10 signs of toxic relationship you should know


So you have been in a relationship with your partner for a long time now and you are wondering whether your relationship is still healthy or toxic now?.This article is all about 10 signs of toxic relationship that will show you whether you are still in a healthy relationship or not with your partner .

As just mentioned above this article is about 10 toxic relationship signs but all of those 10 signs will make more sense to you if you know exactly what is toxic relationship is first  .It’s important to know the definition of toxic relationship first because it can be easy to confuse it with an abusive relationship.

So what is the definition of a toxic relationship ?

Achording to urbandictionary toxic relationship is a relationship between two or more people who keep on fighting with each but on the other the side trying to keep the relationship going on .Toxic relationship is not only for couples but it also can be for friends , your kids , parents and any other people who you fighting with them but you  still don’t want to end your relationship with them.Fight it this case is not the fight like for boxing  but it emotionally fight that makes you feel stressed at some point .

Toxic relationship can also be defined as the relationship where two people  

Feeding each other unhealthiness or influencing each other to do bad things or make wrong decisions without even realizing  sometimes .So now you do have ideas of what is the toxic relationship so let’s look at the signs of it . Don’t worry about abusive relationships we will define it later in this article .

Below Is The list of 10 Signs of Toxic Relationship

  1. Resentment 
  2. Toxic communication 
  3. Pretending to be okay 
  4. Ignore your needs  
  5. Negative vibe 
  6. Mutual avoidance
  7. Lying to each other
  8. Criticize each other more 
  9. Not Growing anymore
  10. Regular stress 


Resentment in relationship is the feeling of anger you feel when your partner has done something wrong to you .It is more like bitterness which is the feeling of unhappiness because of being treated unfairly .They are few things that can cause resentment in your relationship .Some of them is the reduction in the appreciation when you have done something good for  each other  and failing to forgive one another on your mistakes .Both of those two things can stick on your mind and you might end up asking yourself questions like why my partner doesn’t want to forgive me why my partner stop to thank me when i have done something for him/her .

This is the internal or spiritually  fight  and it is continuous .I mean finding answers to questions like this is almost impossible because you are just keep on asking yourself questions again and again with no one who is gonna answer them .If you are someone who is shy and you don’t want to talk much about yourself with others then this can be a seriously problem for you .

However if you don’t like to talk too much but you love reading books and articles online this might not be a big problem for you because already they are hundreds and hundreds of couples who have went on the same issue like you and they are willing to share with you how did they handle it .So if you are doing enough reach chances are you will find one similar to your yours .

That was not intended to stop you from reading the article or to chase you away to look for something that is better, that a Big No  No.That was just to give you the ideas of how you can help yourself out if you have  personal questions that you are afraid to ask your partner or your friends .

2.Toxic communication 

Toxic communication , what a terrible praise ?When something is toxic it means it is poisonous and deadly so how can you have such communication with your partner . Well it tends outs  that you can have this type of communication with your partner but you might not be aware that your communication is now starting to be toxic .So when and how you can see when your communication start to be toxic .

Your communication will start to be toxic when you start to influencing each other to make dangerous decisions in your relationship .Those can be decisions about  purchasing expensive i terms in your home that you can’t afford  ,It can also be decisions you made about your kids and more another home based essentials .In most cases when you  make  decisions like this , one of  you will see that  what you are planning to do is wrong or dangerous but because of the big influence from one side he/she will be agree with you .

3.Pretending to be okay

In general it is normal for couples to disagree with each other at some point .They is nothing wrong with that we all have opinions however if your partner is having huge influence on you and you feel like you can’t disagree with him/her .

That is the big sign of  toxic relationship .while speaking of big influence if you or partner are afraid to tell each other that you are wrong if you are wrong just for the sack of making each other happy that is still the sign of toxic relationship .That is also a case where your partner has done something wrong to you and instead of showing him/her that you have been hurted you hiding all your feelings and pretending to be okay .

4.Ignore your needs 

You do have your own needs, your partner has his/her needs so if you are going to keep on sacrificing all your needs just to make him/her happy there is no doubt that is no longer a healthy relationship .Don’t get me wrong most of the things require little bit of  sacrifice  in other for them to be successful .

So that mean you can do sacrifices to make your partner happy so that your relationship will be successful, As long as sacrifices comes from your heart not from your mind that is okay .The other things to note about needs is that you do have other important  relationship to keep with your friends and family members .

So if you are going to spend all time and effort to make your relationship health with your partner well that is not a good sign of true love .Love your partner in the naturally way and don’t try to be a slave  for love .

