7 Practical Things That Successful Couple Do Every Day

Successful couples are couples that have been in relationship for long time .During this long period of time they had joy in their relationship and come across with many problems but they have manage to overcome them .The only thing that make them overcome those problems is the strength of their bond.

Their relationship bond is too strong is such away that they can’t allow their little mistakes to separate them .The reason why their bond is too strong is because do most of the things together and appreciate one another .

This entire article is about the things that successful couple do in their relationship that make it lust for longer than other relationship .

7 things That successful couple do

  1. Eat meal together
  2. Say I love you
  3. Forgive one another
  4. Respect each other all the time
  5. Procrastinate together
  6. Independent life
  7. Assist one another at home

1.Eat meal together

The most common thing that every successful couple do every day is to eat together. During this time couple get chance to come together with their kids and enjoy the food after whole long day. This is the important time for every family as it brings everyone to the table to not just eat food but also to relaxer and share the experience of the whole day with other family members. While everyone is talking about his/her day in the table you will found out that one or two of them had funny day so when he share that with other family members everyone will Lough in the table and make other jocks as well. That will be happy moment for everyone in the family and it that is very important for strengthening the family bond.

Why most couple Prefer To eat alone?

Image by THE 5TH from Pixabay

They are few things which make this time to be worthless for most couple .one of those things is the cell phone .Cell phones are so good in taking our attentions .If every one in the family can bring his/her cell phone to the table during meal time That will make everyone to pay less attention to the food and other family members .As the result that time will be boring for every one. As the time goes on each family member will prefer to eat alone on his/her own space. That is one of the reasons why most couple don’t eat together in most cases.

The other things which make this time boring for other couples are take away food. prepacked food is good for those time where you can’t cook .Successful couple prefer to cook more food them self’s as it help to minimise all the sugar and salt which create health problems for them if it too much or less.

2.Say I love you

ilove you massage
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

The word “love” it really means a lot to couples .Successful couple don’t get tired to say that word even when their relationship is too old .That word has gender inequality .Women by nature they like to be told by their partner that i love you .However to most men that word does not really mean a lot to them .What means a lot to them are actions .For example if you help your partner to dress up in the morning , your partner will be more happy for that compare to telling him that you love him.

3.Forgive one another

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

It is possible for couple to hurt one another unintentionally on regular basis. This happens more often on broken promises. They are some promise that are easy to make and hard to keep. Successful couple do understand that and forgive their partners if they tell them the actual reason for hurting their feelings or for failing keep the promise they made. That is what makes their relationship lust for long because they never allow their relationship to be end by minor mistakes or problems.

4.Respect each other all the time

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Respect is important for every relationship not just for love relationship only. When it comes to couple Respect is important for helping  them to have better communication and don’t say or /Do things that will hurt each other feelings .The most common sign of sign of disrespect in relationship is the lack of listening skill. If couple talk on the same time no one wants to listen between them then those couple don’t respect one another .You can read more signs of disrespect in relationship here So that you will know and avoid them in your relationship like successful couple do.

5.Procrastinate together

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Most people treat procrastination as the waist of time or being lazy to do work. They end up working all the time and forget even to create a time for chilling and relax with their partners. What help successful couple to overcome this problem is to eat together and watch TV together .it work for them so it can also work you in your relationship with your partner. It not necessary to watch TV together every day with your partner .You can also do other things that will bring you together with your partner such reading book together, watching some videos or playing games in your laptop /PC or your cell phone .That will be perfect for both of you .

6.Independent life

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For being in relationship with your partners does not mean than you are 100% one person .You and your partner do need personal time to do other things for self. Just imagine how can you feel if your partner can be with you all the time even if you are at work and do all the things for you .That will probably feel irritating for just two reasons .one reason your partners does not trust you and He undermines you by thinking that you can’t do anything for yourself. Successful couple don’t want that to happen in their relationship so they always give each other personal time or space if needed.

7.Assist one another at home

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The majority of men have the theory of that it work of women to do home work such as Cleaning and cooking. To most women that has become normal and accepted .Successful couple help each other on every thing they do at home .For example if they cook at home during the weekends or holidays they cook together, if they paint the house they will paint it together .That create that high level of engagement between them which is important for relationship to stay health and lust longer.


The above list is the list of the things that successful couple do that makes their bond to be strong.You can also do them in your relationship and see the result.You don’t not have to force yourself to do all them every day but do force your self to do or two of them when needed.That will make huge different in relationship with your partner .



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