10 Small desk fan that are actually great

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Small desk fans are one of important things for any office desk ,more special in the summer.Small desk fan their own advantages over ceiling fan and flour fan.Few of those are portability , low cost , no need for installation and more .

Since they are small in size they are too many of the at the store , so if you want to choose the best one for you will have to look art many things like design , battery life , controlling options ,colours and more.

That can be overwhelming task to do ,That is why i have created this article for you with the list of 10 desk fan you can choose from ,Plus some of the things that might confuse you when you want purchase the right desk fan for you .

All the fans listed below have no images at the moment so if you need to see the images and more information about any desk fan listed below , click on the title of it , you will be directed to amazon where you will see more about the the desk fan that has picked your interest .Please not that those are not affiliate links .So that being said lets jump in to the list and see those 10 min desk fan.

Here are 10 small desk fan you can choose from

  1. Wireless Desk Fan -8541798167
  2. Complife Mini Desk Fan
  3. EasyAcc Mini Handheld Fan FNHD
  4. Maxesla Mini Handheld B07PHYQ1PL
  5. Tikduck Neck Portable Sports Fans
  6. Mini Handheld Portable Fan B0836CLDYK
  7. Biukpci Mini Handheld Fan
  8. Bladeless Fan JAYEGT B089S3JVYG
  9. SkyGenius small desk fan SKY-YF-XFS01
  10. Dyson AM06 Desk Fan

Don’t worry about the random letters and numbers at the end of names for these desk fan , those are just model numbers

1.Wireless Desk Fan

This is the wireless small desk fan by company called Hokeki. It is 10 inch tall and 7.4 Inch wide or 25.4 cm tall and 18.796 cm wide .It is white in colour and it is made up of ABS plastic material .This desk fan has LED light which can be useful for night sessions .The blades  of this fan together with it shield can be be set to rotate automatically if you don’t want the air to blow your face continuously .

This desk fan has four speed mode settings which are Low;Medium; High and rapid.The variety of speed mode this fan has will ensure that you get the air at your own preferable speed .As the title said wireless , This is desk fan has no cables ,it is working with batteries which are rechargeable by the USB cable included in the pakage.So you don’t have to worry about buying new batteries every time when you want to use this fan.

Since this desk fan is working with batteries and it is made up out of plastic material which is very light in weight ,This  desk fan can be regarded as a portable desk  fan .That means you can use this fan in your home desk office as well at your work desk office .

If you are using any fan with blades you probably know that blades of  fan get dust easily .This desk fan still has the blades which are exposed to dust ,however the front shield of it can be removed easily by screwdriver if you want to clean it .

2.Comlife Mini Desk Fan

This is the min USB powered desk fan .It is 6.7 inch  tall and 4.3 inch wide .The head of this has a thickness of 2 inches which is like 5 cm.It can rotate up to 310 degress vertical ,not like the first desk fan in our list which only rotate 90 degrees horizontal.

This desk fan has black colour and it is made up of plastic material .It is still a portable desk fan ,however you need to carry adapter or power bank if you want to use this fan outside .It can be great to take it to your work space if you are working with laptop ,Because you can powered it by by one of the usb port on  your laptop .

The blades of this fan have 4 speed modes like the first fan in our list ,however since it is powered by USB the blades have high speed ranges from 1800RPM -3800 RPM.

This desk fan can be the best for you if you want a simple but high performance desk fan  or you are someone who likes to be minimalistic .This desk fan has the most important features for fans to cool you down while you are working on your desk.

3.EasyAcc Mini Handheld Fan FNHD

This is the smallest desk fan that you can even hold with your hand to direct more air  to your face or anywhere you like .It work with batteries and is foldable if you want to carry it to your office in your work or if you want to travel with it .The tallness of this fan is 9.25 inch and wideness is 4.33 inch .The heard of this fan is 1.49 inch .Once is folded vertical , the holder is attached to the back of side of the heard .That make this fan to be so small in such a way that you can even put it in your pocket .

As mentioned just early this fan works with batters , So it comes with one battery which estimated to last up to 10 hours after being fully charged.While speaking of charging this fan comes with The USB cable which you can use to charge battery of  this fan .You can charge it by one of the port in your laptop or desktop and even using the power bank if you are outside.

