How to create a health habit for your child?

Creating a health habit for your child is one of the major rule for each parent to play. This is important for child growth as well as productivity however this become very difficult to do if parents do it incorrectly.

For example every day you keep on telling your child why it is important to eat health. You know what will happen ? your child will block out and continue to eat every type of food available.

The best way to teach your child to eat health is to show him/her how to eat health.They are many ways to show your child to eat health. In this post I have decided to the five basic ones that every parent must do for health and productivity of the child.

Five Ways To teach your child health habit.

  • Drink water
  • Activate your body
  • Eat Less during The meal Time
  • Avoid pre-packed food at home
  • Reduce The amount of sugar you eat

Drink water

Most time when we eat we drink coffee and cold drinks which are not that important for the health of our bodies.When we eat at home we eat together with family and childerns. During that time childrens look the time the we eat ,the type of food etc, As they they grow up they will grow with habit of eating the same way we eat with them at home. So if they no water during the meal time your child will not like drink water in the future.It is important to have water during the meal time for your health and child.

Activate your body

If you are staying at home everyday cooking , washing ,cleaning and do all the home work then your body is active but not 100% for the child growth. To be more active for your child growth you need go out with your child on the regular days may 2 or 3 times per week. When you are outside home it can be easy teach your child about health eating because on that time your child will happy for the place that show him/her.

Even on that time you must not talk too much about health because your child will notice that every day when you outside you talk about health , so as the time goes on your child will not want to go outside with you. When you will talk about health skip 3 days on week and continue with your lessons.

Eat Less during The meal Time

Most of us we love Food but is not good when show our childrens how much do we love food.Your child lean from you so if you eat too much your will see that eat too much is a Good habit and the problem with that is your child does not know that too much eating results problems such as overweight.

Your child will eat too much because of you and gain more weight as the time goes on. You won’t have a problem because ,you Do some exercises such as , yoga or maybe you use other products to maintain your body weight, but your does not know all those things.

Avoid pre-packed food at home

Pre-packed food help us a lot when we are at schools , work, store etc, but most of those types of food are not health. You need to avoid such food in your home because they don’t create a good image in your children eyes , you can avoid this by cook more food in your home especial during
holidays and weekends where every one is at home. This will be good for you as well your family, when it come to child your child will learn basics about cooking.

Reduce The amount of sugar you eat

Most of The food we eat in our daily basis have sugar , this include breath , Pane cakes , chocolates , snacks etc. Those types of food have long term effects if you eat it every day. So you must prevent your child from eating those types of food every day.The easy way to do that is to buy more fruit for your child and have more vegetables on dishes during the meal time.

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