10 things you can do to build trust in relationship

how to build trust in relationship
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Building trust in relationship should not be that hard. This is due to the fact that the are many things you can do build it in relationship with your partner and most of them are easy but more effective. In this article I have decided to share with you the 10 of them that I think every one can apply them regardless of the situation in the relationship .


Please note that you can apply the following list in your relationship with your partner whether you are the man or women .For the entire article I will assume that the person who want to build trust is the man .I am doing that to avoid to many him/her in The article so that you can read it easy.

10 things to do to build trust in relationship with your partner

  1. Be honest to your partner all the time
  2. Keep your promises
  3. Apologise
  4. Be transparent to your partner
  5. Share your secretes with your partner
  6. Be helpful to your partner
  7. Show care to your partner
  8. Respect your partner
  9. Be good listener
  10. Remember where your relationship is coming from

1.Be honest to your partner all the time

Image by Silviu Costin Iancu from Pixabay

Honest is the first thing you need to develop yourself first if want to build trust in relationship with your partner .To be honest to yourself you need to need pay attention to your feelings , think before you take do things in your life and take some regular brakes at the end of the day to reflect. Once you are able to be honest to yourself it will be easy to be honest to your partner.

To be honest to your partner you need make sure that everything you say it true once you tell small lie to your partner she my never trust you again. Most people lie because they try to hide their feelings or bad news. They think that those bad news will hate their partner .once your partner found out those news on her own ways the level of trust in you will decrease because she will think that they is lot you are hiding to her and you don’t trust her with your feelings .

So if you want build strong trust in relationship with your partner try to make sure that you are honest to your partner and in yourself.

2.Keep your promises

Image by Cheryl Holt from Pixabay

Keeping your promises to your partner is the most effective thing to do when it comes to build trust in relationship. If you have promised your partner to do something for her make sure that you do it. To ensure that you do it you need to write It somewhere else where you will be able to see it more often so that you will not forget .when you write it try keep it short as possible so that it will be easy to read it even if you was just moving your eyes around.


Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

No matter how good we can be we are still human so we do make mistake at some point in our lives that makes our partner don’t want to trust us again. For example you promise your partner to do something for her and you end up not doing it. That will make hard for your partner to trust you when you promise her something again .

if you found yourself in that situation the first think you need to do is to realise how much did you hurt your partner after that ask her to give you permission to apologise once she give you the permission thank her for that and tell her the truth why you did not meet your promise .it only the truth which will make her trust you again.

4.Be transparent to your partner

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Transparency it another big aspect when it comes to building trust in relationship. I mean even yourself how can you trust someone who always try to hide things from you .her cell phone and PC has long and strong password that you don’t know. She never allows you to touch her cell phone and go to things like photos or massages if it happened by the mistake you will fight. it obvious that, that person is hiding something for you so why you have to trust her .That apply to you as well if behave like that in your relationship your partner will not trust you.

Sharing things like cell phone password and credit card depend upon the time you have been in relationship with your partner .you may not share credit card with your partner when your relationship is new for just in case if your relationship end your partner can not use your money without your permission.

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5.Share your secretes with your partner

Image by 建鹏 邵 from Pixabay

We all have secretes in our lives, this include the bad things and the mistakes we have made in the past. Some of these things create stress and depression for us every day when we think about them .if you can share those things with your partner she can know you better and her trust in you will grow .she may also like to share her past with you which will make you know more about her and trust here more. Once you trust each other your relationship will last longer than other relationships.

6.Be helpful to your partner

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We all need help at some point in our lives and most of the help we get we get it from the people around us. That include the local people and people we work with them at our job as well as friends .They is nothing wrong with that but if you have been helped by your partner they is that feeling that you feel which Is undefined. That is the other time where you see that your partner really loves you.
As much as we cannot be a around to our partners all the time but try your best to be their when she need you. That will make your partner trust you more because she will see that you always there for her if she needs you.

7.Show care to your partner

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Show care to your partner as much as you can .you can do that by doing good things for her without being asked to do so. The other effective way to show care or love to your partner is to write a short note with nice massage and leave it on her car or at desk of her work space. This method is more effective if you write on the paper not sms or whatspp massage .if you send sms your partner will look it for once and maybe forget it sooner because of the work but if it the piece of paper it will be on her desk throughout the day and whenever she see it she will smile .

That smile indicate that she is happy and she will love you more for that. You may not see the her smile when she got your note massage because you might not be around her work space on that time but when she see you again you will see it . You don’t have to write notes like that every day maybe 2or3 times per month will be fine.

8.Respect your partner

Image by Mustafa shehadeh from Pixabay

Respect is vital to every relationship not only just for building trust but also for bringing peace in the relationship .it not a problem for coupe to respect one another when the relationship is new but as the time goes on they start to know each other more and end up take granted for each other .That happen by the time they stop calling each other by nice words such hun ,love ,babe etc .

This is the sign that the love is decreasing sooner they will be shouting at each other because of the anger.They are many signs to that show that love is decreasing including lack cheating , lack of communication, never ending drama and undermining each other .you need respect your partner all the time to avoid all these signs in your relationship so that you can get the strong trust you need .

9.Be good listener

Image by Mircea Iancu from Pixabay

Listening skill is needed for very relationship to be successful. This is due to the fact that every relationship come across with problems which need couple to discuss them .during the discussion couples might not be agree to the solution for the first time as the result they end up arguing and sometimes shouting one another .

This happens a lot and is one of the reasons why many relationships fail. If it has never happen in your relationship chances are it will happen one day when it happen to your relationship you need to listen more and talk less that is the solution to that problem.

10.Remember where your relationship is coming from

Image by Claudia Sonnemans from Pixabay

Reflections are important in life, it always good to sit down and look back where are you coming from and where are going to. This help you to see whether are you still on the right track or not ,so why don’t you try it in your relationship .

As the a couple who have been in relationship for while you probably have faced some problems In your relationship which where mean to end your relationship but you did not allow that to happen . If you can sit down with your partner and talk about those problems and challenges including how you overcame them .

That can remind both of you how much do you love each other and as soon as you remember that your love will be rejuvenated hence the trust will be built automatically.

in conclusion

Trust is important to every relationship in fact it is one of the things that makes relationship to be successful . building it in relationship with your partner can take some time especial if have lied to her or cheat but that does mean your partner will never trust you again. your partner will trust you again only if she see that you have change from the bad person you used to be .To change your behaviour in your relationship try to do the above 10 things to in your relationship from the time she give you the second chance until the end.

My advice

Don’t try to do all of the above things in your relationship under one month or week .That will create a lot of pressure to you which can make you get tired early and quit.That also can be seems as pretending to your partner so give yourself sometime to build trust in relationship with your partner and avoid to do everything too fast .

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