How To Actual Save Energy in your home(slash out energy bills )

save energy and reduce bills

Saving energy or electricity is one of the things that most people don’t think about until they are broke .That is because most people in these days move from rural areas to live in the cities for job and studying purposes. Most flats in the cities don’t ask people to pay for electricity because the cost of it is already included in the rent .However if you are living in your home or in your apartment things become differently.

it is you who have to pay for all the electricity and water you are using at the end of every month .That mean if you don’t take serious precautions for the electricity you are paying for ,you are wasting a lot of money every year and with the increase in cost of electricity every year that mean you still gonna waste a lots of money for paying electricity .

However it does not have to be like that and the reason I wrote this article is to help you out with ideas for things you can do save energy and use your money in other things you like .

So what really can you do to save energy in your home ?

Well they are lots of basics things you can do to save energy in your home , the most common ones are turning off your appliances when they are not in used ;open the windows and use the natural light instead of the light bulb and more other basic things .

Now don’t get me wrong those are all great things you can do save energy in your home and they can really help you to save a lot of it if you can do them all accordingly ,however I do understand that is not enough for most people and that is why i like to go further that in this article .Just To give you the overview , if you really want to save electricity in your home you have take notes of the 3 things and those things are as follow .

  1. Things that take a lot of electricity
  2. Appliances you purchase
  3. Change in seasons ( winter and summer )

1.Things that take a lot of electricity

This is the first thing you need to take note of when wanting to save energy in your home.You remember early I have mentioned that one of the basic things you need to save energy is to turn off your unused appliances .To turn off your appliances for saving electricity purpose you first need to know how much energy does each of your appliance take. That is important because you might turn off your device and appliances but still don’t see any noticeable difference in your energy bills at the end of the month.

Now to measure to the amount of energy that each of your devices consumed monthly can be overwhelming task to do and it can the almost be impossible to others due to lack of instruments , but the good news is you don’t need to all those measurements for yourself because they are lots other people and companies who have already done that for you .Below is the pia chart from visualcapitalist

This chat shows you the average energy consumption by some of the common devices and appliance that you might have in your home .Please keep in mind that this chat might not be perfect and the numbers you see might be different from the ones that you can gets if you can do those measurements by yourself .

Even if you go to google and look similar data you will still gets something that might be different from this one .That is because experiments and measurements are been done by different people and they are lots of factors which can affects the result .I am sure you don’t wanna know those factors for now , so let’s continue with the things that takes a lots of energy in your home .just before we continue

Why do I choose this chart over the others ?

More especial if I know it might not be perfect.The number one reason for that is the different colours it have which make it easy to analyze and I am sure even you , you see how easy it is to analyze this chart.The second reason is that it makes sense , As expected larger appliances usually take more energy than small appliances .

If you take closer look you can see that the most things that a lots energy at home are cooling and heating appliances .Most of this appliance are larger few of them are heater and ceiling fans or air conditioners . The third reason is that it is not based on any country no matter where you go the heater will take more electricity than the computer .

So now you know why i choose that chart over the others so let go back and analyze it.

if you take a closer look again to the chat you will see that the appliances that takes a lots of energy are Cooling & heating,water heating,lighting

,washer and drying machines .So that means if you want to save a lot of energy in your home you need to pay more attention to how you use those appliances .So let’s look at how you can minimize the energy consumption by those big appliances .

1.1Cooling & heating

example ceiling fans

First thing first , these are two different things which we use for different purposes .We use cooling to cool our self’s during hot summer days and use heating to warm ourselves in winter .When we cool our self we either use fan or air conditioner .Now both of this things are capably for cooling us but they don’t use the same amount energy .Air conditioner take more energy than fans .According to Grant Williams experiment the air conditioner takes about 5 -9 times more power than the fan .

So that means if you are using fan to cool yourself on the hot days , you are still on the right path for saving electricity in your home .If you are using an air conditioner to cool yourself  you might consider to change in the future if you really want to save electricity .

