8 ways to fight with depression

Depression is another emotional problem that we come across usual when they something bad has happens In our lives. It has potential to course long term effect in health both mental and physical. However They several ways you can use fight depression. But before you know those ways you need to understand What is depression?.

Definition Of Depression.
According to Merriam Webster depression is a serious medical condition in which a person feels very sad, hopeless and unimportant and often is unable to live in the normal way.

Eight ways To fight with depression

  1. Wellness Check
  2. Check your Nutrition
  3. Exercising
  4. Do Not drink
  5. Chat With Someone
  6. Journalising
  7. Adequate sleep
  8. Prayer

Wellness Check

When you are depressed you are most like forget about your wellness .The best way to ensure that you maintain your wellness even if you are depressed is to write your checklist. Checklist will help you to remember all the activities that you have to do daily in other for you to maintain wellness. In your checklist you must include things like did take your medicine , are you still participating in social activities , are you still sleep on the right time .

Check your Nutrition

According to Merriam Webster depression make you unable to feel normal. When you abnormal chances are will not eat in the normal way. You might want fast foods suck as takeaway and pre-packed foods.Those types of food have much carbohydrate that might course problems such overweight. To ensure that you eat health even when you are depression try to cook food for your self in your home so that you will reduce sugar as you want.


Studies show that exercising is one of the most effective ways to fight with emotional problems such depression , anxiety and stress. This is due to fact that when we exercising all our body part are work and most of the exercises we do involve in more than one of two people so by the time you talk with someone your brain tends to forget the things that depress you.

Do Not drink

Majority of people thinks that alcohol and drugs are good ways to forgot about your problems. That is true when you drunk you forget about all your personal problems.however these two thing are able to make you forget about your problems and on the other side they able create another problems for you. For example you drink alcohol today, drunk and forgot about your problems tomorrow you found that you involved in a fight yesterday or maybe in the car accident ,.

who know what will do when you are drunk.when you use drugs you find your self in jail for many years which can block many opportunities for you.
So in my opinion these two things are not good solution to depression and other personal problems that you can have.

Chat With Someone

Find someone you trust that you can talk with him/her about the what depress you. It can be your parents , family member your partner, friend and therapist it up to you which one you trust .To share your personal feelings with someone will help you to get more advice or solutions to the problem that you have.


Find quite place and sit down for their for 15 minutes with your pan and notepad. Once you sit down with your pen and paper think about the good things that are happening in your life and write them down all. This will help you to see that your problems are less compere to good things that you have in your live hence you will relax and rethink the solution to the problem want to solve.

Adequate sleep

Sleep become a bit problem when you have depression, This is because you keep on thinking about the solution to the problem that you have. sleep is vital not only depression but also for the health of your body.when you sleep your brain will find a chance to relax,which can help you to find a better solution to the problem that you have.


Prayer is the powerful tool that most people undermine when it comes to solving problem.When you are praying you speak with God your creator , The one who know every thing about your life from the beginning to End. God know everything not only the depression but also other problems that you have including the solutions to those problems as well how did end up in whatever problem that you are in.

The Good news is he always willing to help anyone who need help anytime anywhere .My advice is when you come across with problems in your life ask God for help before you look other sources of help.



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