10 Good relationship Goals that every couple must have

cool relationship goals for couples
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Relationship goals are things that couples want to archive in their relationship .They really help to keep couple together by reminding them the purpose of their relationship .They act as direction for where the relationship is going to , without them the relationship has no direction as the result it can fail too early .They are many relationship goals that couple can have for their relationship , in this article i will share with you 10 of them that i think every couple should have them .

10 Good relationship goals For couples

  • Marriage
  • Kids
  • Beautiful home
  • Support one other
  • Solve arguments in better way
  • Know more about each other
  • Have good relationship with God
  • High level of trust
  • Financial plans
  • Have funny with your family


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Marriage is the first relationship goal that every couple should have .For the fact that we love our partners that mean we also love to stay with them.Marriage is the only legal way we can use stay with them apart from our parents .Most people hate marriage because they think that it too hard for them .

The truth they is nothing perfect in this world everything has its own side effect including marriage .The most couple who have been in marriage for long time they have overcome many problems in their relationship. Those problems they have overcome from the past in their relationship make their bond to be strong and love more each other like their love is still new.

So if you are willing to stay with your partner legal in your own apartment take your time to know your more about your partner before make a decision of marrying her .Don’t marry someone if you have been in relationship for less than year. This will help you to see if the parson you love is the really parson you want stay with her for the rest of your life .

That will also help you to save your money from wasting it on marring someone who will leave in just few months or years come .The other thing you need to avoid in your relationship is to break up too early .Don’t break up with your partner in first problem you found yourself in your relationship. Remember the more problems you solve together the stronger your relationship will be.


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Kids must also be a part of your relationship goal with your partner .it hard to see the need for them if you are too young and you are not staying together with your partner .For couples who are staying together kids are needed for various reasons .The number one is reason is that if you are blessed to live longer you will get old and once you are old you will not be able to do other things for yourself .

This include things like driving your car to somewhere , go to store to buy food , cleaning the yard , cooking and ect. On that time you can’t do those things for yourself your kids will be mature enough to help you .The other need for kids is the everything you have now when you are gone your kids must be there to take over otherwise everything you have will be lost .

The other important reason for kids in the couple who are staying together is to avoid the feeling of being lonely at home for just in case one of you get work or go to study far away from home .In this case it will be very boring at home for the one who is left if they is no one to talk to. However if have kids in your home your partner can talk with them , cook with them , watch to with them and play with them some games if possible .On this stage they will be lots of funny in the home even if you are not there .That can also be help in terms of reducing chances of cheating .

3.Beautiful home

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Once you marriage and have kids then you are now have family and good place to live with your family is needed .Most people buy houses instead of building them .So if you are one of those people they are some basics things you need to consider in the house you are buying in other for your wife and kids to be happy to stay on it .

The first thing is price, don’t buy expensive house because of thinking that it will make your wife and kids feel happy. When you buy house buy a house they you will be able to pay for it without comprising the other needs for wife and kids .number of rooms in the house are also important, It will be up to you how are you gonna diving them .

However no matter how you diving the rooms they must be one room which must be dedicated for entertainment. This room must have big TV, comfortable sofa, table and some console games if your wife and kids like them. This room will be useful for bringing the family together after noon and have some funny together while watching TV or playing some games .

That room will also be helpful in terms of saving money for go to cinemas to watch movies every months. Obvious you can go to cinema with your family if you like but you can’t go there every day when you want to be entertained .That is where the home entertainment set up is needed because if you have good entertainment set up in your home you can be entertain yourself as much as like .

4.Support one another 

As the couple it important that each one of you has it own goals  beside the ones for your relationship .The  goals you might have  can be getting new job , promotion in your existing job , starting a new business ect. It also important that you share your personal goals with your partner so that you can easily support one another to ward success .

Supporting one another can be also be useful in terms of strengthening your bond .The support and help you can give to your partner can really means a lot to her .It can show her that you really love because, you care about her future you don’t love her for just having funny or any other wrong reason. The more you help each other on your personal goals the more successful you will be ,That mean they higher chances for your relationship goals to be successful as well .

