How to help a friend in a toxic relationship ? {in 4 steps}

Toxic relationship is mainly about influencing each other to make poor or bad decisions .In the last few articles about this topic on this site we were talking about  the signs of toxic relationship and the way you can heal or make it healthy again .

The last one was about how you can leave a toxic relationship  if you can’t heal it or fix it.You will find links to those articles later in this post for now let’s look at how you can help your friend  to deal with a toxic relationship .

As just mentioned above the last few articles were about to help you to deal with a toxic relationship ,However it may not be always you or me who will be in a toxic relationship .Our friends are also exposed to it even our brothers and sisters can be in the toxic relationship .

So we can’t just sit there and relax while they are in the wrong direction ,That is why i wrote this article .So let’s not wasting time and look at how we can help them .


1.First step – Preparation

Helping a friend in a toxic relationship can be a little bit more tricky than helping yourself .That is mainly because once you start to talk about it with him chances he can think that you are jealous about his relationship .

That is why it is important for you to prepare yourself first before you approach him about this problem .In order for you  to prepare yourself for this matter you need to be aware that telling your friend that he is in a toxic relationship can either make your relationship strong with him or it can destroy it all .

In the first scenario , if you manage to make your friend to see that he is in a toxic relationship ,Chances he will see that you are his true friend because you are not afraid to tell him the truth .True friends, they do tell one another the truth no matter what it takes .

In the second scenario , if your friend didn’t see that he is in a toxic relationship chances are he will look at you as someone who is jealous for him as just mentioned in the intro .After that your relationship will probably not be the same as it was to be before .

2.Second step -Accept it 

In either way of the above scenario you will be right .If your friend device to hate you because you tell him the truth then it okay let him hate you .At later stage when he find out by himself that you were right he will come back to you  to apologize and thank you .On the side if he accept the truth and continue to be a  friend with you then that good .You don’t necessary have to anything more after ward .

3.Thirth step -Talk with him 

There is no better way to help your friend in this situation other than talking with him directly .You don’t have to show him evident such screenshots , photos or anything like that. You don’t also have to book therapy for him about this situation .

All you have to do is talk with him. If you are afraid then you may consider asking one of his parents to do it for you .

That sounds way easier than done , isn’t ?

When you want to talk with your friend about this issue , you need to look for the right place where you can talk with him about this undisturbed .That time is when you are sitting together somewhere eating lunch or doing something else . 

Don’t talk about this while you walk  or while you are working if you are working together .

Once you find the time to tell him that there is something that you want to talk about with him ,He will respond by what it is then that will be your starting point .

The first thing you need to say in this case is not to just say I think you are in a toxic  relationship ,That might make him go mad or laugh at you .So what you need to do first is ask him a few questions about the person he is a toxic relationship with .

Those can be easy questions such as how long you have been together , how did meet each other ,What are the things you like about that person and more.Just few historic questions about the person he is in a toxic relationship with .The more questions  he answers about that person the more your conversation will be about that person .

4 .Fourth step -Tell him

So when you have head enough  about their history it is time for you to say it .Tell him that “ I think your relationship with  X is toxic “  of course he takes you seriously for the first time so it’s your job to make him see that you are serious about what you have just  said .

Once he sees that you are seriously telling the reason why you think he is a toxic relationship with that person .Tell him the really truth don’t try be spice or anything like that .It will be up to him whether he accept it or not .Your job will be done after you have told him the truth .

Wrap up

That is how you can help your friend in a toxic relationship .If you think that is too hard then you might consider to for more help such therapist .Don’t forget also that the above information can apply to both men and women.The reason for making this post to about men is to make it easy for you to read by avoiding too many him/her in the article.

I hope that makes sense to you

If so then below is the links of the articles that I have mentioned in the beginning of this article
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