11 Strong relationship Tips (To make it healthy and stronger)

strong relationship tips for couples
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Strong relationships are a bit different from other normal relationship such as the ones for boy friends and girl friends .Strong relationship is the relationship for couples who know exactly what they want about their lives for their  relationship and they know what it will take to get it.

It is not like those relationship  which fail within 1 to 4 months .

Strong relationship may not taken as Successful relationship nor a healthy but it can be taken as a way to a successful relationship. If you They are steps into successful relationship then strong relationship would be one off those steps  but  that so close to successful relationship .

This post is about 11 tips for building strong relationship .Now this are not just random tips for strong relationships but these are Things  that are required for any relationship to be strong and  hopeful to be successful in the future .

So if you are willing to a successful relationship in the future then lets look at the list of ….

11 Strong Relationship Tips for Couples 

  1. Lean to trust one another
  2. Don’t hold grudges for your partner
  3. Have future plans for your relationship
  4. Balance  things  in your life.
  5. Always respect your partner
  6. Say no Exe’s
  7. Don’t allow jealous to  destroy your relationship
  8. Appreciate even small things
  9. Know that  they will some ups and downs
  10. Good  Communication is essential in relationship

1.Learn to trust one another 

build trust is is thetips for  building for making relationship stronger

Trust is earned or build after some time , You can not meet someone today and trust him today.
No that would a big mistake in your life

We choose  to trust people because of the  amount of  good information we have about them.The more good information we know about them the more we will trust them and visor versa .

The same thing happens in a love relationship if you don’t know much about your partner then you can’t trust him in the way that is supposed to be .

However if you love him and you want to have a strong relationship with him you need to learn to trust him because  if you don’t trust him your relationship won’t be strong with him.

That why  the fist tips in our list say Learn to trust  your partner , i said Learn  because i know that you may not trust him as it need to be.

So How can you learn to trust some one

They is not much you need to do by your self to trust someone however if you have been in relationship for while with him and he is keep on  hiding things from you but you keep on finding them anywhere, than that mean he does not trust you enough .

If is that the case then you need to build trust in your relationship because that is a problem in your relationship .If you have no idea about where to start and what  you can do to build it then i suggest you to read this post which is about how to build trust in relationship .Do that later for now lets jump on  to the second tip.

2. Don’t hold grudges for your partner

Holding grudges for your partner is the first thing that will make you don’t him .Maybe he has cheated on you in the past and every time when you think about him that comes up in your mind .If you keep such memories  in your mind and feelings in your hearty you won’t be happy as it need to be in your relationship .

That why you need to let go of the past and start  focusing on what you can do now .Don’t forget that forgive does no mean forget .You can forgive your partner on what ever he has done to you but you may not forget everything that he has done to you .

3. Have future plans for your relationship

The easy way of dealing with the past issues is to stop thinking about it and think about what you can do Now or tomorrow .So  having future plans about your relationship will help you to look forward instead of looking  backward.

Being in relationship that has no future plans or goals nor purpose is the same thing as driving your car without not knowing where are going and where to stop .While you are driving you might enjoy the journey but at the end of  the day it will be waste of your fuel .

In our case the fuel is time .

Most couples do have goals for their relationship it just that most of them don’t talk  about them. The number one reason for that is  the fear , The fear of break up soon and the fear to failing to  archive those goals.

I won’t say that is right or wrong ,but instead i will say  talking about  the goals you have for your relationship with you partner will give him a hope that you willing to with him for long time. It will also help with letting  him know what you want your relationship.

You may talk about your relationship goals with him  but may not talk about your personal goals .Not sure about which goals are important in relationship come back late to read these 10 good relationship goals.

4. Try to Balance  things  in your life

balance things in life to have a happy relationship
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You are not in relationship with your partner only if we are honest ,You have relationship with your friends ,family and the work you do. Those are other relationships that are important to keep in your life.

So don’t  make mistake to take all you time and put it in one relationship .
Usually it the relationship with friends and work we do that affect our relationships with our love ones negatively.

We tend to spend more-time with our friends on social networks than we do with our loved ones. The same things goes to the work we do, That makes them to feel like we have neglected them or they are not that important in our lives.

If it is you who is busy having  fun with your friends on social networks  ,you won’t see the bad thing on that,But if your partner can do the same thing to you ,you can see   how bad it is to neglect your because of your friends on social networks or because of your work.

As just mentioned above all those relationships are important for different reasons in our lives so i won’t suggest you to leave any of them instead what i will suggest you to do is to know their pros and cons  so that you can take advantage of pros and utilize them in your relationship.

Effect of social media on relationship.

5. Keep on Respecting your partner

Before you even start to read this post you already knew that this tip will be included on our strong relationship tips list. Respect it self is not a TIP  for  relationship it a must have  for relationship but they are some tips under respect .Some are of them includes .

