Hey there ,Thank you for being interested to know more about this site,Below you will find all details about this site.

So what is Is the family blogging website.In this site they are two types of content.Those types of content are Relationship content and home product content.

Relationship Content

This category is main about the relationship issues that couples are facing in their relationship.Those areissues related to

  • Generally love issues
  • Toxic relationship
  • Communication issues
  • Long distance relationship issues
  • The issue of avoidance in relationship
  • Trust issues
  • Break up pain
  • Abusive relationship
  • And more

Home product content.

This category is mainly about product that we are using in our home.I have created this category to help you and others to choose the best product for your needs in your home.

Most of those product are ones that work with electricity and to anyone who don’t have much knowledge in science or in engineering it can be hard fort him/her to understand all the terms that manufactures use to describe their product without doing a lot research and asking questions.

This category is not only recommending product to peoples but it also about how do those product/devices works. That is important for just fixing them by your self if you not willing to buy new one.

Currently available content in this category is about

  • Humidifiers
  • Celling fans
  • desk fans
  • Window fans
  • And more upcoming ones

Site structure

They are lots of things going on in the site structure ,I will give you the basics for just incase you want to build one for yourself.

So they are 3 important things that make the website. the domain name which is the URL of the site in this site (

2.Hosting service hosting is mainly about hosting the files of the site(images, text and more )and also making it live 24/7 in any country .

3.WordPress . WordPress is more like a tool you use to build site that is where you change upload content to the site, change themes and more.

They are hundreds if not thousands of alternatives to the above 3 important things for the site .But I bought domain name from and my site it hosted at reasons why i like namecheap more than other hundreds services in the internet ,is the price and their customers support .

The name say it it cheap and it really cheap and good for anyone who want start website in a budget. Their support is excellent if you are build a site for the first time you will have a lot of problems and you will need help .In al the technically problems in have in the past while i was building this site namechaep team did help with their live support which is available 24/7.

The Theme I use

The theme I am using is called dailybuzz and I bought it from theme for website is how the website look ,that include the colors of the site font layout and more. You can do it all by yourself if you know how to codelike web developers do.

That is it for the site, if you have more questions or any suggestions feel free to contact me via contact form at the top left corner of the site.