5.Solve arguments in better way

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They is no relationship which is 100% free from arguments and other relationship problems. Even the couples you follow and think that they are perfect couples they do have arguments it just that they have better way of solving them .The better way of solving arguments in your relationship is to listen one another and give each other a chance to speak while arguing .Admit that you are wrong to your partner if you are wrong and don’t want to be correct all the time in your when you are arguing about something.

6.Know more about each other

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Know more about each should be first relationship goal for new couple. This is because falling in love with someone can just happen anytime when you see someone you love .Most of people choose to love people based on how they appeared in their eyes .This is the problem because it can make them fall in love with stranger and end up with many issues in their life. They are some few things that are important to know about your partner.

Those things are personal interest ,strength and weakness .Knowing your partner interests will help you to avoid talking about boring things when you are together .It can also help you to buy the perfect gift for her if you want to since you know exactly what your partner like .Knowing the strength and weakness of your partner will prevent you from talking or doing the things will hurt and discourage your partner .This will also help you to know what you partner can do for you so that you won’t expect too much from her .

7.Have good relationship with God

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Most people might not agree with this goal because some don’t even believe that God exist .When you see the sun rising in the morning and fall in the evening .That is happening because of his will .All the water we use ,the tress that supply us with oxygen and every thing we see on  this earth was created by him .He makes sure that we get we get every thing we need to survive every day .So that mean God have Good relationship with every one of us .The problem is it not every one of us who is having good relationship with him .

but Why Do you Need God in your relationship?

You need him for many reasons in your life and in your relationship one of those reasons is the support .We all encounter some problems in our lives and those problems also happens in our relationships with our partners .When they do some people do crazy things some suicide their partner other suicide them self because they see no one to trust after being betrayed by partner .On that time God is always their and faithful to every one. You can talk with and ask him to help you with anything you need he will help you on the right time.

8.High level of trust

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High Level of trust should also be of the relationship goals for every couple. High level of trust is more important to the couples who don’t spend their time together for long time either because of working or studying . In this situation high level of trust help to reduce the stress of thinking about things like cheating.you can read these 10 steps of building trust in your in relationship with your partner Here

9.Financial plans

Most of the goal and dreams we have need money including relationship goals they need capital .Financial plans depends up on your salary and the work you are doing .If you love the work you are doing and it pays you very well then you need to start thinking of saving money so that you will be able archive all the goals you need in your life and in your relationship .if the you love the work you are doing but it does not pay you well then you need thinking about starting your own business offline or online .nevertheless if you are not working and you have good relationship goals for your life .

The first thing you need to do in this case is to look at yourself , look the things you can do and skills you have it can be anything like , playing guitar , singing , designing ,drawing , writing or reading .once you know what you are good at , spend your time on practising and improving your skills. Once your skill is good enough the second thing you need to do is to promote it and look for sponsorship to help you with finance and get more exposure .This can be long journey for you but it better than staying in your home doing nothing and watching goals dies .

10.Have funny with your family

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This does not necessary to be your goal in your relationship since you can always have funny with your wife and kids as long as you with them. Most people don’t do nothing for their partners and kids because they think that the only way to have funny with family is to travel the world , go to beach , drive expensive cars and all those kinds of things .

They is nothing wrong with that however you don’t have to be a milliner to bring happiness and joy in family .you cannot buy joy and happiness .If you want to have funny with your family you can start even today by doing small things for wife and kids maybe you can buy something for them or play with them outside in your home .No matter how small or big it can be your wife and kids will appreciate it because they know you .


The over all point of having good relationship goals is to have a better future with our partners .To have better future we need to take actions about our lives by starting today to do the things that will have good retain later . Every one like to live a good and happy life but they are few people who live that life . The main reason for that is actions .Most of us like good things but we don’t like to do the things that will help us get their .So your task now is to find out what you can do archive the above goals in your relationship and take action immediately.

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