  • Avoid to call your partner with his name instead use nice words such love, honey and more.
  • Listen more and talk less more especial during augments
  • Don’t try  to improve  him
  • Don’t compare him with others
  • Failing to create time for him 

And MORE other but most important don’t forget to respect and love your self.Those two things are  still a way of showing respect  to your partner .

6. Say no Exe’s

say no to ex to build a healthy with your partner
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The language of axes has become so popular in our days ,words like ex boy friend and ex girl  friend we come across with them more often more especial in the internet. If  you  are relationship with one person now, it looks like are fool some how or you are not  too attractive.

That is how it is like in the Wolds we live in ,But here is thing  you not people you are who are so just because your friends or other people have exes does not mean you should have ex partner too .

In fact having ex in your relationship symbolize that your relationship is not strong enough with your partner ,because if is it strong enough they  is no one can come in between you .

So if you want to have a strong relationship  with your man you need  say no to axes or delete the ones you currently have. Once you have deleted them  you will start to see the actually value of your partner in your  life and you bond with   him will become stronger and stronger.

In the process of deleting your exes in your life  or break up with them , you will feel pain because you love them ,So understand that it can  be hard to move on with  your life after break up .So here is how deal with break up pain and move ON with your life.

7. Don’t allow jealous to destroy your relationship

Jealous is great in relationship in fact it is one signs of true love in relationship. The problem  start  when it  is too much .When the jealous is too much you won’t  you won’t be 100% happy if you see your partner with other girls or women.

It will be worse if they are better than you in some areas .The same thing will happen if he buy gifts for them .
You will wish like that gifts was for you.

Once you start feeling like that in your relationship  then please not that  jealous  has got you. They can be a lot of tips and tactics to deal with jealous in your relationship, But before you start leaning how to deal with it important you to know that Jealous in relationship   start  more often  as result of lack of trust.

If you trust your partner you won’t have any problem in your hearty if you see him with other girls  or women  because you know that he won’t fall in love with them .So trusting your partner is a great  tip for being happy in relationship. That is the other reason why we made it to be the first tip  in this  list of relationship tips .

8. Appreciate even small things

You must not say thank you to your partner only if he has bought gift for you or done something so special for you .Lean to appreciate even small things such as preparing the meal , ironing and more other simple home based activities.

The good way to start appreciating one another is to break some rules in your relationship .One of those rules  is that it is the duet of women to cook .Most man really believe  this rule and they like as the result most of them don’t know how to cook .

So for an example if your husband believe that it your duty to cook ,he won’t thank you  for  preparing meal for him even if you do your best , he might say ouh yeah it nice then end of  story.

Cooking is just one example ,they are lot of bad rules or habit that can destroy your relationship .So i don’t what rules you have set in your relationship with your partner but what ever they are you need to analyze them and see how much impact are they bringing in your relationship.

9. They will be some ups and downs

POBLEM IN a strong relationship
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Just because i am giving you this tips or you know more about relationships does not mean  your relationship will have no problems at all. They will some hard times in your relationship , The times where  you feel like divorce or break up is the only solution to the problem you have .

Preparing for those times isn’t easy because you don’t know what is gonna happen in your relationship tomorrow .You might think that cheating  is the only major  problem in relationships   and being surprised when your partner   do something worse than  cheating on you.

As just said preparing for times  like this is hard but it a good habit to know that it won’t nice all the times in your relationship. If you think  that it will be always funny then you lying to your self .

10. Good  Communication is essential in relationship

Communication is not only about talking and listening but it also about understanding one another .You can talk  lot or listen a lot  but if you don’t understand or if you pretending   that you understand then you   communication skill need improvement.

Communication for strong relationship don’t end at home but it also goes outside your home. You know that job opportunities are decreasing as time goes on so they are chances for  you to find your self being in long distance relationship. On that time communication will be most requirement for your relationship to survive .

Communication is not an issue for most relationship until they is conflict going on. What usually course bad communication is talking with your partner while you busy  chatting with your friends on social networks. That is something that you need avoid if you want   to have a strong relationship with him.

11.Don’t  forget to ask more relationship advice 

The Internet is fully of information but they are still more relationship problems that you can not find their solution on google or in the entire internet .

That mean you still need people to talk to face to to face so that they can give you more relationship advice based on the problem you face in your relationship. If you can’t afford   mentors or therapist you can talk with someone older in your family about the situation in your relationship . He/she will more happy   to assist you for free.

In Conclusion 

Those are 11 Strong relationship tips or the things you can do make your relationship stronger and healthy with your partner. As mentioned early those are not just random tips but they are essential things in relationship to healthy and to be successful.

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