5 Important reasons for hugging your kids daily.

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According to Dr Emily Mudd, PhD hug is important for helping kids to regulate  strong feelings of love, anger, joy hate ,fear and more .Below is the list of 5 other important reasons why it is important to hug your kids.

Here is why Should Hug your kids daily

  1. It makes your kids feel safe
  2. Stress Reduction strategy
  3. Remind love after discipline
  4. It helps with controlling emotions
  5. Increase performance at school

1.It makes your kids feel safe

Hugging your kids every day will make them feel more safety. As the parent you probably know that kids  face a lot of danger when they outside your home .Some are being stolen (kidnap),Some are being bulled by other kids at school , others have night mare .When you hug your kids on the regular day you make them feel more safe during those times.

2.Stress Reduction strategy

We all experience stress  at some point .Even the kids do have stress about their personal problems of which some of them you might not know .Some of those problem is to be shy , fear of being laughed  and the  biggest  one the stress of being abandoned by one of the parents. Your kids might face one those problems and have stress every day about it .So hugging them every day will make them feel more safety and supported to all those negative thoughts and feelings.

3.Remind love after discipline

Sometimes kids do bad things that can force you to punish them .That is good and it is your duty as the parent to discipline your kids .However if you will punish  them every time after doing something wrong you make them feel as if you don’t love them. That is where hug comes in as help .hugging your kids after punishing them will remind them that you still love them even after you hurt them.

4.It helps with controlling emotions

You know how easy it is to lose control of your emotions when someone keeps on annoying you. That make you want to respond to him/her fast with something that will hurt him/her .Kids are like us they have boundaries that must not be crossed by other kids .I am sure that you won’t be happy to hear that your child was fighting at school or anywhere else. That is why you should hug your child every day.

Hug it a sign of love .So when you hug your kids every day you teaching them to have love for others as well. That will prevent them from fighting with other kids when they cross their boundaries. Instead of fighting they will think for other alternatives to solve the problem.

5.Increase performance at school

Hugging your kids every day create more support for them. More support for your kids mean less stress for them in their personal problems .Once your kids are  free from stress they will get more time to focus on their school work .That mean your kids  will be smarter and by that reasons they do well on their school work and other essential activities .

In conclusion

Hug is good for everyone .it is one of the ways to express love and support. if you didn’t teach your kids hug at the early stage  you  can still teach them now .However if they don’t like it please don’t force them.

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