5.Negative vibe 

The ignorance of your needs and toxic communication will make it to be almost impossible for you to be happy couple with your partner.As i  just mentioned above you do need to maintain a good relationship with your friends and family members even if you are in relationship with your partner .

Now you might not see the really need of your friends or family members in your relationship when things are okay , but once things start to change you will .Friends and family members are the easiest people you can approach when you have really serious problem in your relationship with your partner.

Of Course you can talk with your mentor or therapy if you have one but if you don’t then your friends and family members can almost do the same thing for you free of charge .Before you start relationship with your partner the most people that used to keep you happy are your friends and family members .So how can you  be happy if you now cutting that relationship and shift all attention ;love and effort to work on improving your relationship with your partner .Do you even think about that will be fair for them?. 

6.Mutual avoidance

This is probably the easiest sign to see in overall signs of  toxic relationships .it is also possible that you have already seen it before you even think of reading this article .When you used to eat together later with your partner,Now  you or partner  thinks of eating outside  so that when you arrive to home you won’t eat , when you used to go together to shop on weekends yo are now feeling like you can go alone ,

if you used to watch tv later together your partner does not want to now  instead he/she is complaining  about feeling tired or too much work to do .You just feel like they is a sense of avoidance to do things together like you used to before .Keep in  mind that those will be signs of toxic relationship only if you and partner  keep on avoid each other repeatedly .

7. Lying to each other

This still falls under the toxic communication so it is still the sign of the toxic relationship .You can hide things to your friends and others but when it comes to your partner they is  No big reasons why you should do that .of course they are things you can share and not share with your him/her .Some of the most important things you can share with your partner are 

  1. Health issues 
  2. Financial details 
  3. Your boundaries 
  4. Things that bothers you in side 
  5. You social life 

Remember sharing things like this increase transparency in your relationship .So the more you share the more you will trust one another and the more  you will become crosser to each other .When it comes to things you must not share , they are more than things you can share .

So if i can tell what not to share with your partner you might want to ask me or others questions like should i share this with my wife /husband and more others.For now you might have or two questions which is easy but the more you grow up the more things you will encounter in your life so would you like to ask people the things not sure with your partner again and again.

My assumption is No you won’t like, so because of that reason. I will try to make it simple and short for you .So first don’t share the things that will make your partner feel like you are comparing him/her with others .Number 2 don’t share a lot of things about your previous  relationship .if you can stick to those two they are very low chance for you to regret what you have shared with your partner .

8. Criticizing each other more

Criticism in a relationship is hard to define .So instead of defining it for you I will give you two  examples so that you can try to define it for yourself .Before i give you those examples just keep in in mind that they is positive and negative criticism in relationship .The positive Criticism  is the one which is delivered in a polite way and the negative criticism is the one which is delivered in a rude way .So below are two examples from the thepowermoves.com.

The one on the left can be regarded as the negative criticism  and the one  the right can be regarded as positive criticism.As you can see both of those are criticisms the difference between them is the way they have been delivered .That mean criticism can still be treated as one signs for toxic communication .if so i hope you can see how important it is to have a good communication with your partner .

9.Not Growing anymore

When the relationship is still new couples usually do a lot of things together they support one another , become  helpful to another and give value to each other .if you your relationship  has reached the point where non this is happening on it then that can be indication  that your relationship is starting  to be toxic .

Support is probably the most important thing in any relationship , because beside your relationship you and your partner still have goals that you want to archive in your life .

So if you are living together but you don’t supporting each other to achieve your goals then they is something wrong in your relationship .It be the lack of communication or the lack of trust .Already they are few article published about those two problem in relationship  so if you find time go down below and look for RELATIONSHIP category you find those articles their.if you can’t feel free to ask me i will help you find them.

10. Constant  stress 

We can’t leave out stress when we talk about toxic things in relationship. The main reason for most people to be single is  because they are afraid or not ready yet to face relationship stress .That means stress is really a big factor in relationship .So let’s touch it a little bit .

As you may know they is positive stress and negative stress .in the case of  this article the positive stress is the one which will motivate you to wake up and seek the help for problems you have in your relationship .The negative stress is the one which will make want be alone all the times and think about your relationship problems .That is the one which  we can call it the sign of toxic relationship .

wrap up

So those are 10 signs of toxic relationship that this article was all about.Keep in mind that they are still more others you can observe but i believe that those i have mentioned above did give an idea of whether you are still in health relationship or not .Don’t forget that those are things that are happening from day to day on couples for different reasons so before you conclude that your relationship is really toxic take your time see if those signs are happening repeatedly or not in your relationship .



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