7 Best small ceiling fan for small room

small ceiling fan

What are small ceiling fans ?

Small ceiling fans are min fans that you can hang on ceiling in your small room with blade span ranging from 29 to 36 inches .These ceiling  fans  specific designed for small rooms such as bad room, kitchen ,garage and more  .

They comes in variety of colours  and different cool features which make them best suit for small rooms.They are some comes with lights with different colours and others comes with remote which you can use to turn on and off the fan while you are on sofa .

In this article we will look at 7 small ceiling fans you can use for a small room in your home .So without wasting any time let jump straight in to the list .

7 Best small ceiling fan for small room 

  1. Westinghouse Lighting 7236600
  2. FINE MAKER Modern 
  3. Vox Indoor/Outdoor small ceiling fan
  4. Westinghouse Lighting 7224700 
  5. Minka-Aire F510L-BS
  6. Hunter Fan Company Hunter 52090
  7. Hunter Fan Company Hunter 52090

Each small ceiling fan listed below has one image so If you want to see more images click on Title for the fan you want to see .The links will take you straight to amazon where you can see more the images clear .

1.Westinghouse Lighting 7236600

This is one of  the smallest ceiling fan you can gets at westinghouse light.It is 24 inches in size  and it comes with two lights options .One being for modern light  and one for LED lights  .The one for modern lights is good for places like kitchen where you want things to be minimal as possible .The one for LED is great for  small rooms such as bedroom where you can change colours as much as you want without disturbing others on what they are doing .

The price for the one with led light is much higher than the one without lED.The reasons for that is that the led has more color options and they consume less energy .

The fan itself has two colour options which is dark grey(still finish) and dark brown finish .Both of these two color options are good match for white ceiling colour and that is good because most rooms have white ceiling colour .This fan has 6 blades which are reversible .Reversible blade for fans are blades that can rotate it to Two direction clockwise and anticlockwise .

This is a great feature for fans because it allows you  to use your fan as a cooling machine in summer and warming matching in winter .

But How ?

When you operate your fan in summer ,You set the blades to rotate in the forward direction .As the blades  rotate in to the forward direction they take the warm air around you and pushing it up so that you will be left with the cold air only .In winter , when you operate the fan  and you set the blades to rotate in the reverse direction ,The blades will rotate in to reverse direction and draw up the cold air around you while pushing down the warm air to you .

That makes your fan become more like an air conditioner in the summer and become heater in the winter .

2.Fine Maker Modern 

The Fine Maker modern fan has a modern and classic style look .It is made up out of metal and it has 4 silver  blades .

The less number of blades of it make it weigh less compared to other small ceiling fan .The less weight of it will make it easier to lift up when installing and after installing it  you won’t have to worry about thinking that the fan might fall down on you while you walk .it is 36 inches in size and it comes with LED lights with 3 changeable lights mode .

The silver colour of it make it match with many colours of the wall in the room and it makes less visible like other small ceiling fans .Even although they is 42 inches size of this fan with more integrated  features like like the ones for smartphone and bluetooth , The 36 inch size is solid for small rooms even for medium room this fan will feet well and look  good.

like other most small ceiling fans , this fan has 3 speed mode which are low, medium and high .you can change the speed mode and light mode  by using  small remote that comes with  it .Since it has less number of blades it does not require too much energy to operate .It need 110 volts, which is a bit smaller compare to other small ceiling fans .

3.Vox Indoor/Outdoor small ceiling fan 

This is the smasted small ceiling fan in our our list .You can use this fan in your small room or outside such as garage .It is integrated with google home smart speaker alaxer and other smart speaker .Which allows you control it via voice .This is the useful feature when you are in the position where you can’t take remote and set fan .You can just set via your voice  by talking with your smart speaker .

This fan is also integrated with apps for both android and apple phone.Which make it much more easier to use it.it has 5 blades which are 26 inch in  diameter size and it is made up out of wood materia and matte finish .The fan has 3 colour option which are titanium silver ,white and bronze.

In terms of light the fan has 3 led colour options which ranges from 27000k warm in to 35000k white LED.Those minimalistic colour  make this fan be the best not for only bedroom and kitchens but also can be used in the offices ,retail and more public buildings .

4.Westinghouse Lighting 7224700 

This is another great indoor small ceiling fan from westinghouse light .it has six blades which are 24 inches in size and has 3 colour options which are white ,Gunmetal  and chrome .This fan is pretty small, it only weight 13.42 ponds which make it ideal for small office room and bedrooms .Basically it is the best low profile ceiling fan.When you purchase it you have two style options which are LDE and modern style .

The fan come with it lights so you don’t have to worry about purchasing  your own bulb.The downside is that the build light has only 820 Lumen which very small compare to other lumen of the small fan we have in this list .If you didn’t know Lumen is the measure of the amount light you get from bulb .The bigger the number of lumen the more light you will get from the bulb  or the more brighter the bulb will be .

