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The one thing that makes metal desk fan to be a go to ,  is the metal material they are made up of .That makes them to stronger than other fans which are made by low quality plastic material .which can sometimes break easily when they  fall on the floor.Metal fans also have heat advantage over plastic fans .The same metal fan you use on your desk you can also use it in hot environment such kitchen without warring about melting .

So how do find the best one for you ?

When you want to pick up the best one for yours needs ,you can go to  your preferable online store such as amazon and search for metal desk fan .If you are are searching at Amazon you find a lots of them and  look  the one that suit your needs. you will also need go through  some reviews before make a purchase  .That can be really a time consuming for you .To help you save your time i went there by my self  and go  through  the list  of the metal desk fan based on easy of use  and the design .

So on my research I have managed to come up with the list of 7   metal desk fans that i think they are the best in terms of those two things  .The specs of them are provide here in this post and and some tips and advantages of them .So after reading this post you should be able to choose the best one for you or at least  have idea about what need to look for  when choosing the desk fan .So lets not waste time and start with the number one which is

1.YIHUNION-Metal desk fan

This simple looking fan offers you  almost all the features you might need in desk fan without breaking the bank .It Has 5 inch size head with simple stand.It stand may not be perfect in looking for many people but  that stand  have more advantages then other desk fan stand  .The number one  is stability ,The head of this desk fan is so close to the surfaces in such away that if you push it at the head it will  move instead of falling down like other normal fans will do .

The other great feature about this fan stand is that it makes this  fan to placed on in many places , including in the car if you want to .Since it woks via USB cable which is attached to the fan itself , you can connect on the car charger and use it while  you on your car.You can also connect  on your laptop and power bank It will work.

So they is no need to replace batteries every once in a while .That is not all about this  desk fan,This fan has 360 degrees rotation .So You are flexibly enough to get the air in any redirection that pleased you .All those changes can applied using dial that is in front of the fan.Below are it specifications

Yihunion -Major Specifications

Size 5 niche head in diameter
Weight 14.4 pounds
Number of blades Not specified
Speed number 2
Model number B07PQTZTFL

2.Luckyway Table Fan

Luck way table fan have  simple good looking design that can be really  good for you if you want to have minimalist desk setup .Especially if you have brown counter top  and other brown peripherals then this fan can match well with those peripherals .

This fan looks to be too small on the pictures  but when it on the actually the desk it not that small .
Unlike Yinunion  , luckway table fan has 120 decrees rotation .That mean with this  desk fan can rotate left and right 120 as well as up and down 120 degrees while you are using it.It has built in battery which is rechargeable via USB cable .

So they  they is no need to worry about cables every and power source  every time when you want to use this fan .
The on and Off switch is hidden on the side as well USB port .That is greats however this fan has one speed mode .

So you on it and use only that one speed mode .This will be the turn off for most people .but If you really like this fan don’t be discouraged by it  1 speed mode settings. in fact in really life we only use one speed mode for  fan because the more you increase the speed the more noisy the fan will be .The one  speed mode of this fan will also help with increasing the battery life.

The small size of This fan makes it to ideal for portability .So if you want a fan that you can use in your home desk office as well as your workspace desk office then you they is no doubt that this fan will meets tick the boxes for you .

Lucky way major Specifications

Band Luckyway
Size 4 niche head in diameter
Weight 14.4 pounds
Number of blades 4 Blades
Speed number 1
USB cable length included31.5 inches
Model number B07S5Z67VD

3.Sharper Image SBM1-SI 

This fan is similar to Yihunion which is he first desk fan in our list , the main different is within the control options and the number of blades .The  stand design can still give you the same placement advantages that Yihunion desk fan can give you .That mean you can also use this fan on your car  as long as you will be able to connect USB cable on it you will good to go.

The wall adapter that comes with  this fan makes it to more convenient  to use it  in different rooms .So You don’t need power bank or laptop near to you every time when you want to use this fan .That is plus for this fan .The other feature  that makes this fan to be unique is the Touch control feature  and it less number of blades .

The touch control feature will allow you to change the speed mode of this fan  as if  you are touching your phone .The less number of blades does not have huge impact on the quality of the fan but we will talk more about them  later in this post .

Sharper Image SBM1-SI  Major specifications

Brand nameSharper Image
Size it is given in area fomert
Weight 14.4 pounds
Number of blades 3 Blades
Speed number 2
USB cable length included72 inches
Model number FA1-0092-06

4.Vornado VFAN Petite Alchemy Vintage Fan

The gunmetal finishes of this fan is what makes to be one best desk fan in our list .Gun metal finishes does not only makes this fan look good  but it also serve as shield for corrosion , rust and cracks .The prevention  of cracks is important  on desk fan as you can push it  to the floor by mistake while working on your desk .

The other feature that makes this fan  to be good is the placement of controls in front of the base.That allows you change the settings on the fan without even standing up to reach for switches at the back like you would do in other fan.

