How can you support Us ?

So most people think that the only way to support website owners is to donate some money or buy through their affiliate links .Others don’t even think about supporting Us.

So what if you have thought about it but you have no money or you do have money but you are not in a financial state for donating ?

Is there anything you can do to show some love and application to us for creating free content for you ?

The answer is yes and below I am going to show you 3 ways you can support as well as other websites that provide value in your life . 

1.Share our blog 

Share our blog with your friends  and loved ones .Sharing our blog with your friends will help us to reach more people in the future and help them to improve their relationship .For sharing option our website is integrate with 5 social networks for sharing posts .That includes facebook ,twitter and more .They on the left side of the post when you view the site on desktop and they below the post on mobile devices .

2.Give us a feedback 

Your feedback is way more important than any thing us in our site .When we are creating content we try our best to make to be unique and be valuable to you .So we would love to hear from you if the content we publish does it help you or not .A positive comment and negative comment are both welcome because they show if what we doing is right or wrong .Recently we have introduce the rating feature at the end of the post so if you too busy to type you can just rate the post you reading out of 5 stars .That will also be great .

3.Pin our Posts 

Pinning our post on pinterest  is still another way of sharing our post , but this one is way more powerful than other social networks , because pinning  our posts on your pinterest accounts will help us to reach more people from your friends and from other search engines such as google .

This is our or pinterest link

For just easy access to bouds and pins .Feel free to follow us as well on pinterest for update .

So those are 3 ways you can support us without money .I think they are simple and they won’t take even 1 minute of time where else it takes us days to research , write and publish  content for you all .



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