8 Simple But Effective Ways To Solve Argument like Mature Couple


We all come across with arguments in relationship with our partners .The way we solve them it really matters since it can end the relationship or making it stronger .Arguments are things that just happen without our plans so it hard avoid them.Knowing how to solve them in the better way can be really be useful when you found your self arguing with your partner .

The list below is the list of the things you can do solve argument in better way

  • Avoid to be to angry
  • Don’t try To win
  • Be honest
  • Use precise words
  • Apologise with action
  • Walk away and come back later

Avoid to be to angry

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The first thing that can turn argument into a fight is anger .When you arguing with someone it is easy for both of you to get angry since you disagree with your opinions .Once both of you get angry the argument will turn in to a fight .On that time each one of you will want things to happen by his/her ways which might not help in terms of coming up with the solutions to your argument .

How To avoid To be angry

To avoid to be too angry you must listen more and talk less while you are arguing .This will help you to calm down and think more about the problem in your argument .This also help both you to give each other time to speak which is good for maintaining the level of respect while arguing .

Don’t try To win

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Anything that involve in winning or losing it mean that thing has competition .Competing with your partner while arguing will cause you to focus on your points and forget about coming up with other points that might help in your argument .This will also make it hard for you listen your partner if he/she come up with other points that can help more than yours in your problem .

Be honest

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During argument most people focus on trying to win the argument rather than getting the solution to the problem .This makes them to lose honest and promise to do the things that are impossible to do for the sake of winning the argument .When they fail to do those things The argument can start again .To avoid this you need to honest to your partner and your self .

Use precise words

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The way you talk and the things you say while arguing with your partner they really matters to her/him .Too much anger can make you say the things that you didn’t mean to say and those things they can even end your relationship .You can use the following words and questions while arguing .

• Let thing about that
• You maybe right
• I understand
• I am sorry
• What if we can do like that

All of the above words involve in one thing which is to take away all your anger and think more about how are you gonna solve the problem you arguing about with your partner .

Apologise with action

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For most people it can be easy to say I am sorry ,I didn’t mean to hurt you and so on but to show that you really didn’t mean it , can be a problem .That is the other reason why apologising does not help in other arguments .Apologising and forgiveness must be the things that come from bottom of your hearty not from your mind .if they come from your hearty it will be easy to show that you really did’t mean it and by doing so your partner will see, understand and forgive you .

Walk away and come back later

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If non of the above works in your argument then try to walk away and come back later .Walk away does not mean you run away from your problems .It simply mean that you give yourself and your partner more time to rethink about the problem you trying to solve by arguing .During that time you need to try to be alone or be with someone you trust who can understand the situation you in are in.


The most common thing that turn argument in to a fight is to shout one another .The easy way to avoid shouting one another is to listen more ,talk less and use precise words .once you done that your argument will be like the one for mature couple .

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