How to make a toxic relationship Healthy Again?

So you have been reading a lot about signs of toxic relationships and you have seen some of them in your relationship. The question now is how to make your toxic relationship health right?.is so then let’s  look at 5 things below you need to do to heal your relationship .

5 essential things to make a toxic relationship healthy 

  1. Know  what makes your relationship toxic 
  2. Be positive about your relationship 
  3. Stop hiding your feelings 
  4. Improve communication in your relationship 
  5. Don’t do everything at once Find interesting things to do together 
  6. Find interesting things to do together

0.Know  what makes your relationship toxic 

This is the  first thing you need to do before you even think about healing your relationship .You need to know what it is that turn your relationship from health in to toxic .

The signs of toxic relationship can be divided into hundreds  subsections but the truth is you won’t experience all of them in your relationship.

So first thing know what are thing that makes your relationship to be toxic .if you are still not sure about what is it  you can read these 10 sins of toxic relationship to gets some i deal.

1.Be positive about your relationship 

They are lots of negative thoughts that can come to your mind when see the signs of toxic relationship to your partner .You might think that my partner is angry with , my partner does not want to be with me , my partner has find someone else  who is partner and more other negative thoughts .

if you fill your mind with thoughts like those you won’t put all the effort you have into healing your relationship.So you really need to positive or be motivated about your relationship if want to make it health a gain ,but how can you motivate yourself into situations like this ?.Well I am not a motivational speaker so what i can tell you is what you already know .

You already know that  nothing is perfect in this world ,everything has it problems at some point .It possible that your relationship is going through those problems now .

Those problems are not meant to destroy your relationship but they are mean to make it stronger .If you can overcome them and save your relationship your partner will see later and realize all the effort you put just to be  with him/her .At that time his/her love to you  will far way better than what it is now.

Do also keep in mind that it is not only you who see these signs of toxic behavior in relationship , they are still many other couples who facing the same problem like  the one you have in your relationship some are even worse  than yours .

If you can ask marriage couple about their journey and what keeps together so long you see can what i am talking about .So that is a short motivation i am giving to you now let’s look on to second thing  to do to healing your relationship  which is communication.

2.improve your communication 

One of the signs of toxic relationships is the toxic communication,but what is toxic communication ?.Toxic communication in relationship is when you and your partner are influencing each other to make dangerous decisions without even think about long term effect of them .A good example to that is to be agree to buy expensive house or car that you can’t afford.Once you buy that house or car you find yourself in the black hole of debt for years.

Decisions like that are not only for the  material  things but they can be also about your kids and even your parents .So how can you improve your communication so that you won’t you regret the decisions you made now with your partner in the future .To answer that question i will say that they not too many things  do in this case other than to be honest to yourself and don’t hide your feelings to your partner. 

3.Stop hiding your feelings 

As just mentioned above if you don’t want to regret the decisions you made with your partner in the future you need to be honest to yourself and stop hiding your feelings to him/her.They are two main reasons why you can hide your feelings to your partner , one is that you are too shy and two you don’t want to humiliate him/her right?.

That is okay nobody one wants to humiliate or embarrass his/her partner ,but if you gonna lie to self because you want  to make your partner to feel happy ,then problems you have in your relationship as couple will be no longer your problems as couples instead they will be your problems only .So you will find yourself being stressed or depressed every time when you are thinking about your partner.

if you have been in relationship for awhile now your partner will see that you are not okay and he/she will ask that you are OK or not .When that time comes don’t hesitate to you are not okay and why you are not  .

That will be your relief from your stress and depression ,by that i am not saying you must keep your feelings inside until your partner notice and comes to ask you .That a big No No you should talk your feelings at the start when you are making decisions with your partner if you disagree to each other it OK you may not be agree all times when you planning to do something.

4.Don’t do everything at once 

That does not apply to a relationship only but it applies into many thing we do in life , if you do a lots of things at the same time  you becoming tired fast and want to quit.You remember early i have mentioned that the signs of toxic relationship can be divided into hundreds subsections .

That means it is possible that you have seen more than one in your relationship so if you want to address all of them fast  then your partner might notice something about you which might even end up starting a fight or more conflicts in your relationship.

So what you need to do is to look for one problem that turn your relationship in to toxic and work on solving it first then look for second one again and again until your relationship becomes health or normal again .

5.Find interesting things to do together 

Instead of trying to figure out what is wrong in your relationship and how you can make it right, just focus on finding the interesting to do together. All the negative vibe in your relationship will go away automatically .Already they is one article here about 7 things that successful couples do every day .So if you find time feel free to check it .

Wrap Up

Those were 5 + 0 things you can do to make a toxic relationship healthy.They may not be helpful to you since the problem you have in your relationship might not be listed above.However if you can be positive about your relationship and improve your communication with your partner .They is no doubt that you will be able talk about any toxic behavior you see in your relationship .

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