11 signs of disrespect from a man {Every women must know them}

Respect is crucial in any relationship for it to be successful , without it there can be a lot of fight and conflict in the relationship .This article is about signs of disrespect that can be observed from a man.

That does not mean women don’t disrespect , they do disrespect in fact most of the signs listed below are similar to the ones that can be observed from women .One of the reasons for making this post to about men is to avoid too many him/her around the post so that you can read it easily .

So with that being said let dive in

11 signs of disrespect from a man 

  1. He is cheating on you 
  2. He  is shouting you 
  3. He does not apologize for his mistakes 
  4. He does not love himself 
  5. He does not appreciate your value 
  6. He likes to compare you with others 
  7. He does not take you seriously 
  8. He is hiding a lots of things for you 
  9. He have not introduce you yet 
  10. He call you by your name 
  11. He does not create a time for you 

1.He is cheating  on you

This is first , obvious sign of disrespect you can see from your man.This one does not need even to be discussed because almost anyone who have in relationship for while he/she know how it feels to being cheated  .It so painful in the heart in such a way that the woods you get after some has cheated on you can last for years and years in your mind and heart in your as well .So when the men you are in love with decide  to cheat on you then they is no doubt that he does not respect your feelings and emotions .

2.He is shouting you 

Arguments always arise in almost every relationship because we have different opinions or views as people  .however  shouting one another is not the proper way of solving them.So if your  man is deciding to shout you in most of times when you disagreed with with him then that is the sign of disrespect .That is mainly because he wants to right all times and you must be wrong all the times.In relationship it does not work like that .

If he is completely disagreed with you , he does not have to shout at you, instead he can use words like the following .

  • I got you but what we doing it in this way 
  • can we try to make it in this way 

He must give you strong reason why he disagreed with you and most importantly in the thoughtful manners.If he can shout at you then chances are he can hurt you physically one day .

3.He does not apologize for his mistakes  

This is still another sign of wanting to be right always  in a relationship which is not good .if your partner does not want to say sorry to you if he hurted you then they is no doubt that he is assuming that he was right for what ever he has done to you .Even  if it hurted you .

So what he wants you to do now is to blame yourself for his mistakes .That is what  leads most people to say words like i am not good enough for you .it is really hard somehow for other men to apologize for their mistakes .That is because most of them believe apologizing will lower down their dignity , they feel like failure  and more 

So if your man does not apologize to you if hurted you then that means he haven’t grown enough yet and he is disrespecting you .

4.He does not love himself 

Self care is so important for anyone .it may not be that a big deal for people who are single but for those who are in in relationship it really a big deal .That is more especial if they are  couples who have engaged or they are living together somehow and they have child .That is because the society will no longer call them by names but it  will call them wife and husband .

So when they have saw your partner with with something at particular place they will say to you we saw your husband at that place with this and that .It will be good news to you if they saw him on nice places doing good things however if it places like tarvens or shibins then it won’t be good right ?

Of Course that will depend if both you like to visit places like that or not but most people it won’t sound good to them .

While speaking of loving yourself , They is not much to say other than being neat or clean .The clothes you wear must be clean, the hair style ,the things that come from the mouth and the people he hang out with . Those are the main things that will tell you if your partner does love himself or not .

5.He does not create time for you 

The us time is very important in relationship and it seems to be something that difficult to the people who are working or studying .More especially those who are working on projects in their computers , tasks like that can easily  stay on your mind until you are stressed and need to rest .You don’t see that as  a problem if it you who is in that situation but the people you live with they do notice something about you .

The people you live with they love you so they really want to know what going on to your life.So usually they will ask you some few questions to find out what wrong to you .That  is is what you will do to your partner if they it has been while you have quality time with him .

So below are the answers you might get if your partner has fallen to this  habit .

  • I am tired to day 
  • I was having a long day 
  • I am okay 
  • I am fine
  • I want to get some sleep 
  • I have a lot of work to do 

It is not easy to say your man is disrespecting you  if he is busy working hard like that .That is mainly because that might be the investment he made for his future .It can happen that he is working very hard so that you and your kids will have a better future .

The way to tell if he is disrespecting you or not is if he doesn’t tell you what is exactly that he is busy with and if he doesn’t eat with you anymore .

6.He is comparing you with others 

This is a very rare sign of disrespect  from man.That is because most of them do know that they some jealous in relationship .So things like comparing one another they waken that jealous .

However they still that small potion of those who are brave enough to compare their partners with friends and co-workers .They don’t really think about the danger of doing that in relationship .Others end up wishing their partner hey have things that their friends or co-workers have .

That is too dangerous because it can make you lose interest in one another and eventually end up  with breakup or divorce .So if your man is busy keep on telling you about her friends and co-workers then that is the sin that he is comparing you with them .After some time they might be his ex .

7.He does not take you seriously   

The most common annoying thing that people do not just man only but any one is if you are talking with them they busy chatting with their friends on social networks .It become worse if they laughing because to you that might feel like you are fool some how you don’t know what going and it can feel like your conversation with them is boring and it not that necessary .

Now that does not mean you should always look each other direct into the eyes if you are talking with him .It not wrong to talk with someone while he/she is busy with some physical such as cooking .That is not really a problem , the problem starts when it comes to social net works as just mentioned above .Social media has huge effect on relationship that is why you may want to learn more about it here later .

8.He call you by your name

This is personal ,Meaning it up you if you like him to call you with your name or not .If you like him to call you with your name then it okay .However other couples they like to call each by nice words such hunny  ,love babbe ,sweet hearty , and more others. Those kinds of words  symbolize the amount  of love they have for one another and confidant they have for their relationship .

Words like that play a vital role in teaching your children respect. If they see their father calling you with your name ,Chances are they will call you by your name as well .

9.He haven’t introduced you yet

When couples are serious about their relationship  and they are willing to stay together for a really long time .They do introduce one another to parents and friends .So if your man hasn’t  introduced you yet to his parents and friends then that means he is not that really serious about you .

That can be due to the age of your relationship. If your relationship with him is  new then it can be hard for him to have that confident and motivation to introduce you .The reason for that is trust is not easy to just trust you mate recently , but as time goes  on the trust start to grow .

Either way if you have been in a relationship for years and your partner still hides you from the people who know him then that can be regarded as a sign of disrespect .

10.He doesn’t appreciate your value 

A true love relationship is more like a 50:50 situation .Each one does contribute and he/she must be appreciated for his/her contribution  .Keep in mind that that contribution does always have to be for money .

So you as a woman you  know that you are doing a really great job in your home for cooking ,washing , cleaning and  other home based activities for women .So your men must appreciate  you for that and you must also appreciate him for the things he is doing in your home.

Others they don’t like to say thank you , but instead they say it by actions .Maybe they can decide to take you out or buy you something specially .They are many ways of showing appreciation and love .So you don’t have to expect him to say thank you every time when you have done something for you.

11.He use toxic language you

Toxic language is about those strong and inappropriate words your partner may use while you are talking with him .A simple example of those is Bitch most people are not afraid to call one another with that words .To them it is funny but if you take a closer look it is not funny .

Think about that they are many words your partner can  call you by ,he can call you love, babbe, honey and more but instead he chooses to call you a bitch is that sound good to you?

He doesn’t even call you with a real name. At least he chose that word .How can you be happy for that  .That is really a sign of Disrespect if both of you are absolutely fine with those words then that means both of you don’t respect one another .

Wrap up 

So those are 11 signs of disrespect from a man, ofouse some of them might not be look as disrespect based on way they are describe in this article. However if you can go further and even looking into what disrespect mean in relationship, you will see that most of them they are signs of disrespect

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