7 Effective ways to deal with break up pain and memories

Breaking up with your partner can create a lot stress and pain in to your mind and hearty but on the side it can be worth. This is due to fact that they are relationships that are so abusive in such a way that beak up is the only way to freedom. If your relationship is like that then break up can be worth for you but what if you still love your partner?

That is where the problem starts

It will be too hard for you to break up with your partner if you still love him/her .You won’t even see the worthiness of break up because of too much thoughts you might have about your life after break up .The thoughts of how I am gonna live without him/ Will I be able find someone like him, what people will say how I am gonna respond to them??

All these thought create a lot of stress in your mind you might end up not knowing what to do about your relationship. That is another problem since others choose to suicide themselves because they don’t know what to do and where to go for help.

The point to that is break up comes with a lot of quince quinces so if you choose to break up with your partner you must have a good and strong reason to break up.

Let’s say you now have made decision to break up so what to do next?

This article is all about that, So basically what you need to do after break up is to move on with your life .However it won’t be easy as it sound to just move on with your life if you still love your partner .To help you fight with that pain below is the list of the things you can do fight with stress and pain of break up.

7 things to do after break up

1.Don’t hate your partner

2. Focus on your goals

3. Find friends

4. Reading and write

5.Go to church

6.Don’t listen to sad music

7. Spend more time with your family

Don’t hate your partner

no hate for break up
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This is the most common mistake that people do after they have break up with their partners .They choose to hate them, delete their cell number, photos and everything related to them. They believe that will help them to forget everything about their partners .That does help sometimes but in other cases is doesn’t.

To understand what I mean let say you are living or working in the place where you will see you partner more often even after break up. In this case if you hate your partner for breaking up you will be angry every time when you see him .That will make you lose focus on  your work and maybe end up doing it on the wrong way which may lead you to being fired.

The other problem for hating your partner after break up is to commit your self in to wrong relationship. The anger you might for partner after break up can make you to start a new relationship with someone else not because you love him but because you want to up sate your partner .That fine your partner will be up sate for that if he still love you but what about you ?are you really want to be in love forever with that person you just found now?

Come back later here to read on how to prepare your self to find true love

when I say don’t hate your partner I don’t mean love him but I mean treat him as someone you know who have helped you for really long time, continue respect him , support him if he need your support or just treat him as your big friend.

That will take away all the anger you might have about him every time when you see him.

Focus on your goals

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Break up is the perfect time for you to start and work on to ward your goals .This is the perfect time because after break up you will be alone and get chance to stand by yourself and see how strong you are as well as what you can do by yourself .

The majority of  people who are successful are single and one of the reasons for that is the amount of time they get to work and focus on their goals .Single people have more time to work on their goals than the people who are in relationship .That mean they will be high chances for your goals to be successful once you are single.

Focusing on your goals will also prevent you from thinking too much about your partner which can create stress for you .

Find friends

The life of being single can feel too boring for you if you are starting out .For that reason you do need friends to spend some time with them .It does not have to your really friends but just people who you can talk with them whenever you feel bored .

It can be your classmates, co-workers, your brothers and sisters .When you talk with those people try to avoid to talk about your relationship problems or more specific about your partner. Talking too much about your partner can bring more memories about him which might make want to you cry.

Read and write

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If you can’t find friends or you don’t like to talk with people then you must try to read the books and even write something if you can. The overall point for that is to be able to spend quality time when you are alone. Reading will increase your knowledge by leaning new things.

Writing will improve you writing skills. You can also draw or start to learn new skills on programs such skill share  and udimy .Playing games is also good however it might take most your time and end up playing games all the time.

Go to church

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Most people might not agree with going to church however it can really help you more especial after break up .At church you will find more people who you can trust with your personal problems. Those people can give you more and better advice for moving on with your life after break up .

Some of those advice you won’t find anywhere else in the internet. Beside that when you are going to church you might find testimonials from church members who have went in the same pain you are going through. That will motivate to be strong and know that it is possible pass through the pain you are in.

Don’t listen to sad music

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The types of music you play after break up have huge effect on your memory. Listening to sad music all the time can bring more memories from the past and those memories can make you cry.

Once you start crying you will experience stress in most of time when you are alone and that is not good for your health .Find music you like that will make you feel happy not sad when you are listening to it .

Spend time with your family

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Spend time with  your family is not all about sitting down and watch TV or travel the world together .it also about participating in other home activities such as cooking, cleaning and go to shop for groceries and other essentials for your parents.

All of those activities will prevent you from locking self on your room and thinking too much about your partner.Try to participate more in home activities like that .look for the opportunity to volunteer if you can that is also another great way to spend your time .


Break up with your partner can be really painful to you and him that is why you must have good reasons for breakup .However if you have already break up for the things that you can fix in your relationship please fix those things and continue with your relationship .

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