This is the smallest desk fan in our list ,so it does not have many speed modes like other desk we have talked about so far .This fan has only 3 speed options , but that might be enough for you .

This is not something that is normally included in this types of article , But this fan has 5 stars at amazon and 8496 ratings at the time of writing this article .So if you are interested you can get see a lot of  feedback from other people who have bought and use this fan.

In Terms of the material this fan is made of plastic material like other desk fans in our list but for this  you do have the option to choose between black and white colour when purchasing it .

4.Maxesla Mini Handheld B07PHYQ1PL

This is another smallest desk fan that you can hold with your hand .It is very similar to  EasyAcc fan which is before this one in one list.It is a  foldable desk fan like EasyAcc it work with one battery which rechargeable via usb cable .It has 3 speed modes which are Low;medium and high .The only major difference between this desk fan and EasyAcc desk fan is the battery life and colour.The battery life of maxsla is estimated to be 13 hours after fully charged , For colour this fan has black and blue colour option .

In terms of the material this fan is made up of plastic material like other small desk fan in our list .In fact most small desk fan are made up by plastic material for portability purpose .So for the rest of this article I won’t include the type of the material unless it is made by non plastic material  .The dimensions of this fan are not clearly shown , but if you are interested in it , you can estimate them dimensions to be almost equally to EasyAcc desk fan .

5.Tikduck Neck Portable Sports Fans

This may not be a perfect small desk fan for you because of its design .The only reason why it is included in the list is because of its  easy portability design .It is designed to be hanged around the neck like earphones .It has two heads ,one for the right and one for the left .

When they are hanged on your neck they face on your face and blow cool air to your face while you are walking or chilling .While the heads are facing to your face you can set them rotate automatically to void the air to strike your face continuously .You can also set the speed mode for blades with button on the fan itself .

This fan is made up of silicon and plastic material ,its dimensions are 7.9 *6.8*1.4 inches  respectively (L*W*H) .In Terms of the colours you have three colour options when buying this fan and those colours are black ,pink and white .The blades them self have LED light changes colours when it dark .Ofcouse you do have option to turn on and off the lights if you don’t like them or if you want to save battery .

Speaking of the batteries ,This desk fan has one battery which is rechargeable by us cable .Since this fan has two heads and LED lights the battery life is too short. The maximum battery life is 6 hours .So if you want to use it on the go you must consider carrying  power bank or your laptop for power source .The design of this small fan make it to be an ideal if you are exercising at the gym or when you are running .Even the title suggest it is sport portable fan.

This is a true personal desk fan .I mean when the two heads face your face , who else can get air from those blades ?

6.Mini Handheld Portable Fan B0836CLDYK

This is another small mini handheld dek fan.This one is similar to the one you saw on the  featured image of this article .It has basic stand and one heard.The stand can be removed easily if you want to use this fan on the go.This desk fan has total height of 21 cm and wideness of 11 cm.It is made up of PC/ABS  material  which are still plastics materials  .If you didn’t not know PC In this case stands for Polycarbonate  and ABS stands for Acrylonitrile, Butadiene and Styrene.

Those are two type of plastics material  and they have their own advantages which them to ideal for creating portable fan and other small devices .You can  look those advantages and disadvantages here later .For now let’s continue  with the  features of this desk fan .

This desk fan have 3 speed modes which are similar to ones for other fan in our list, Those speed modes can be changed  by one button located at the holder of the fan .The battery life for this fan is estimated to be 8 hours .of course the batterry is reachargable via usb cable included on the package .

The blades are so strong in such a way that the speed of air moved by them travel up to 3 meters .So you can share this fan with some near to you  if you like .

7.Biukpci Mini Handheld Fan 

This is another mini desk fan which similar to the one on the featured images of this article .It is 9 inch tall and 4.2 inch wide .The head has  thickness of 1.6 inch .It has stand which is like tripod of the camera when it unfolded .The blades have 3 speed modes which are similar ones for other small desk  fan.

