5 Reliable Ways to Deal with Avoidant Partner

So you have been in relationship with your partner for good while and you now starting feel like your partner is trying to run away from you or is avoiding you.

Well you are not alone in that problem .They is so many women’s out there who are feeling the same feeling as you.

The good news is that is not the end your of relationship .This is just one of the problems that comes with relationship .You know that everything has its own problem in this world.

So don’t be discouraged about your relationship and feel like your partner does not love you anymore .Your partner love you and your relationship will get back to normal when you do the right things.

In this article I will share with you five reliable things you can do when your partner try to avoid you. But before I give you those five things let quickly look at the signs and the reasons why your partner may avoid you.

5 Sings of avoidant partner

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
  1. No retain in phone call and massages
  2. No more I love you (BACK )
  3. Pretending to be  right or okay
  4. Wanting to be alone
  5. No appreciation

1. No retain in phone call and massages

This is the common sign for people who are in long distance relationship .It usual hard to see it in the beginning because you might think your that partner is busy with his work by the time you call him .The easy way to see this sign is when you are talking with him and instead of him to talk to you he will avoid you by shortening your conversation .He won’t come up with nothing to talk about other than saying it ok, yes, you are right and more.

2. No more I love you back

it usual for couple to say  I love you to one another every time when they  go to work or when they end their conversation on the phone .Your partner may forgot maybe 2 or 3 times but other that it simple the indication of avoiding you .

3. Pretending to be okay

You see that your partner is not okay when you are talking with but if you ask him that is there anything wrong? He will say everything is okay.

4. Want to be alone

Your partner does want to be with you neither his freinds nor family .He just want to alone in most of his time.

5. No appreciation

Your partner has stop to appreciate you for the things you do for him. Those things can be small things like cleaning the house, cook the food and washing his clothes. Appreciation also depend up on your relationship if both of you don’t appreciate one another then you won’t see this sin of avoidant .

avoidant partner
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Possible reasons why he is avoiding you

  • Angry with you
  • Personal problem
  • To focus on his goals

Angry with you

Your partner does not want to speak with you because you have done something wrong to him without noticing .So now he is deciding to hide his feelings and pretending that everything is okay while it is not.

Personal problem

The work we do and other personal problems we encounter create a lot of stress for us we end up not wanting to be with and talk with people. It can happen that your partner has personal problems that he is not ready to share with for now.

To focus on his goals

Sometimes you do need space in your life to be alone and get time think about how are gonna archive your goals .That is good and it is not an easy thing to talk about .It possible for your partner to avoid you because he just need some time and space to work toward his goals.

So now you know some of the reasons why your partner may choose to avoid you .let look at the things you need to do deal with him.

5 things To Do to deal With avoidant Partner

  1. Examine  you self
  2. Don’t fake your feelings
  3. Accept your him
  4. Don’t chase him
  5. Professional help

1.Examine your self

This is probably the first thing you need to do when you are dealing avoidant partner .As mentioned above it possible for your partner to avoid you because of  what you have done to him .Maybe you disrespected him or you have done something else which he didn’t like .

So it’s good to start by examine yourself first so that  you will apologize if you have something wrong to him .If you feel like you haven’t done anything wrong him then don’t fake your feelings to be a wrong  person because you want him feel okay .

2.Don’t fake your feelings

The first thing that can come to your mind when your partner start to avoid you is to is to questions yourself what have I done to him. That is a good question however you must not try to make yourself a wrong person to make him feel better .That might also affect you personal.

3.Don’t chase him

It can be very easy for you to  panic and be afraid that your partner will leave you forever in this time .That is not a case remember that your partner can avoid you because he just  want sometime to deal with his own personal problem.

So give him that small space and stop chasing him or  call him again and gain .That will make him run away more from you .If you relax and give time to think he might think about his personal problem fast and come back you faster and  Visor versa.

When I am saying don’t chase him I don’t mean just sit down and relax while your partner is running away from you all I mean is follow him in the normal way .Don’t call him 20 times per day or do anything like that.

4.Accept the way he is

Now you know that your partner avoid you for the good or bad reasons so you have to learn to accept that.

But is that gonna be easy as it sounds?

Absolute No, It won’t be easy to accept the situation of your partner if you don’t know what is going on to him .That mean you have to try to talk with him so that you will know what going on to him.

5.Seek Professional help

help for avoidant partner
Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

Beside all the tips and tricks we are sharing with you here in the internet it always good to seek for professional help local .it will be more effective if you can speak with someone face to face about your partner behaviour .

Mentor, life couch and therapist are the best people who can help more with more advice for what you can do to bring back your relationship to normal. If you don’t have money to pay therapist or mentors then your parents are the only option you have .

Our parents are always willing to help us grow up physical and mental .So yours as well will be much more happy to help with advice .When I am   say parents I don’t mean your mother and father only but I mean anyone you live with it can be your grand papa, grandmother your ant and more those are all people who can you can trust more about your relationship issues.

Wrap Up

Avoidant is not good for any relationship that is why you should take prior action when you start to notice any sign mentioned above .I have decide to make this article short because i did want to confuse you with too many things to do.

If you feel like you are not about any of the things to do about avoidant feel free to ask me below in the comment box. I will try my best to explain further for you .

Thank you

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