Vornado desk is not like other fan in-terms of the power option .This fan requires  120 V to operate   which is  equivalent to ceiling fan and other kitchen window fan .So  you don’t need to worry about recharging  or taking care of USB cables however it is important to note that since it need 120 V to operate ,than it might increase your energy bills if you are using it  more often.

The one thing that makes this to best than other fan is the longer guaranty  .The manufactures of it  promise you a warranty  of 5 years for  this  desk ,Should anything happen you can retain it or exchange it  another one .Please make your you read the warrant police before you pull the trigger.

Vornado VFAN Petite Alchemy Major specifications

Brand nameVornado
Size it is given in area fomert
Weight 5.2 pounds
Number of blades 5 Blades
Speed number 2
USB cable length included72 inches
Model number CR1-0279-102

5.Vornado Pivot Personal Air Circulator Fan

This  another  desk fan from Vornado  , but this one is completes different from the one above, in terms of the functioning  and operation .The first noticeable different is the stand design , So instead of circular one  that can take up some space on the desk Vornado go for this type stand which i am not sure what to call it.

The other different is the reduction of head size and the placements of controls at the back of the head ,That mean you will need to turn it herd if when you want to  change the settings .Since this fan is too small i don’t think you will need that  huge effort to do that .

For  power source this fan needs 120 v to operate .So  even if too small it might not be convenient to use it  in different tables  around your house .The number of blades has also been reduced  down it to 3.more info later about the number of blades and the air flow .

Vornado Pivot Personal fan -Specifications

Brand nameVornado
Size it is given in area fomert
Weight 1.7 pounds
Number of blades 3 Blades
Speed number 2
Model number CR1-0281-89

6.Rowenta VU2531 

Rowenta  have all the necessary  features you need from the desk fan except one for using batteries .This desk  fan is powered manually with cable  like a standing fan .The most thing that makes this fan to be unique than other desk fan is it design ,The size of it and the speed f the blades for it .

The placement  of controls at the base makes it easy to change settings when you are at your desk .Using the controls at the base you can change the speed mode from 1 speed setting up to 4 speed setting .which is  the highest number of  speed settings so far inn our list .That is not the end you have two options when purchasing this fan the first is the one  have all the feature that i have just talk about .

The second option is ti add more  maybe  $20 from it originally price and get the one with 5 speed modes and it controlled by remote.If you want to  use this fan on your desk only ,You don’t really need to pay extra for remote and that one extra speed mode .

The 4 speed mode will be enough for most people on the desk and it will be easy to control it using your hand as it it will be near to you .If you want to use it on  other rooms such as  bedroom or kitchen then you might enjoy the use of the remote and that one extra speed mode. This metal desk fan also has it carry handle at the back of it head for carrying it for just it case you want to use it in other room.

Brand nameRowenta   
Size it is given in area format
Weight 6 pounds
Number of blades 5 blades
Speed number 4 or 5 Blades
Model number B00C4QP8KU

7.Vornado Zippi Small Personal Fan for Desk

Yes what you see is what you will get, the blades of this fan are exposed  like you see in the image . Putting you fingers on blades of  fan while they are spinning can cut your fingers immediately  or lead in to serious injure .

So why  did i include such desk  fan in the the list of best desk fan? ?

The reason for that is The blades of this fan are softer than other fan blades which are made bay plastic or metal .Those are the ones that cut your fingers ,The blades of zippi fan are made up of nylon material which softer than plastic and metal.If you want to know how softer it is , The nylon material can be used to makes clothes and rubbers .

Vornado zipp desk fan have 2 speed modes settings  which are too low to cut your figures .So the exposure of blades  for this fan maybe  be seems as  big Nono for most people ,So is there any other advantage  for exposure  of blades ?The short answers  is yes ,Since the blades are exposed it means you can clean them early when they get dust .

Unlike other fan where you will need to remove the shield first before  access the blades. As  it small as can be , this fan still requires 120 v to operate , So it not really  best fan in the world  , but before you make a conclusion please check it price first and and look other pictures  of it  .

Vornado Zippi Specifications

Brand nameVornado
Size it is given in area fomert
Weight 1.75 pounds
Number of blades 3 blades
Speed number 2 mode level
Model number FA1-0007-06

So there you have it ,Those are the 7 best metal desk fan that you can pick up at amazon or in your local shop if it possible .

Ouh wait before you Go

You remember early that i promised more Infor a bout making the number of blades and air flow of the fan?

I hope you do

So without going too much the maths and physics ,The relationship between the numbers of blades fan and the air flow is that ,The more number of the blades the fan it have the more air it will blow to you.So if you can have two similar fans with similar motors and similar power option but the different being in the number of the blades .Lets say the one has 3 blades and the other other have 5 blades .If you set the motors to operate in the same speed the one with 5  blades will blow more air to you than the one with 3 blades .

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