The holder has one port for charging ,one switch for controlling fan and one LED light  indicator which tells you the battery status .The maximum battery life for this desk fan is 6 hours .This fan has green and white colour .So its upto which one you choose when purchasing.

8.Bladeless Fan JAYEGT B089S3JVYG

This is first small desk fan in our list which has no blades .Bladeless have more advantages over the traditional fans .Few of those are their simply and clean design ,They take less energy ,they have advanced technology  such as being controllable via remate ,they are safe for kids and more other advantages .The problem  with them is the price ,they are expensive and they are limited options to choose from at the moment .

Most of their prices are based on the size of the fan and the features they have .The bigger the size of the the higher  the the price will be and the same thing is happening for their features .The one  i have just include in our list is small and it does  not have too many features .So it price is low compared to other bladeless fans .

Some of the features this fan has is the small humidifier spray at the back of it and it has LED light for night usage .The humidifier can be filled with cold water ,once filled with cold water the fan will produce air with the cold as the water filled in the humidifier .

This bladeless fan is not controlled by remote , so it is controlled by the buttons which are located at the front of it .In terms of the size and colour , this fan is white in colour and its dimensions are  4.92 x 5.91 x 11.02 inches respectively .

The battery life  fan and the charging method is not clearly explained at the time of writing this article .

Have you ever asked yourself how does bladeless fan works ? 

We gonna look that later in this article 

9.SkyGenius small desk fan SKY-YF-XFS01

This is the very unique small desk fan in our list by SkyGenius .It has one heard with three blades in side and the stand .The stand of this fan has one teeth which you can use to clip it at the very end of your desk if you have small desk .The head can rotate 360 degrees horizontal and 360 vertical.That mean you can get air any angle you like .

The height of this fan is 8 inch tall and it is 5.5 inch in wideness .You can clip this fan to anything that is less than 2.1 inch in thickness .Those can be things like baby stroller , car backseat and at the end of your desk as just mentioned above .

It works with one battery and that battery is included in the package  .The battery can be charged via USB cable which is also included in the package .Once fully charged it can last up to  6 hours when the fan is on depending on the speed mode you have chosen .It has 3 adjustable speed modes .

There is one colour option at the time of writing this article of which it is black colour.

10.Dyson AM06 Desk Fan

Dyson AM06 is another small blade less desk fan .It is 10 inch  tall  and it has 4 colour options to choose from when purchasing .It is made up of Aluminum material .So if you are in the mac or apple ecosystem , chances are you will like this fan .It has the simple design ,one head which circle in shape and one cylindrical stand .

This fan is controlled by small remote which included in the package under one price .The remote controller has up to 10 airflow settings .This fan also has  the sleep timer which can be programed to turn off the fan anytime between 15 minutes and 9 hours .This is fan does not work with batteries .So you can’t use it  outside like other small desk fan we have talked about in our lists .

Those are the generally features of this desk fan ,keep in mind  that the price of bladeless desk fan is much higher than the price for traditional desk  fan.

As promised in the middle of this  article below is how the blades fan works 

These is How bladeless fan works 

First things first , the bladeless fan do have blades actually , it just that they are hidden at the base of the fan where you can’ t see them easly.So as the those blades rotate at the base of the the fan  they pulley from the surrounding through their small opening at the base .Once the air is being pulled inside the base it is pushed upward toward the slit of the fan where it pushed toward your face at high speed .

For the first bladeless desk fan in our lists ,which has a humidifier at the back , the blades inside of it pull  the cool air from the humidifier and push it toward the upper opening of the fan where it pushed  toward your face at your own preferable speed .

That is the generally concept of how bladeless fan works , you watch this video BELOW if you want to know the science behind this concept.

That is how bladeless fan works

Finally thoughts

Those are not the only small desk fan you gets at amazon ,I have created this list to guide you to find the right desk fan for you.Once you click on any title above you will be directed to amazon as i mentioned earlier in the intro .If you don’t like the fan you will see look for suggestions below it , by doing that i am sure you will find the best small desk for you .

If you find this article useful or useless feel free to let me know in the comment below ,Your comments REALLY help me to improve the content of this site .

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