9 Essential Tips on how to have a good relationship With him

how to have good relationship tips
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Knowing how to have a good relationship is great for improving your relationship with your partner and make it to better.The so many tips and tricks for building good relationship but the best one is healthy communication .

we will talk about it along the this post.This post is about 9 things you can do if you want have good relationship with your partner .So if that is what you are looking for then lets start with the first tip which loving your self.

1.Start by loving yourself

This is the first thing you need to do before you even try any tip or tactics to improve your relationship. You might think that your relationship  is bad with your partner or it is toxic and  be shocked when you found out that the problem is with you. It is you who is destroying your relationship with your partner .

So how do yo prevent that to happen?

You can prevent that by insuring that you love yourself .Loving yourself is not always about being neat but it also about the things you talk about , the people you spend your time with and the things you like to do the  most.

Those  are small things that can tell you if you still love yourself or not .So the first you need to do is to build a good relationship is to check those 3 small things and see if any of them have changed into good or bad.

Don’t just look for bad things only but also look for good things that you have stated to do in your relationship and do more of them.That is the great way of rejuvenating love in relationship.

2.Rejuvenate love in your relationship .

We change as we grow , we learn and we start to look things differently. That has huge impact on the people we have relationship with not just only our loved ones .The things we like too much today we might not like them that much tomorrow.

Most of people choose to fall in love  with the partner because of how they look and what they have.That can be the look on the face ,hair styles ,body shape,muscles, cars and money. all of those things depends on certain conditions and if those conditions changes those things will changed as well.

For example if you choose to fall in love with man because of his big muscles what if that man decide to change his hobby in the future and stop excising .His body muscles will be affected right and how will you feel when he doesn’t have the muscles that attracted you initial .If the thing that attracted you to him was money what if he lose his job in the future .

Isn’t that gonna have any effect on the amount of love you have for him?

We choose to fall  in love with people for various reasons but what is common is that what ever that makes us fall in love with people we do it more when the relationship is new .As the time goes on we start to loose interest and end up feeling like those things are boring or they are waste of time .

That is other reasons why most relationship fail too fast .
So if you want o build a good relationship with your partner you need to rejuvenate love in your relationship.

The best way to to that is to think about the things you used by the time your relationship was new .If you feel like you can still do those things even today then do them ,However Most of those won’t be easy to do today and that is okay and if that the case then you need look for interesting you can do with your partner today.

3. Develop a health communication with your partner

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The way you communicate with your partner has huge impact in your relationship.As mentioned early it is one of the things that can determine whether you do love yourself or not , it can also tell if you still love your partner on not.

But how do you go about building a healthy communication ?

They are lots of tips and tactics for that but in generally to have health communication with your partner you need to talk with him. That is it , you need to talk with him but talk with him-in the way that he will understand   what you wants and what you need in your relationship.

He must do the same thing to you so that you can understand what he wants. However he might not know that because he didn’t read this post if you can share it with him that will be awesome .Knowing needs and wants of partner is important for supporting  one another which is one of tips for building strong relationship.

That will also help in the later stage when you want to buy some gift for him. When that time come you won’t struggle with find the perfect gift for   your partner

4. Stop making lies to your partner.

Lying to someone is not good but for some reasons we do tell lies to the people we communicate with and on that time we try our best to be right by doing that.That does help sometimes for short term however in the long run it destroy trust ,which is one of the most essential things in relationship.

They are few reasons for making lies,the most common ones are self protection and lack of trust.We choose to tell lie because  we want to protect our self from out comes of telling the truth .We also choose to choose lie or hide things to people because we don’t trust them with our personality or with our problems.

If i can go further with the reasons of lying you might end up wanting  to lie more to your partner which can be dangerous .So instead of looking the reasons for lying lets look at the things we can do to stop telling lies.

7 tips on how to stop lying in a relationship

  1. Be honest  to your self first
  2. Don’t promise to do the things that are beyond your power or limitations
  3. Avoid too much influence from others when making decisions
  4. Don’t be afraid to be looked like a faille r or looser
  5. It good to tell the truth even although you think it might hurt him or upset him
  6. Think about what if he found the truth by himself ,how you will be like on his eyes
  7. be positive about truth as it will strengthen your relationship after sometime.

Those are 7 basic things you can try to prevent yourself from lying to in relationship .

5.Don’t forget about other important relationship you have

other good important relationship

The fact is you don’t have one relationship in your life. you have relationship with friends ,you have sisters and brothers as well as other family members

.All this relationships are important to keep because if you focus too much on your partner ,you will end up being jealous. You will want him to be with you all the times and be upset when you see him with other girls or women.

The other important reason for keeping other relationship is the support .They will be some hard times in your relationship where you will need support and advice from others based on the situation you face in your relationship. If you can’t afford therapy or mentor then  the people you have relationship are the best to help you.

6.Introduce one another to your parents

You want to have good relationship with him right?

So to have good relationship with him you must be serious about your relationship .One of the ways to show seriousness in your relationship is to introduce one another to your parents .

This can hard for many couples but it worth to do it.Especial to the couples who have been in relationship for years .You might say your partner loves you a lot and he will marry you at the end and found out that you are his ex in the end

Think about all the time that will you will be wasted. Introducing your partner to your parents is great also for prevent you to break  up easily .It will be hard to break with someone who you have introduced to your parents ,because when you break with him you need to give the strong reason why you break up with him.

7.Don’t compete too much with your partner

Competition is good for many reasons in different things we do. However it must not be too much in relationship .As couple you need to support one another so that you can archive your goals .You need also to be happy when your partner achieve something great.

If you are competing with him then how are you going to be happy for his achievements .You might not even support him because you don’t him to achieve more than you .

8.Be aware of toxic relationship signs

Nothing is perfect in this world so even the relationship has it own imperfections .It can be hard to see that you turning your healthy  relationship in to toxic relationship .

The person who can see that is your partner and if he afraid to tell you that, then your relationship with him might end in future. They are lots of signs of toxic relationship you can use to see if is there any toxicity in your relationship.

Once you know the signs of toxic relationship try your best to avoid  them so that your relationship will last longer .

9.Let go of the past move forward

past create stress in relationship

The bad  past memories can completely takeaway all the joy you suppose to feel in your relationship. No matter how hard your partner is trying to be good husband/boy friend to you if  you still holding bad memories about him you won’t be satisfied with whatever he is doing for you.If You feel like you can’t let it go of the past but on the other side it affect your happiness in relationship don’t hesitate to find someone to talk to about your problem.It be therapist or go to the counseling .That will help you a lot.

More tips on how to have a good relationship with your partner

Show some respect to him

Show some love to him

They has to different between your partner and your friends

It okay to say No sometimes

They has to be balance in your relationship

Practice accepts and forgive

Avoid high expectations which can reduce interest in your relationship

Be in relationship for good reason not just to have funny

Have some common goals you need to achieve together


The bottom line

Those are all the tips i can give you to improve your relationship. They are all will be useless to you if you won’t practice them. So start with the small ones and practice them so that you can see some improvement in your relationship.



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