How can social media help relationships?

Social media has become one of the most important things in our lives for just two reasons and those reasons are entertainment and communication .In the last article about this topic i did mentioned that the most last thing do at night before we sleep is to check new massages in our phone and watching videos .Even when we wake up in the morning we tend to procrastinate a little bit on our cell phones before we start our day.

The one thing I didn’t make clear on that Article is the difference between social media and social networks  .Yes those two things are not the same and in this article you will see the different between them.

So How are they different ?

Social media is the platform for sharing content .That content can be written content , video or images.This website and other websites you know are examples of social media .YouTube is the example of social media .So if you look those two examples  you can now have idea of how can social media media help relationship .

Social network is the platform for communicating with our friends and family online .The obvious examples of those are Facebook twitter , whatsapp and more .Anything that has some sort of online communication that thing can be regarded as social network .Since this site allow me and you to communicate online via comments at the end of each  post then we can say this site is  still an example of social network .

So now you know the different between social media and social networks  so let’s look how those two can help the relationship .To make this post easy to read and understand we will start by looking  at how can social media help relationship only and then we will go on to how can social networks help relationship .So lets stats now 

Social media 


As just mentioned in the intro social media is all about consuming content .Now that content can be entertaining  content  or educational content.The most 3 common forms of those content are videos , songs and written content .Let’s look at those 3 deeply .


If you head the word videos the first thing comes to your mind is YouTube and i won’t blame you for that .YouTube is the largest social media when it comes to video content .But how can YouTube help couple in relationship ?.Well they are many ways but the most important one is to increase the us time .

As people we have too much to do , during the day we go to school or to work when we at home we have to do our homework such as studying , cleaning , cooking ,washing and more  other home activities .If you take close look to those types of activities you will notice that those are activities that we have to everyday ,So if you living together with your partner i hope you  can see how much of your quality time is wasted on those activities .

By that I don’t mean those activities are useless , most of them are important  but remember that every couple really do need that quality time of being together.So if you will be busy all the time your relationship will be boring and you know what is gonna happen when it is boring .

That mean if you find small spare time in your home do something together with your partner .Watching videos on YouTube is just one of those things you can do , they are still more others , for example you can  watch  tv together ,eat dinner together , cook together paint the wall together, go to shop staff together and more .

Those things might seems to be small to others  but each one of them you do together with your partner really means a lot to him/her .Since the aim of this subsection was  about video i will say even if you can spend an hour or 30 minutes watching movies or videos together with your partner that will still be great .


Songs do have content .it that most us listen music for entertainment  as result we don’t really pay enough attention to the lyrics ,but if you can pay attention to the lyrics on the songs you listening  you hear that those lyrics do mean something .So how can those lyrics  help your relationship .To understand that think about what if your partner can listen to the songs with your lyrics which are specific talk about the love you have for him/her .How happy he/she can be .Singing and writing is not for everyone of-course ,but if you can just try it .

If you not good in singing like me you don’t have to worry because already they are  tons of artist who have already wrote and sang songs for you  which can be too related to the situations you may have in your relationship.So what you need to do is find those songs, add them into the playlist and listen it when you are together or share it on spotify if you not living together.

That will be more effective if you are in a long distance relationship where you can see your partner more often .So in just short the songs or music can help couples to express the amount of love they have for one another .

Written content

This is the content that you are currently consuming right now. By reading content like this on this site and on other websites you are increasing your knowledge and chances are you already know how good it is to have knowledge. Benjamin said

So that means reading articles and books now you are investing in yourself and in the future you will be eating fruits for that .Since this post focuses on relationship lets not go further  with the motivation and instead let comes back to relationship .So if you have been in relationship for while with your partner you probably know that relationship is not only above love but it also about support .

You also know that support is not always has to money sometimes it about helping someone by telling her how can she solve her problem .So if you have less knowledge then  it will be hard for you support others including your partner .

Just a quick example to clarify what I mean by that .Lets  says your wife loves to draw and you see that she is not good at drawing and you want to help her but the problem is you are terrible when it comes to drawing just like me .So what you can do in this case is to tell her about programs such as skill share or udemy if she doesn’t know about them .Those programs will help her to improve her drawing skills at the very affordable price + during her own time .

What will do  if you don’t know much about online staff ,the first thing that can come to your mind is to ask her about attending local classes on weekends and holidays which can be really hard for  if she is working .That was example as i said they are many things you can learn which can be useful for supporting others  without money.

That is how social media can help relationships .So now let’s look at how social networks can help relationships .

Social networks 

They is not much to say about social networks other than that  they make communication easy .The phone call is good but it very common that we found ourselves not in good position for answering the phone.So if you call your partner on that time then that might be ignition of jealous if you don’t  trust him/her enough .Where else if you  send message he/she will find it and respond to you as soon as he/she got it .

Other social networks such as Facebook  are good not only for chatting but for storing memories as well .If you post your picture on Facebook it will stay there until you delete it , unlike whatsapp where it stays for 24 hours and it disappears.

So if you are too lazy to print your photos or upload them to the cloud such as google drive then uploading your photos on Facebook can be the best for you to store your memories  .The important of saving your photos online is to create a backup for just in case you lost your phone you don’t lost all photos with memories of your partner and friends  plus family .

Saving your photos online is great also for the hard times in your relationship .The times where you feel like your partner  does not love you anywhere more and you feel like break up or divorce .If you can  look your photos with him/her on those times you will see that your relationship is coming from too far and that might be salvation it.

They is a little bit of gender inequality when it comes to responding to messages on social networks .Females are known to respond later than male on the massages .For example if you can ask the same question ,same time on male and female via whatsapp or Facebook , chances are the you will get  first  answer from  male .Even the stats show that men are the ones who send messages first to women .

So they is a really gender inequality going on between men and women when it comes to social networks , and they are lots of factors that cause that gender inequality .Maybe that should be next article i am not sure but if you will like it then let me know in the comment section below .

Wrap up

In summary , Social media can help couples to improve the quality time they Spend together and make communication easy more special in long distance relationship .Those two things are essential for expressing love and making relationship healthy .So beside all the negative effect that social media can have in relationship if you use it in the right way , they is no doubt that you and your partner are gonna appreciate it help in your relationship.

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