Four ways To Manage anxiety

Everyone is subject to anxiety attacks it just that it attack different people on different and the level varies according to the situation you found yourself in on certain time. Anxiety stop us from being stress free as we want because what it does is it make us want to be alone , panicking , thinking too much about our personal problems.

However you are likely to come across with with post out off thousands blog posts in the internet because after reading this post you will know 4 things you can do fight with anxiety attacks and panics although they are not 100 % guaranteed but hopful are practising them for while the anxiety level with not be the same as before.

Four things to do to manage anxiety

  1. Brain Distraction
  2. Take a deep breath
  3. Chat with some one
  4. Take control of your imagination

1.Brain Distraction

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Distract your brain from thinking too much about your personal problem. you can do that by thinking positive , Think about some of the good things that are happening your life instead of thinking about bad ones. This does not mean you neglect all your problems , you will deal with them later but just give yourself a little break , you can even take walk or play music just to set yourself free for while and get better time to think about how are you gonna deal with the situation you are in.

2.Take a deep breath while anxiety attack you

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Taking deep breath is the easiest thing to do to get rid of anxiety attacks and panics however you when you taking it you must be alone for a while and make sure that no one will distract you.Taking deep breath will help you calm down and maintain control in your situation. You can do that by just simple close your eyes for three to five minutes breath in and out deeply,after that you will be ready to come up with better ideas to solve your problem.

3.Chat with some one

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Find someone you trust and someone who has the ability to empathize, once find that person tell him/her about your situation. Sharing your feelings is the best when you share them with the right person because you might also get more advice and comfort. Some the people you need to consider when you want to share your feelings are your parents , family members or your partner , you can even have life coach if anxiety attack you on regular basis and you are afraid to keep on telling someone about your personal problems.

4.Take control of your imagination

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Your imagination are becoming more practical when you have been attacked by anxiety. To control them you need to settle down when you are anxious analyse your fears because they are the ones that makes your imaginations become more practical. Ask yourself questions such as what real that you are afraid of? is that real threat? ,after asking yourself these questions you see that your imaginations are not that practical they are just full of short ridiculous.

in conclusion

Anxiety can be horrible but the good news is there many things you can do fight with it, It is not just the four above .The four I have selected is the best because you can do them in your home , school or at work and they don’t require you to pay any money ,Only life coach which requires you to pay money and that is optional since most us have parents including other family members . They is no one love you like your parents here on Earth so they will never be tired of you.

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