7 hazardous signs of disrespect in relationship

Respect is always important for any relationship to be successful .It not a problem for new couples to respect one other but as the time goes signs of disrespectful behavior in a relationship is shown up .Before we look at the signs of disrespect in relationship let look at what is the disrespectful behavior in a relationship and when do you tell that you partner is disrespecting you ?.

Definition of disrespectful behavior in a relationship

Disrespectful behavior in relationship it a behavior or actions of your partner that shows lack of disrespect in your relationship.You see That when your partner is keep on doing or saying the things That shows you that you are not important to him/her .They are many things your partner can do that show disrespect to you but in this article we will look 7 of them that are Common in most relationship .

7 signs of disrespect in relationship

  1. cheating
  2. Lack of listening skill
  3. Failure To apologize
  4. Failure to love your self
  5. Too much strong language
  6. No appreciation
  7. Too much engagement on social media while together


Yes you head that right .Cheating is the worse thing your partner can do to you that can show disrespect .Most of us know how it feels when you found out that your partner is cheating on you .It really painful in our hearty to found that the person you love and trust with all your hearty can do such thing to you. It makes our hearty feels broken which makes it hard for us even to eat food because of too much stress .So if your partner can make you feel the pain like that . That mean your partner does not really care about your feelings.

2.Lack of listening skill

This is the most obvious sign of disrespect in relationship .You can see that when you are arguing with your partner .Every relationship come across with disagreements at some point .In this case sign of disrespect is shown up when couple talk on the same time when they are arguing and they is no one who want to listen between them .They end up raising voices and shout one another which is not good.

Shouting one another does not solve the problem .in fact it make the problem become more complicated to solve.

For example when are arguing about which school your child should go to next year .Your partner want your child to go to other school and you also want your child to go to other school. Both of you , you have strong reasons for your choices .The one who will loose in this case can end up saying that every time when I say something you disagree with me .The other one will ask that when did I disagreed with you .That when bring in the past problem in your argument .So now you will have to deal with the problem of choosing the school and the other problems from the past .

3.Failing to apologize

No matter how good we can be to our partners we are still human . That mean they are still chances of making mistakes that can hurt our partners feelings . When that happen apology is needed for your partner to forgive you on whatever you have done. Now couple who don’t respect one other they don’t submit to each another .For example when something wrong has happen to you because of your man and your man instead of apologizing he think that ,what happened is the way it supposed to happen .That clear indicate that your man does not respect you because he does not care about how did you felt about what happened because of him .

That happens more often on broken promises .When you partner fail to meet his promise to you and don’t explain the reason why he didn’t keep his promise .That is another indication that your partner does not care about your feelings and thoughts .

4.Failure To love your self

Every relationship is made up of love so they use to say how can you love some one if you can’t love your self .That is true even you one of the reasons you choose to fall in love with your partner was the way he/she was clean /neat .Think about what can happen if your partner can stop to love him self and all the neatness goes away .That might not hurt you that much because when you love some one for really you love him/her for who is to you .What will hurt you the most are your friends .When they tell you that they saw your partner with dirt clothes or something else that is not good . That will make you feel embarrassed .

Loving your self does not stop on keep your clothes and your body clean .it also goes to substance abuse .Drinking too much alcohol or taking too much drugs can affect your health and your future .Those are things that can makes you feel embarrassed if you can hear your friends telling you about your partner.

5.Too much strong language

The way you talk with your partner it really matters in your relationship .if you can’t speak nice or gentle with your partner that mean you will have communication problems in your relationship as the time goes on .When it comes to strong language it depend on your relationship with your partner , if both of you feel comfortable with it that it fine for you. However In most relationship strong language is not good especial to couples who live together with their children.

Think about what if your partner call you a bitch in front of your child .How does that can affect your child ,What lessons does your child leaned from that ?.

I am sure you aware that it will not be good lesson for your child .If it happen that you are familiar with strong words then you need make your that your partner is also familiar with them before you stat to using them. That will prevent unnecessary conflict in your relationship and improve the communication between the two of you which is needed for the relationship to be successful .

6.No appreciation

It always good to head the word say thank you when you have done something for someone .That word tells you that you have done something good to that person and it motivate to other good things for that person again .how ever it very rare to here that word on other couples when they done something good for each other .This is more especial when they have been in relationship for long time and they have been doing good things for each other for years .When one of them done something for the other one , The other will think that it payback for what he have done for her in the past.

This is the biggest problem for most man since they believe that it a duty of women to cook and clean very thing at home .So no matter how hard other women’s may work on their home their man will no appreciate That because of that belief .That belief it really discourage them to do other things so if you are one of those man please appreciate the work of your wife .

7.Too much engagement on social media while together

We all like to chat with our friends via social media on our cell phone .Even when we are together with our partners it easy to just take your phone from the pocket and check in new massages from friends .To most of us and our partner that is has become normal and accepted .However that has long term negative effect on the relationship .

Spending too much time on your social media while you with your partner can make your partner feel neglected or unimportant to you .Many relationship have fail too early because of that .if your partner see that you don’t give him attention when you are together he will think that he is boring to you as the result he will be afraid to spend time with you .Which will lead to ending the relationship slowly but shortly .

Now you know The signs of disrespect in relationship

The question you might have how you can deal with them in your relationship .To deal with disrespect behavior in you relationship you first need to to know the reasons why your partner is disrespecting you in your relationship .The are two things that cause your partner to disrespect you in your relationship .Those things are your actions or behavior to ward your partner and personal problems that your partner may have .

Your Actions-— Your partner can disrespect you because o the things that you have done to him that he did’t not like .It you who show the sign of disrespect to him without noticing that you hurt your partner.So now your partner angry with you but he does not want it to be obvious to you.That is why you see the changes in his behavior.

Personal problem — Your partner can disrespect you because of the personal problems he have .Maybe it work related stuff that he does no want to discuss with you .That can create stress and anger to him which will make him do the things that he didn’t mean to do them including disrespecting you .

Once you know what makes your partner to disrespect you . The second thing you need to do is to talk with him about it.It only the communication which will help you stop disrespect one other.Talking with you partner will help yo u know what cause your partner to disrespect you and it will help you know if you have done anything wrong to him .


Respect is important for any relationship to be successful. Try by all means to have good communication with your partner so that you will know when he have some personal problems that need you to help him solve them so that he will come back normal .

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