11 signs of true love from a shy man and shy women

signs of true love from a shy man

Shy man and women are always overlooked when it comes to showing true love. This is due to their nature .They can’t just surprise you with gifts or dance for you like extrovert do. That is the hardest thing for them.

However that doesn’t mean they don’t have true love. They do have love it just that the way they express it is different from extrovert.

So how they do they show love?

They use little signs and body language .This entire article is all about those signs .The first part of this article is about the signs of true love from shy man and the second part is about the signs of true love from a shy women.

Now that does not mean you must skip any part of this content .This article will make sense to you if you read it all .So with that being said let start with the first part of the article .

Here are signs of true love from a shy man

  1. He can’t look you in the eyes
  2. He is afraid to talk with you directly
  3. They don’t talk too much when you are around
  4. His friend’s talk about you
  5. He sends you more massages
  6. He is little jealous about you
  7. He wants to be with you all time.
  8. He is polite to you
  9. He defend you
  10. He share his secrete with you
  11. You feel different vibe when you with him

1.He can’t look in the eyes

This is probably the sign that you have already seen before you have even read this article. When you are approaching each other in the passage .He will look down to his feet or look away from you .That may not be always the case .Shy man they can’t look people in to the eyes even when they talk with their friends they don’t always look them straight  in the eyes .

So how can tell if this is the sign of true love or not

The only way to tell this sign is to act like you don’t see him when you are approaching each other .If he really love you he will look you on the face but as soon as you start to look him .He will look away from you or pull out his cell phone and act like he busy with something else.

2.He is afraid to talk with you directly

This sign is almost similar to the one for the eye contact .It just that this time you are talking with him instead of looking him .When are talking with shy man that he loves you .He will either talk fast or be running out of words or the things to talk about with you .This is because he afraid to say something that might hurt you while you are talking .He won’t also look you more in to the eyes by the time you talk with him.

3.They don’t talk too much when you are around

Since he is afraid to talk with you directly  he is also afraid to talk too much when you are around .The reason for that are his thoughts about you .Every time when  he will say something he will think that what you  will say to him or how are you gonna look him after he said that .

This is more especial for jocks .You know how it feels to tell a jock and people just ignore it .That make you feel like a stupid or idiot .If you know that feeling it will be easy for you  understand the reason why he won’t talk too much when you are around .

4.His friend’s talk about you

It is usually for guys to talk about girls  and girls to talk about boys .The same thing goes for shy man that love you .He will talk about you to his friends when they are together .when you come to pass by his friend they will ask him that is this is the girl you always talking about .

When his friends know that he love you they will touch him when you come and say bro here is the girl you always talking about. Of couse you won’t heir them said that but when you are going to pass by them just notice their behaviour. You will see what i am talking about.

5.He sends you more massages

Chatting via massages is the best option for a man who is afraid to talk with you directly .Now you have to notice something when you are chatting with him via massages .Most of the questions he will ask you are questions that touches your life .This is because when you truly love someone you do need to know more about him/her .This help you to see the matching and mismatching of your personalities.

Since he is shy he will ask you  more questions about your life just to know if is there anything similar you share .For example if he see that you like parties  too much he will  see that you are not his best match .However if you like to do things that does not involve many people such like reading or watching TV he will see that you his best match .

6.He is jealous about you

A man who truly love you will be a bit jealous about .You will see that when you are talking with other guys .once he see you he will stop to talk with his friends and look the guys you are talking to .

That also happen to the help .If you have been helped by someone he will wish that it him who helped you .That is another way of wanting to showing love to you.

7.He wants to be with you all time

When you tell him that you going somewhere he will want to go with you .For example if you tell him that you go shopping groceries at store he will say that he is also want to buy something there. Even if it not something that is important but he will go with you .

The overall point for that is to be with you not what he want to buy at store .The other way  he will use to be with you is to follow you on all your social  media. He will like and comment to your posts and status.

8.He is polite to you

Most shy man are polite and they know how to treat women right .So That mean if a shy man truly love you he will try his best to show good manners and do more good things for you without even asking him. A good example to that is when you are about to enter in to the car or in a room He will open doors for you .

When you are working together he will buy you free lunch without begging him. It may not be a full lunch but small things like chocolate, cup of coffee and cane of cold drink .Those are little things that show that a shy man is in to you.

9.He defend you

As mentioned above if shy man love you he will always willing to help you .So defending you is another way of helping you and show support to you .It may not be every time when you have done something wrong but in most cases he will be the one to stand out to be on your side .You will see that when your friends or co-workers makes a jock about you .He will be only one who won’t laugh at you.

10.He share his secrete smith you

Shy man are so introvert .They don’t like to talk too much with others more especial about their personal life .So if a shy man decided to talk with you about his personal staff .That really means  a lot .It mean you are one of the most people he trust mostly in his life .

11.You feel different vibe when you with him

The way you feel when you are with him is different from the way you feel when you with other guys .This is because of the way he treat you .It is different from the way other guys treat you .When you talk with him he is always smiling at you .He makes some jocks to make you feel happy .he listen to you careful and he is the only person you feel that he enjoy to listening to your voice and life stories.

Now those ware 11 signs of true love from a shy man and below are signs of true love from a shy women

Signs of true love from a shy women

Signs of true love from shy women are not that different from signs of true love from a shy man.The major different between the two if visible when men and women are already in relationship and they are living together. So if they are already in relationship things will be quite different from man.

Most women in general they earn less money than men and some of them are not even employed so they depend on their husbands for their home expenses .So that make it very rare for women to buy it for men or take them out for diner unless she is dating.

So how do yo tell if shy women love you for Really ?

The way to tell if she really love you is to look at the signs that we have just spoked about above and Notice one thing that most women for men in their successful relationship.

That is to do good things for their partner without being asked to do so.A simple examples to that is cooking ,cleaning and do ironing for their husband .Now if you are already in relationship and you have been living together with your partner for long time ,you might say that it duty of women to do those activity at home.

But you will amazed if you can see how many men who are doing those types of actives for by them selves at home. For example if you look the statistics below for man who are doing ironing for them selves

Statistics for man and women
image from www.dailymail.co.uk

You can see that average 50 % of men do ironing for themselves .

Now of Couse the above numbers varies from region to region and your region might not be included above ,But if you can go further with this research you can find more data about your Region and more home based activity and if you going to do that I absolute believe that you will find typical numbers for most of home-based activity .

So by looking at the numbers above in the table we can conclude that it is not a duty of women only to do ironing .That mean if the women you are relationship with is doing for you ,then that is sign that she love you.

Ironing is just one example as mentioned if you think enough about more of typical home based activity you will see that they your wife really love you

Now you know signs of true love from a shy person .The questions Now is what you will do about him/her?

Well to be honest you that depend upon you if you don’t like him/her. You can just ignore all of the above signs or maybe treat him/her as your friend, but if you love him/her too you may consider making the first move or wait until he tell you that he love you.

Here is what to do while you are waiting

Accept and appreciate his effort he put to show you love. For example if bout you a lunch today do the something for him tomorrow or in other day.

Give him attention .If he want to help with something allow him to help you and do the same thing to him. If is there anything you can help him with don’t be afraid t help him.

Don’t make a jock about him by any means. You rather ignore all the signs instead of laughing him when you are with your friends. That can be really painful to his hearty.

Wrap up

Those are the signs of true love from a shy man and women as well as the things you can do while you waiting for them to say it first. You can also say it first if you don’t mind to.

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