Goal Tips,How to deal with obstacles on your goal

Goal is something that you want to archive in the future. Everyone has goal but not every archive it especial on the predetermined time .This is due to many factors such as:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Job or business
  • Stress and depression
  • Procrastination


Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

Friends are the most people that we like to spend our time with and enjoy to be with them. It is good to have one or more for entertainment, help and support. The problem with many people is that they spend more time with their friends for entertainment and spend less time on doing other necessary things including focusing on their goals. Your goal is in your mind not your friends mind so it up to you to make right decision. Don’t be afraid to tell your friend that you have to be busy later if you have to.


Image by Kim Heimbuch from Pixabay

Most of us are blessed to live with their parents, so as normal parents like to ask us to do things for them and they is nothing wrong with that. If you need time in your home to work for your goal you need tell your parent to not distract you on that time. Respect is very important so try to find a good way to tell them so that they won’t complain.

Job or business

The work we are doing usual become the biggest excuse for many people. Some says I don’t have time; I am tired I have I have been working for the whole day so I need to rest. We all have 24 hours per day so why other people are more successful than others. The answer is the time management successful people sacrifice a lot for their goals. Some workup early in the morning some sleep later than normal people to create more time to work for their goals. The truth is you have enough time you need so stop making excuse about your job and start working on you goal.

Stress and depression


Stress together with depression and anxiety are other things which can stop us from arching our goals and it impossible to predict when we will have stress. The best way to deal with stress on goal is to know how to manage it. Know how to manage will help you to stay calm even hard situation arrive in your life .


Vocation it not a problem for anyone since most people go once or twice per year on vocation due to financial reasons .Vocation it become a problem on reach people who spend their money on travelling every day or week and waste time to do their work .That is other reason for new business to fail .if you like to travel, travel and create time to do the work for your business.


Many people confuse procrastination with taking a break .To procrastinate is to delay to do something until it too later because you did not want to do it. When motivational speakers say stop procrastinating many people think that they have to work 24 hours per day. That is impossible your body need to rest to refresh and get more energy for the following day. You also need to take regular brakes on your work to stay focus and be more productive. However your brake must not be too long because you will end wasting time on unnecessary things (procrastination).

In conclusion

Setting a goal is easy but working and stick on to it can be challenging .knowing the above ways fight with obstacle on goal will not help you to archive your goal but practising them will help to get more result than you think no matter what your goal is .

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