The vox fan which at number 3 in our list it has 2041 Lumen which is a lot compare to Westinghouse Lighting 7224700 .However you must not allow the brightness of the light to discourage you if you like this fan .This fan has one cool feature which vox does not have .That  feature is reversible blades which makes the fan to be useful both in winter and summer as we mentioned in our first fan in the list .

5.Minka-Aire F510L-BS

Minka-Aire F510L-BS is one the smallest fans in our list which has 3 blades .It is 26 inch in size and you have three colour options when you purchase it.Those colours are white ,brushed steel  and oil rubber bronze.It is still an LED light fan but it does not have too many colour options .It is has wall control switch .

That mean  is control by the switch on the wall like other small switch we have in our rooms .So you can’t control it with remote straight away from the box .The only thing you can change easily is the bulb in side , you change it inset yours which can be controlled by the remote .Once you have done that you will be able to change the colours of the lights if you want to using remote .

The lack of many colour options and other feature of this fan make it to be an ideal for room like ketchen.Where you don’t really  need that much much light and changing many things.You just go their prepare the food or clean then after that it done .However as much as this fan can be overlooked , it has air flow capacity of 1223 Cubic Feet Per Minute .This is something  that is not mentioned in most other fans but it still an important feature to consider  when purchasing the fan .

Airflow capacity is the amount of air moved by the blades of the fan per unit time .That why the units said cubic feet per minutes ,it volume and time .This Fan is made up of  metal and glass material .it requires 120 Voltage and 32 Watts of power to operate .The weight of it is 12.17 pounds which will make it easy to lift up when installing.

6.Hunter Fan Company Hunter 52090

This is the first small fan from ( Hunter Fan Company ) in our list .It is 34 inch in size and the blades pitch are separated  by 13 degress angle .This makes the blade to be effect as possible  when they are rotating  .This  fan has Whisperwind motor which produce  extremely powerful air movement while reducing the noise of the fan in the room .So you won’t hear noise of the blade like helicopter while you doing your work .

This is a great fan for a small room like an office where you want to focus on your work without being distabed by the noise  of the fan blades.It is also good for the bedroom , it can be hard to sleep when you hear the noise of blades spinning above you.

This fan has also  reversible blades which are very useful for changing in seasons .In Terms of the colours the fan has new bronze colour and blades are more like dark brown.Which makes this fan a good match for rooms with dark or white ceiling  colour .The air Flow capacity is 3516 Cubic Feet Per Minute which is the highest so far in our list .The air flow capacity tell  us the how much air  the  fan can it move per minute in specific space .So if the value of the air flow is high that mean  the fan will be able to move a lot of air in wide room .

in terms of the lighting , the fan comes with built in  bulb but is not LED  one and you have option to  buy the fan alone or add the remote controller if you want to .The weight of the fan is 15.42 pounds which will be good for lifting it up when installing .Since it has no LED  it need more power , so this fan will operate at 120 volts  and 60 watts of power which might be too much for others .

7.Prominence Home 51587

Prominence Home 51587 is also the first small ceiling fan from prominence Home company .The size of this fan ranges from 30 inches in to 48 inches , but because in this list   we are focusing small ceiling fans for small rooms , we will look at only the 30 inch size only .Keep in mind the features are the same for all size .It will be up to you which one you choose .

So that being said , Prominence fan 30 inches size has two colour options when you purchase it , Which is Bronze and brushed nickel ( More like dark grey).It has built in light bulb which is LED type .So since it i has LED  typed bulb it require very low amount of power , only 5 watts .Which is the lowest so far in our list .The built in bulb has 500 lumen so don’t expect too much light from this LED  bulb light. It comes with a pulley chain which you can use to control the blade rotation speed and turn the fan on and off .

It is has 2 mounting options ,one is downrod and two is angled .The downrod make fan to mounted vertical to the ceiling and the angled allows the fan to be mounted at an  angle .This is a great feature for wood small rooms like the ones in famers .

This fan is bronze finished and it motors is able to rotate the blades in in to a clockwise and anticlockwise direction .Which is a nice feature for change in seasons .The material it made up of  are Glass, Metal and  Wood Laminate.interms of the weight the fan weigh 12.23 pounds .

wrap up

Those are small ceiling fan you can get at the market or at amazon.If you take close look to the list to above list you will notice that they are very few disadvantages included about the fans .

The reason for that is most of they have similar disadvantages such installation problem and short lifespan for the bulb .Those are issues that we usually come across when we buy any new product not just ceiling fan .

I have spend sometime on research while I was creating this list so that i can help you to choose the right fan for your small room in your home. So If this post did help you in anywhere please let me know in the comment section I always like to read the comment because they encourage me to write more content and improve my writing skill .

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