even know what is meditation and where to start , below I have six steps you can you can take to test the power of mediation.

Five Steps To meditation


The first thing you need to do is to find a place that you can feel comfortable on it, it can be inside the house or outside the house. Once you find that place sit down there and close your eyes for 10 minutes you must use the alarm in your phone or stop watch to set those 10 minutes so that you can prevent yourself from danger or falling to sleep.

Step number TWO

Pay attention to the sound and the world around you during this 10 minutes you must listen careful on what you are heire .The other thing is that you must not stress yourself about the sound coming to you such chatting , dogs , birds or maybe music just ignore all that sound and focus on what you are doing.

Step Number Three

After you ignore all the sounds coming to you have to pay attention to yourself notice everything that is happening to body. Things such your body weight what is happening to your weight is it uniformly distributed or what ,what about the temperature of your body is decreasing or increasing .What about the air flow into your skin how does it flow is smooth or just it flow as usual just keep on listening you will feel some changes.

For you to notices all the feeling you must scan your body, start from the head and move down ward to your legs .Other part of the body that must notice while scanning are diaphragm and heart , for diaphragm you must notice the way it moves and for the heart you must check the heart rate.

Step Number Four

Pay attention to your breathing .this is the most important thing when it comes to meditation. To pay attention to your breathing you must count your breath in and out, count them about 10 to 15. This will help you to ignore all the things that are outside which tends to distract you.

Step Number Five

Step number five is mindfulness meditation. In this step you have to move yourself away from your thoughts and whatch them instead feeling them emotional.This is the most challenging steps in meditation but as you continue to practice it will be easy.

Step number six

The last step is to relax your brain and your body after that you can end meditation and come back to your thoughts and the world around you.

That is the first session of meditation if you need more session you might consider to check out the guide Here.



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