11 Secrets signs that a man love you for really


So you have been in relationship with your partner for good while now and you are still not sure whether your partner will marry you or not. Well that good and you are asking yourself a smart question by doing that.

But why is that smart question?

The fact is they is nobody likes to be breakup with someone he/she love for really .So by asking yourself this question you are making sure that the person you are in love with is person who is willing to be in love with you until the end not  just someone who wants short term relationship .

To add more on to that lets quickly look at the breakup statistics

break up probability by ritvikmath.

The stats show that  62%  of couples breakup in the first 3 months of being in relationship .That a high percentage  and it is what telling us that  most people are not serious about their relationship .

To ensure that a man love you for really you have to see most of the things below to him.

So that being said let’s dive in and see what are those things he must do.

11 signs a your man love you

  1. He loves him self
  2. He must priorities you
  3. He show that he love you
  4. He appreciate your value in his life
  5. He is not shy about you
  6. He is transparent to you
  7. He is able to apologise and forgive
  8. You have good communications with him
  9. He shares his interest and goals with you
  10. He have little jealous about you
  11. You have better way to save argument

1.He must love him self

This is probably the first thing your man needs to do before he love you seriously. They use to say how can you love someone if you can’t love you self .That true it  is  meaningless to keep on  telling  someone that you love her while you don’t know what word love really means to you .

For man to love himself he must be neat. The clothes he wears must be clean, the room he sleep in it also must be clean, his office must be clean, His car must be clean inside and outside.

Those are all the things that can tell you that man love himself or not.

2.He must  prioritise you

For your man to be serious about you he must prioritise you .When I say he must prioritise you I don’t mean he must defend you all the time even if you are wrong .That won’t be true love .All I mean is he must think about you when he make his decisions.

Now the problem is how you can see that you are on his mind because you can’t just walk in as if you are entering to his house.

They is one easy way to see that you are on his mind .That way is to observe his promises .if he is able to keep most of his promises he made to you  that mean he make a lots of scarifies to make you happy.

That is how you can see that are on top on his mind when he make his decisions.

3.He show you that he love you

It can be very easy for your partner to say I love you but to prove it might not be easy. They use to say action sound launder than words .That still applies here too.

If your partner keep on telling you that he loves you but they is nothing he do that reflect that then those words are meaningless .I mean even our friends they do tell us that  they love us .So they must be different between your friends and your partner right ?

So how what must be different?

They are several things your partner can do show you that he truly love you. Few of those are listed below

  • Surprise you with gifts
  • Play with you and laugh together
  • Have plans for vocation
  • Do things for you without asking him
  • Does not argue about money and more

Those are not things for men’s only .You can also use them to show love to him .That will be interesting for you and him.

4.He appreciate your value in his life

As a women you probably  know that you do a lot of work for your family .You cook food, wash dishes, wash you partner clothes, do ironing , clean the room , do bedding and more .They is no doubt that you deserve to be appreciated for all of  that effort .

A man who love you seriously will see that you are doing a lot for him so he will appreciate you for most of things you do for him.

Now people are different .That mean you don’t have to wait for your partner to say thank you every time when you have done something good for him.

Your partner can tell you that he love you ,bring you  a breakfast in the morning on your bed , buy you gifts , write nice note for you , take you out on weekends and holidays .Those are all other alternatives your partner  can use to show appreciation to you .

5.He is not shy about you

A man who truly loves you won’t be shy to show the public that he is in relationship with you.

You will see that when you walk together outside your home he will hold your hand while you are walking .He can also  set you as wallpaper on his devices,post you on his status and introduce  you to his friend and family.

6.He is transparent to you

We all have secretes things that we don’t like to share with anyone else. However if you are in as serious relationship they is no big reason why you should hide everything about your life to your partner.

That will make it hard for you to understand one another personalities. So a man love you for really will tell you more about his life.


Don’t judge him when he tells you about his past. Judging him will cause him to be afraid to share more things about his past with you.

7.He is able to apologise and forgive

No matter how good you can be to your partner you will make some mistakes in the future. Even himself he will do things that will upset you .On that time forgiveness and understating will be the only options you have for your relationship to survive.

That is why your partner must be able to apologise and be able to forgive you for your mistakes. If he can’t do that that mean by one mistake your relationship is over. So you can’t say a person like that loves you seriously.

8.You have good communication with him

Every relationship you can think-off  it was built  via communication .That mean without a good communication  they will be no good relationship .This is the reason why you should have good communication  with your partner.

A man who love you seriously will try by all means to  maintain good communication with you .For example if you are in long distance relationship (LDR) he will send nice massages and call you more often to check is you are  okay or not .

When you have argument with him at home he won’t just shout you instead he will listen to you more and come up with more alternatives if he is complete disagreed with you.

9.He shares his interest and goals with you

As mentioned above on number 6. Transparency is important for couples to know more about each other. That will help them to support one another if it needed. Goals and interests are other few things your Man can share with you to show how much he is open to you as well as how much does he trust you about his life.

If he never share anything with you  about his life .Feel free to ask him questions like where do you see yourself in next 5 or 10 years ,Where our relationship will be on that time ,What is the most thing you are grateful of and more .

10.He have little jealous about you

This is the most overlooked part when it comes to checking the seriousness of relationship .The reason for that it because most people don’t understand what jealous mean in  love relationship.

So what does jealous mean to couples?

According to  merriam-webster dictionary jealous is the feeling of wanting someone’s all attention and love .That mean if man is loves you for really he must pay serious attention to you and give you all the love he can give.

Sign of too much jealous

Just because  your partner need  all your attentions it does not mean he have to be with all the time .For example if you are going to work he will follow you and surprise you more often .That will be the sign that he does not trust you.

11.He keeps eye contact with you while you talking

Let’s face it most men choose to fall in love with women because of the way they look in face and body shape. Maintaining eye contact while you speak with your partner symbolise two 2 things.

1) You still look attractive to one another

2) You take each other seriously

To clarify that more

Think about how will you feel if every time when you are talking with your partner he will be busy chatting with his friends on the phone .That won’t make you happy right?

That is why eye contact is necessary for a man that love you for really.

To Wrap up

All of the above signs are secrete things that man can do to express love to their partners. To see how secretive they are, Think about the past of your relationship .Have you ever head your partner say I am transparent to you love?

Chance are you never head of something like that .But because of the things he  have shared with you about his life you can see that he is truly transparent to you .

Last but not least

Keep in mind that most of the things above are based on amount of time you have been in relationship with your partner. For example if your relationship has few months old your partner may not share you with everything about his life.

I hope that make sense to you.

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