They are lots of cooling fans you might like in the market which can cool you down at less power than air conditioner .As you may know few of them are ceiling fans ,desk fan , flour fan and some of them are portable since they work with batteries .Others fans have reversible blades which allow you to use them as cooling in summer and warming in winter .You can check this article here later if you want know more about them .

for now let’s look at the heating .As just mentioned above we mainly use heater to warm our self in winter .They are no too many alternative for heater other than using fire to warm yourself instead of heater.if you can’t set indoor fire in your house ,make your room warm by closing the windows when it cold .have carpet instead of plastic Matt or tiles in your room .Of course you need to wear warm and comfortable clothes for better result using this method .

Also keep in mind that heaters have been reported for causing respiratory problems .

1.2Water heating

To make water heating clear ,just think of it as kettle which and other machines we use to make tea or coffee,you may also think of stove when we cook and most important don’t forget geyser .To switch between kettle and coffee machines might not make big different in your savings , Try to use one of those instead of boiling water with a pot on your stove when you want to make tea.That is because both of those two things will be faster than stove .

For cooking stove is okay but you do have option to use gas stove or electric stove but you have to do your math before switching between the two.If you are living in farmers you know that you can do a lots of things with fire it easy , You can use it to warm yourself , you can use it cook food and boil water .Geyser is one the most things that take a lot of your energy .Most people might think that turning it off might help ,yes it can help but not that much according to professionals such as Eskom .

The really deal between the two you will see when you are switching between between electric geyser and gas geyser ..Gas geyser are know to cost less than electric geysers and they are environmental friendly .So by using gas geyser you are not only helping yourself but you also helping the entire world by reducing your carbon footprint .They is still another alternative between the two which is solar geyser .Keep in that solar gays favor particular weather conditions so it might not be effecting for you throughout the year .

1.3washer and drying machines

washing machine

These are machines we use to keep our clothes clean faster and easier .If you have been using a washing machine for a long time it can be really hard to stop using , but it can be easy to stop using a dry machine. .All you need to do is wash your clothes with your hands or washing machine after that take them outside to line to be dry by the sun naturally instead of using dry machine .

if you want to adapt to this habit teach yourself to do your washing on weekends and holidays where you have enough time to wait for your clothes to dry .


Lighting takes about 12% of energy .That still a lots of energy compared to computers which takes only 1 % of the energy.Lighting are all the lights you see in you home both inside and outside the house .The good news about lights is that it is easy to change and switch between anyone you like .unlike geysers which will requires you hire big companies for installation .

For lights you have to use more LED (light Emitting Diode ) bulb in home rather than normal bulb which becomes hot very easy and takes more energy. LED bulbs are way more efficient than just a normal bulb , they are able to reduce the amount of power needed by up to 75 % or more.That can be huge difference in your energy bills at the end of the year .

Some LED Bulb can be set to turn ON and OFF automatically with the change in time of the day like street lights.LED bulb like that can be so useful to you if you have problem of forgetting to turn off the lights in the morning more special the outside ones .

Now those are 4 main things that take a lot of electricity and the things you can do to minimize their cost .So now let’s jump on to the second thing you need to take note of when wanting to save more energy in your home which are appliances you purchase .

2.Appliances you purchase

They are tons of little things you can buy for your family which works with electricity .Some i might not even know by myself ,So that mean I can’t tell you buy this product and don’t this product.our needs and wants are not the same but What I can do now is to focus more on the main things that takes more electricity which we have just talk about above .

If you have ready been reading this article up to here you now know that fans take less energy than air conditioners .So when looking for cooling appliances look for fans instead of air conditioners .Again If you have been reading until here you now know that gas geysers are cheaper and they take less energy than electric geysers .So if you haven’t bought a geyser yet try the gas geyser first before you go for electric ones .

3.Change in seasons ( winter and summer )

If you serious enough about to saving electricity in your home this is something that you  need to be aware of .Being aware of it without doing anything won’t help ,so you need to do something .Follow the ideas for cooling and heating which we have talked about on number 1.You can also do more things you might think of to save energy more in your home .

That lead me to say if you have any other method you like to share with me and others who reading this article .Leaving it below in the comment box ,me and others who read this article we will see it and thank you very much if you will be one of those people who will share their ideas after reading this article .

wrap up

The main focus of this article has been on the major appliances that consume a lot of energy in your home  as well as  how you can minimize that energy consumption with the change in seasons .However you must not forget to do the basics one like turning of unused appliances .That will still make positive impact  on your energy bills at the end of the year .

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